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Check out these questions about "money"

How can I stop being so negative and worrying all the time?

He insists he has changed, can it be true? Or is this all a front to win me back?

Baby daddy is secure financially but I love a poor refugee.

My husband has had numerous affairs and somehow it's all my fault! Will he ever accept me and make me feel good about myself?

Are LDR's real relationships, even if you haven't met them yet?

My head is everywhere and I can't make a decision.

I love him but I feel sad and ignored.

I'm 20 yet my parents don't want me to date.

My ex girlfriend wants to be reimbursed for gifts she gave me.

My husband seems to think I am a bank, smokes weed all day and chats with other women!

My married lover doesn't want me to go on trips by myself. Why doesn't he trust me?

He’s a selfish date, do I get rid or give him one last chance?

I wont to move across country and leave this life behind, but worry if I am doing the right thing

Does introducing a girl to your family mean anything special?

Should I take this job I really need even though I’m over-qualified?

I need emotional support which my husband can't give me.

How do I change my desperate tendencies regarding men?

Should I give my ex money back for a trip that he won't be taking with my family?

I seem to get looked over for the more "shiny" people

It's been 4 years and it doesn't look like he will ever change. How much longer should I wait for him?

My wife's adult children are bums whose lifestyles I pay for.

Why am I contemplating taking a job that makes my abusive ex my supervisor?

My parents are trying to take my land!

How do I deal with my controlling husband?

He threw out something important to me for no reason, WHY???

I lost my job living at home and really struggling

Will he come back to his senses .... and me?

She owes me money but is adamant she transferred the money!

Why is he acting this way about my airplane ticket?

Would it be ok to ask my mum to buy me a vibrator?

Is this older woman manipulating me?

How do I get this master manipulator out of my thoughts?

I dumped my boyfriend for sponging off of me but now I feel guilty

I want my mother to move in with us so I can take care of her

I want child number 5 but hubby says he is done!

My mom prefers her granddaughter who is rich than my daughter and baby son who are not!

Is this relationship based on sex?

Am I being unreasonable in wanting us to cut back on our weed expenses? I

My husband cheated while we were separated

Stay or look for other opportunities?

I lied about my age. Can I salvage this relationship?

How do I deal with a clingy roommate?

Is it possible for someone to be so self-centered and selfish that he doesn't even realize he's in the wrong?

He wants to return to his home country but I don't want to join him

Is it the world or is it just me?

Will my married lover ever come back to me, even as a friend?

How do I fix my girlfriend's attitude about her appearance?

My brother owes me money!

I've been taking stock of my life since my ex and I broke up

I’m not a sex doll with a bottomless purse and no needs of my own!

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