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Still hurt over the break-up

Do I owe her an apology?

A practical joke gone horribly wrong

I feel guilty I cheated on my boyfriend with his boss

What is this feeling I have for him?

I'm into him and I would like to make a move! But we live together at uni, whatbif it went wrong?

Do I stay with boyfriend or leave and hope something will happen with this other man?

Should I try and talk to him again?

He wants me to trust him but he doesn't behave as someone that I can trust!

Handsome man being hot, but now cold. Should I just assume he's not interested?  

Back in touch after 6 months but still confused where I stand with him

I like a guy but he seems to prefer a slimmer girl, do I have a chance?

I'm tired of trying to avoid him ...

Caught him out. What should I do?

I flirted with another man but I never meant to hurt my boyfriend. How do I convince him?

I sent him a nude, I hope he hasn't lost respect for me.

Would this relationship be wrong?

Now he's gone I really miss him

Why do I seem to be flavour of the month?

I don't know if I have feelings for him. I don't know if he likes me?

My confidence issues are stopping me asking for a date.

I'm in a mess I cant walk away from

He cheated. Should I?

I'm confused, is she interested or just making conversation?

Do you ever get trust back in a relationship and if it’s possible how on earth do you get it back?

Should we end our friendship? We will never have our parent's blessing

How do I tell someone not to touch my boyfriend?

Am I being played here, or does he really associate being my boyfriend with one day marrying me?

Should I tell my long distance crush my feelings for him?

The guy I'm seeing is always getting mad at me?

Why did she keep that key ring for so long?

Was I out of line and is my boyfriend right in not trusting me?

My husband's coworker made some very odd comments and I'm wondering if there is something going on!

Can't seem to say no to sex anymore and actually mean it. What should I do?

Men don't see me as dating material - why?

My friend was in town and didn't tell me

Am I falling for the wrong guy?

Why does this guy flirt with me when he asks about dates I've been on?

I don't know where I stand and I'm not sure if I should ask?

Should I take my online friend's comments with a grain of salt?

I think guys just want me for sex

My boyfriend flirts with his employees and it's annoying me!

What's with his constant stares?

Does my close friend have a crush on me?

Is she seeking attenton from me or just comfortable?

I am so madly jealous! How can I overcome this?

Love triangle, help! Who do you think I love and who should I be with?

I found some unsettling texts between my boyfriend and our mutual friend. should I be worried?

I am unhappy at home, and flirting with my ex boyfriend

I thought things were progressing well so why does she seemed to have slowed down?

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