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Check out these questions about "money"

I'm like a weekend hobby for my boyfriend while his sister and nephew are his real family

Am I reasonable to choose money over potential happiness?

How can I get over my parents' neglect?

My parents are separated, dad has a girlfriend who's not too great and my mom is spiralling out of control. Help me please

How much does having a girlfriend actually cost?

Mixed up by his communication

I'm torn between the re-appeared ghosting ex and the lovely but dependent new love interest! Which one do I choose?

Now he seems interested in finally setting a date I don't want to marry him.

I'm fed up with my boyfriend! How much longer do I give him and how far does “for better or worse” really go?

I've always been a people pleaser ... how can I stop?

I am the mother of five young girls and just found my boyfriend looking at teen girl porn

My older boyfriend makes more money than I do. I'm worried that I'm not contributing enough

My Boyfriend excluded me to his brother's funeral because his ex was going

He had affairs while buying my IVF

I don't like the way my parents treat me and I'm thinking of running to my boyfriend in Canada

Friend sponges off everyone. How do I deal with her?

Relationship started out well but now he's asking for more and more money. Is he using me?

My ex wants me permanently in the background and have a baby mother too!

Am I asking too little of him?

I broke up with my fiancé after 5 years together, she is begging me to come back!

My husband is inefficient and forgetful. How do I deal wth him?

I need to give my wife an ultimatum... Get a better job or lose me

Girlfriend lost feelings for me - is it her depression?

Why doesn't my mother believe what I am telling her?

My boyfriend took small amounts of money from my purse! What should I do?

Do I keep trying to contact him? Or cut contact despite his debts to me?

Being used by my boyfriend and I don't know how to get rid of him

Haunted by the past and now I'm expecting

My boyfriend and I argued again, this time over laundry

My husband and I feel trapped and it's taking a toll on our health

My 'best friend' isn't much of a friend at all

We are getting married soon and I'm tired of family living with us

Was my colleague right to feel left out?

Why do I put up with my sister in law's rubbish?

I can't wait to get married - but family issues putting a dampener on it.

Boyfriend & I are not seeing eye to eye on the future. Do I hang in there or say goodbye and good luck?

How do you treat a friend who doesn't act like one?

Should I move out?

My boyfriend stole money from my purse, I broke it off but am feeling sad.

He doesn't want marriage. Is there anything I can do?

How do I politely ask that they donate my fee to charity?

I'd like to be spoiled a bit and shown some appreciation too!

How do I handle his mood swings?

Does my close friend have a crush on me?

He's starting a new job and I've begun to worry about it!

Why am I the one suffering when all I tried to do was help my family?

Am I lacking backbone?

We want different things in life ... should I just let it go?

What should I do as I see my husband is not using his own proportion in his family? Should I support him to keep independent and works extremely hard like this?

Should I stand firm or offer reconcilliation?

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