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I’m not sure how to interpret ‘hey chick’ in his text!

The other woman or mind games?

Should I tell him what I know and see if he has had closure from the past?

Is he actually seeing someone? Am I just entering a situation I shouldn’t? What are his motives?

Girlfriend sexted a guy she knew from a dating site: Is it cheating?

A stranger offered herself to me to help me lose my virginity. Do I accept?

Before her pregnancy she would flirt all the time... now Nothing.

Should I stay friends with her?

I can't forget the guy I cheated with.

How do I move on from a girl who has a boyfriend?

Is this co-worker friendly or testing out to be more flirty?

This guy has a girlfriend, should I forget about him?

Should I just leave it at that?

Why am I so scared to be in a relationship?

I showed interest in a shy guy, now he wont leave me alone.

How can I be subtle and hint that I'd like him to ask me to the prom?

Should I ask her out or wait until the divorce is final?

I married the man I was having an affair with and I am struggling with trust issues, and feeling anxious and worried everyday he will cheat on me.

How do I get over my dream guy and an almost relationship?

Is he interested in sex? Companionship? What?

My best friend and my boyfriend were flirting with each other on my b-day right in front of me

I'm confused! Is she interested or playing hard to get?

He says I'm "the one", but how can this work with the distance?

I'm married and in (unrequited) love with someone else for years. How can I get over her?

The girls I want to date end up dating other guys!

My girlfriend is perfect, but I want an open relationship.

I don't want to hurt his feelings but I don't see this being a long term forever thing

We are on a break but working on our relationship ... he doesn't understand how his actions affected me.

Is he just a liar toying with me?

I don't want to make things easy for my ex. Do I move out because he wants me to?

I'm in a messed up situation with a guy from another country

He didn't disclose his real age. Am I overreacting?

He said he'd break up with his girlfriend to date me but I just want to be friends

25, single, a virgin, and in the closet... not living my best life. How do I motivate myself to do better both personally and professionally?

Is he flirting or am I reading too much into his actions?

Should I cut her out of my life?

My partner is googling how to flirt sites.

What is the healthiest way to deal with this relationship situation, is it insecurity or what exactly?

Should I give up on a shy guy? Is he just not that into me?

I'm jealous but am I too cruel or too possessive?

Do I just forget about it since my partner hasn’t technically said anything wrong to her?

Am I being paranoid about my girlfriend’s interactions at work with this guy?

Why do I attract older women?

Was I really nothing more than a sexual conquest to him?

I lied about my age. Can I salvage this relationship?

Follow up to an earlier question about some decisions I have to make

Should I keep talking to him even though I feel like he likes my older sister but knows he can’t do anything about his feelings and is using me to get rid of them?

Can a gay man become straight or could this ruin our friendship

Do his comments and actions suggest he's interested?

He sucks! Why am I not good enough?

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