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How do I get in touch with him?

25, single, a virgin, and in the closet... not living my best life. How do I motivate myself to do better both personally and professionally?

My brother finally introduced us to his fiance - she's my ex!

Should I accept the Bible as the final authority on sex before marriage?

What’s the worst that could happen? He doesn’t want the threesome and I think it’s a bad idea too but I still want it!

My religion is getting in the way of love

Do I need to say something to head off this student?

How do I approach my very religious and conservative parents about my clothes?

How do I convince my parents that I'm an adult? They have my entire college schedule mapped out and a GPS on my phone!

Religion may be the stumbling block for us

Long distance boyfriend is asking for naked pictures, should I trust him?

Are we sexually incompatible? I need help!

I want to get over crushing on my teacher!

Any advise on this relationship will be welcome.

I'm ready to leave, but how do I take my dignity with me?

My boyfriend is cheating, pressuring me to have sex. I'm afraid he'll leave me if I don't give in

How do I get married without hurting my parents? I want to convert and they don't want me to

How do I cope with parents now I'm pregnant?

Teen daughter does not believe me. In your opinion did I do something wrong?

Is he just being a generous best friend, who loves my company? Or is he in love with me?

I thought we shared values. Have I read her wrongly?

He wont have any more sex with me because he is a Christian!

Is this an emotional affair? ?

Why does this keep happening? Am I trying too hard? Is this a confidence issue within me?

How do I get my friend interested in the dating scene?

What hope is there for a boyfriendless virgin? I think about sex, a lot. What can I do?

We disagree about matter of religion! Any advice?

My mother in law always sides with her son regardless of how badly he treats me

Our online relationship ...

I haven't attended church because I have a crush on our pastor

I met up with someone from a dating site, didn't like her and don't know how to tell her

Why did he have to come into my life and hurt me like this?

How can I talk to him about these issues? He expects my sons to contribute via chores but does nor expect his teen daughter to do anything

He puts his family above all else. Am I wrong to be feeling concerned about our future together, considering his actions?

Do I have a chance? What should I do?

I need the morals, security and companionship of religion without the dogma

My ex had a medical emergency and I allowed him to move back in. Now he needs surgery and I regret my weakness. Any ideas?

Why does virtually everyone hate me?

My boyfriend doesn't have respect for my religious beliefs!

How do I handle this? My friend and I have a problem because of our arguments

Ex partner is a born again Christian now and I am scared of our daughters upbringing

My girlfriend flirts with all the boys!

When do you tell a guy you are a virgin?

What should I do? Is it wrong to have sex without marriage?

do my feelings indicate actual gender identity issues?

I'm afraid of having a relationship with my mother-in-law!

Should I be lead by my dream life?

He says we can't date one another but then acts as if we are

Can our love survive this religious zeal?

Do I marry my ex, when I hardly know him? What are my options in this situation?

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