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I suffer from OCD and crippling jealousy and my husband's occasional comments about other women's looks drive me over the edge

What do I do to get my brother to forgive me?

How can I stop obsessing over a taken man?

He is blowing hot and cold, I don't know what to think.

My boyfriend's drunken behaviour was nasty. Should I just let it pass?

After seven years I find myself becoming detached.

My coworker doesn't wear a ring, but how do I make sure he's not married?

I caught feelings for a friend and I'm not sure if I should tell them

Tales of attraction, games, betrayal and the wifes condundrum

She wants to meet up, what will she expect? Am I overthinking this?

Been dating for 4 years but an old flame has returned, and so have the feelings.

Is the relationship doomed before it has begun?

My boyfriend is extremely shy, but can put on fake confidence which is starting to worry me

I Like A Guy But He Seems like a "Bad Boy/Player" - I'm Turned Off?

Why do guys I meet (and like) only like to flirt and never do anything?

Why does it seem like my boyfriend is stringing along his ex ?

My boyfriend says he wants to get back together eventually

Is he playing games? How can I heal and also hurt him?

No sex since getting back together

Was I doing to right thing to cut him off? Was I being not "open-minded"?

I don't want to throw 5 years down the pan but I don't know what else to do. Can you offer any advice?

If I make him feel better why did he inbox his ex?

Partner's dad flirting with me

Boyfriend upsets me then gets mad at me and ignores me instead of making it better.

I want out of this relationship with a married man but he is making it difficult.

He canceled our second date and hasn’t rescheduled! Should I ask him why or just forget him?

My well-connected but broke boyfriend has 4720 friends on Facebook but won’t add me!

Did she sell the phone I gave her? I regret how our interactions ended!

He phased me out but got angry when I moved on.

Help! I'm crushing on a younger man.

Does having a car really make you the better option to date?

I want a sexual relationship with my professor. Should I pursue it?

Husband says he lied to me about talking to a female coworker to spare my feelings

I would tell her I love her but don't want to risk our friendship.

How do I accept being single while remaining positive?

I'm tired of being in a loveless sexless marriage. I want to leave my wife for the other woman

Does he ask about my sex life out of curiosity or is he into me?

How do I handle dates where I don't want more?

Could this guy have a girlfriend, can I trust him?

I’m worried about my boyfriend and Emily!

How do you handle flirty guys?

Is my professor flirting or is it just in my head?

Do you consider girl on girl action cheating?

He has broken my trust and lied to me so many times and I love him to bits!

Older attached man keeps flirting with me

What is the best way to end my obsession with my co-worker?

His behavious doesn't tell me if he likes me or if its flirty banter.

Moving things forward from social media is he into me or just being nice?

He pursued me and now I’m in love with him, but he has a girlfriend. Do I tell him how I feel?

The guy with the reputation treats me differently to everybody else, my friends don't trust him.

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