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Check out these questions about "money"

Should I let this guy go since he treats any kind of way?

What's wrong with me? I've always been conditioned to want certain things out of life but none of them fit my idea of my most honest self

How do we move past what I did?

My Algerian fiance wants $5000 for a student visa?

Adult son's fiance is too old for him

I still resent the way my husband proposed to me.

My boyfriend gets angry when I talk about being committed

My father made me look foolish when I was buying a car.

Is my fiance's treatment of me emotional abuse?

Please help me get my life back together.

If I move in as he suggests I fear I will be stuck into one of his little compartments and kept separate from his life

How do I make real friends?

A complicated LD relationship just got more complicated. What should I do?

He is trying to make it out like I’m overreacting, but why buy gifts for his female co-worker?

I don’t know how to deal with his awful moods!

His ultimatum makes no sense! What do I do?

Do I stay with my job with little time off and great money or go for something less stressful?

My parents make racist remarks about my girlfriend. I've tried to talk to them but they won't stop

How should I handle this situation with my boyfriend?

How can I tell my family I want to end my marriage? They aren't going to support me

I'm pregnant and work part time. My husband wants me to get another job to pay his parents debts.

I broke up with my violent boyfriend, he wants the ring back but I paid for it!

I'm dating a restaurant owner who's 10 years older and struggles with money. Is it worth it?

Why don't I have any drive or passion for my business ideas?

He tells me I insulted him by asking if he was gay! Help?

My Nigerian husband keeps asking for money and gets upset when I question him!

My partner babysits his grandchildren and leaves me to fend for myself, after I’ve worked 14 hour days!

Money, my relationship, my girlfriend's friend and her boyfriend "chipping in". How do I deal with all of this?

I’m miserable in our relationship and don’t know what to do!

I'm going out of my way to be good to his children as well as taking care of our family but all I'm reduced to is a mom and waitress.

My girlfriend wants money and has found another love!

How is affection, spending time with someone or making sure your spouses needs are being taken care of, so many “things” to do for your wife that it would exclude her/me from the right to intimacy?

Is he completely dense? Should we just give up trying to tell him he’s making the biggest mistake of his life?

My husband of 12 years is so secretive and refuses to talk to me just gives me the silent treatment

How do you handle being a single mom even though married because your husband is working away from home?

How do I deal with a friend who is demanding, irritating, needy, narcissistic and whiny?

How can we get married when my LDR man doesn't get a job?

My abusive ex occupies too much space in my head and I can't move on

I'm a stay at home mom with 3 kids and feel all the parental duties have become one sided

Should I cut off my mom from my life without giving her an explanation?

Boyfriend buys another woman a puppy

Boyfriend lied about moving overseas to keep sleeping with me

My friend has gotten himself involved with a bad girl and I want to help him but unsure what to do

I'm really sad and discouraged with my life

The gossip has taken all the good that I do and turned me into nothing.

My ex took out credit cards in my name without my knowledge is there anything I can do?

Should your spouse be prioritized over your adult children?

Why did he still help his supposedly awful ex despite whatever she did to him? Is he lying to me about his feelings for her?

I've grown to care for a sex worker that I see and feel I want to be more than her friend

I'm being used by a totally useless boyfriend and I feel trapped

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