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Should I even try talking to this player?

I'm pregnant and my boyfriend talks trash to me. Should I tell him that it hurts me?

What on earth do I need to fix in me to set myself free?

Would you date a man you weren't physically attracted to?

I don't understand why this guy sends screen shots of conversations with other women.

I’m not sure I even want to meet her, she’s way more experienced and she’s suspicious of me and me of her, but we’ve been chatting 6 weeks!

Love my boyfriend but I'm tempted to stray

How do I respond to his confession that he's falling for me?

Apart from these issues my boyfriend is great.

Did my friend hook me up with a player?

He wants me to trust him but he doesn't behave as someone that I can trust!

I like a guy but he seems to prefer a slimmer girl, do I have a chance?

My guy friend denies being in a relationship and lied about becoming a father

I want more, he leads me on but in the end wants just sex. It's he just a player?

Now that he's abroad he doesn't contact me at all!

After my awful experiences with men, I'd rather date someone who's got a low sex drive than one who's oversexed.

My friend's son seems to have a crush on me

He seems a lovely guy but could I be missing something?

I am in love with my brother's best friend

Are my fears reasonable?

How to make someone who doesn't like you fall in love with you ?

Do I stand my ground or make up with my mother?

Upset because I was not included on a night out

I obsess over him too much. What can I do to rid myself of dating anxiety?

Could I successfully end up with my first love after all the years we've been apart? Been divorced, now separated from my second husband.

We booked a weekend away to save our relationship and he wants to play soccer! Am I selfish? Am I not a priority to him?

Family conditioning has defined sex as inappropriate and dangerous. How can I stop feeling afraid pf physical sex?

Am I a repressed sex addict?

He said we should just let things go. What did I do wrong?

How can I stop feeling so very angry with my ex boyfriend? ?

How can I get away from him this time, without getting attached to him again?

Retroactive jealousy on my part. Plus why would she go and look for another dom given everything that has happened?

How do I step out of my brother's shadow?

Anxious that my size will put him off

Who do I go for? Dude A or B?

How to avoid being tempted?

Girls seem to show interest in me, but why don't they want to date me?

I was the first Gf he ever had. Is he now over me? Or is he protecting his feelings?

I don't want to send messages to her like a stalker but why won't she at least talk to me?

I'm now feeling guilty about a one night stand. How do I get over the guilt?

I can't get over him (he seems interested too). But he's in a long distance relationship!

Could he just be a player?

Should I say anything to my best friend about her new relationship?

I don't want a relationship with him. Yet why am I continually drawn to him?

Will moving to another state bring me to a happier place than all the drama I've endure here?

I'm worried that the man I am dating can do better than me

Does the evidence suggest that he's gay or transgender?

I think I'm starting to hate my best friend.

Is there anyway I can work so closely with my flirtation, his crush and his ex?

He sent a false rumor around that I sucked him off. (I'm 14) Yet I still think he is gorgeous. I need your help, please? What to do?

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