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I messed up with my crush, can this be repaired?

How can I subtly hint that I fancy my co-worker? I think he likes me too, but he seems shy 

Are cheaters ever unhappy? They seem to be winning it all...a wife at home and a mistress outside!

Why won't my boyfriend tell people about me ?

I need to get time off but how should I go about it?

Some colleagues at work are targeting me and I feel that they'll complain against me yet again and have me fired. How do I handle things?

The death of my pet caused me to perform terribly at work!

How can I deal with this colleague

I caught feelings for a friend and I'm not sure if I should tell them

My coworker admitted his feelings for me

Do I keep believing him after his string of lies?

Can someone explain why I’m scared of this new relationship?

We're both in relationships but I'm extremely attracted to my co-worker and don't know how to deal with it

Was my co worker trying to start an affair with me?

How do I deal with my arrogant, moody colleague?

How can I attract positive people in my life?

Am I wrong to brush aside red flags?

I want out of this relationship with a married man but he is making it difficult.

Should I give this toxic person another chance?

Why is my co-worker taking care of his female friend after she just had a baby? Does he like her?

My boyfriend doesn't tell anyone about me but wants me to move in with him ... what should I do ?

I am in the wrong for talking to my married coworker as a friend?

Why me? Why am I excluded?

Husband says he lied to me about talking to a female coworker to spare my feelings

How do I approach my co-worker?

What is his deal? Can someone decipher his behavior?

I have a boyfriend but when other guys I feel attracted to talk about their girlfriends I get jealous.

Is my husband being shady, buying a gift for a coworker?

I feel a lightning bolt of attraction but he's 30 years older and married

How can I deal with this drama at work?

I can't make sense of her behavior and it's killing me!

Favouritism in the workplace

A co worker hates me and I want to quit.

How can I stop feeling ashamed about my living situation?

What is the best way to end my obsession with my co-worker?

Dude at work shows a lot of signs of interest but not much action!

How can I stop obsessing over my colleague?

LDR boyfriend seems to be spending more time with friends yet claims he wants more time with me

Can a relationship that started out purely for sexual hookups actually amount to more.

My husband spends more time with his female co worker than he does with me.

I love her but I don't know what to do.

How can I deal with racist comments?

Her confession, while turning me on, makes me angry and I feel betrayed.

How do I change this pattern of negativity?

How do I get my life back?

How can I stop thinking about my married coworker ?

Is it too late, should I move on?

Should I ask my co-worker out? Or is she a gold digger?

Cannot accept my background and heritage

I'm ready to get back into the dating scene, but there are a few bridges to cross first!

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