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Check out these questions about "money"

Has anyone completely moved and drastically cut everyone off because I want to do just that

Will our views on careers cause problems down the road?

How can I adapt better to what my career will be? How can I make this better for myself?

I've only had sex once, have a long distance g/f I'll never meet and I want experience

Should I ask for the money again or just let it go and block her?

Am I being used? I believe deep down that he is a good person but I am worried that I'm just there to teach him how to be in a relationship!

I was abandoned by my mom, my dad's girlfriend has managed to put a wedge between my father and I and I'm hurting

My boyfriend and I have very different views

My wife and I are going to have to go the IVF route and the fog just won't lift

I tried so hard to give my parents a better life but it's all wasted on them and somehow I'm the black sheep

I love him but I'm tired of being a mistress and I'm tired of the whole situation

Stay with my Sugar Daddy to help my financial issues, pursue a real relationship, or both?

Is it okay to delete from your life a parent (father, in my case) that has never cared for you?

My marriage in in crisis because I've decided my wife is too skinny and her boobs aren't big enough.

Am I on my way to being hurt?

My girlfriend doesn't care about the here and now.

We've broken up but why does my heart still hurt.

What is something special I can do for my gf?

Should I gave up or wait more time to approach my ex

My confidence is shot, I know I'm better off but I want him to realise it.

My friend is upset none of us can afford to go to his wedding

What are some thoughts or suggestions on solving this without ending this or is it just better to end this?

He’s been dragging his feet on getting a passport and my anxiety problems have caused a rift! What now?

Friends of 25 years don’t include me anymore!

How do I have conversations with my husband about our relationship without him getting angry?

Did she sell the phone I gave her? I regret how our interactions ended!

Is he oblivious or selfish?

Should I give this toxic person another chance?

My boyfriend doesn't listen when I tell him I am not materialistic!

I'm still being picked on at school, one girl said its because I'm clueless.

Should I sue my ex?

Does having a car really make you the better option to date?

My husband is in touch with his ex girlfriend again

My boyfriend's priorities are not in order and I'm worried about our future

Does anyone have an experience with a successful meet up with online friends/lovers?

I'm fed up with boyfriend and his gifts/loans

I want my boyfriend to stop paying for porn before we move in together.

How do I deal with my long time "best friend" who trashed me in a letter to my parents?

Am I bored or is this the end?

I need advice, I believe my family are scheming against me.

I know what I need to do, but am scared!


My old nemesis might sabotage my new life

It feels like shes using me. Is she?

He broke up with me but I'm worried he will hurt himself

I would like a fresh perspective, as if there is something I could be doing that would make things better I would do it, or I’m doing something that I shouldn’t be then I need to know!

Should I sleep with him ?

Was I unreasonable in not accepting my ex boyfriend's friend (female)?

I like travel, he likes fast food and designer luxury products! Is there room for compromise?

I don't feel like a partner when my husband fails to keep me informed of the finances

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