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How do I get in touch with him?

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Question - (6 January 2019) 5 Answers - (Newest, 21 January 2019)
A female Netherlands age 18-21, *urple love two writes:

Hello everyone reading;

On Wensday (02/01),

I had to get my hair braided at my hair dressers house. While I was there, the was his gentleman who came to the living room (Where my hair was being braided). He stood next to me trying to take something from the table in front of us. On way or the other, we ended up staring at each other. His elderly sister noticed and asked if we knew each other.

He said no and that I resemble someone he knows. And asked if I knew him, which I didn't. And asked me why I was smiling. I told him I smile a lot.

He later, sat on the sofa behind us. I was sitting in front of the table watching a movie on his sister's phone while my hair was being braid. He pretend to be watching but from where he was sitting, he could barely see. So, he kept on asking me about the movie.

And then started asking me personal questions like where I lived, school, age, name etc. He also told me about himself. And luckily, I knew the meaning of his name and told him. He kept on mentioning my name like 20× without saying anything. He said I have a nice name. And asked me the meaning of my surname (idk).

He told his sister, that I was interesting, smart and lively. I also told him he seems intelligent.

He laughed at the things I said, and even asked his sister if she heard some of my funny remarks.

He also said i bragged a little when I talk, but I think he was the one doing that, the most. But i like his honesty.

He then sat closer to me, so he could chat with me more. His sister, teases him of leaving his friend when he has to do something.

He told me to pay them a visit sometimes (But should inform his sis when comming) and also invited me to their church (Am a Christian).

Later, he made me some tea and later served me food. To which, I refused because it was my first time being there and I wasn't that hungry. He said it was beacuse of the family friend who came in.

The family friend later dropped me off at the junction on his way to work. He wasn't in the car beacuse he had to leave...

In a nutshell, i really like this guy and i think he likes me too but unfortunately, we forgot to exchange numbers or any social media handle. But then I remembered him saying I should pay them a visit. But I don't want to beacuse of this elderly family members. I don't want to give them a wrong idea.

And I have searched all over social media for him but strangely, I can't seem to find him.

The only thing I could do, to get in touch with him, is to tell his sister am still interested on visiting their church. I don't know if I should... I feel quite weird asking her about him or about the church thing.

This is because I am not really that close to her and I don't want to send her the wrong message. Plus, i think she knows we like each other.

Or should I wait till my next appointment?... what if the hair dresser moves out (it likely beacuse she moves out a lot. It's her thrid time!)

Any advice?..pls help!

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A female reader, Purple love two Netherlands +, writes (21 January 2019):

Purple love two is verified as being by the original poster of the question

Purple love two agony auntThank you all for your answers. And am going to go with staying away from him and letting things work out. If we are meant to be we will. ??

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A female reader, mystiquek Japan + , writes (7 January 2019):

mystiquek agony auntThis man is no young guy still wet behind the ears. He sounds like quite a charmer and possibly a player. If he wants to find you darling he will trust me. I'd wade into the waters very carefully with this guy or you could get hurt.

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A female reader, anonymous, writes (7 January 2019):

He sounds like a charmer and a player. He knew all the moves and things to say to you to convey his interest and chat you up.

He may well fancy you and like you, but don't be naïve thinking that you're the only one he does this to. He's well versed in the art of seduction. He might have been brightening up an otherwise dull afternoon, having a great time watching all his moves work like magic.

As I said, he may well fancy you, but try to use a little more cynicism when dealing with men, when they quite obviously know how to play a woman.

If he was that keen on you, I think he would have remembered about phone numbers etc. He knows how to contact you if he wants to. He issued an invitation perhaps to see if you would 'bite'. If you start trying to track him down, then he knows that he's got to you and you're possibly ripe for the picking as it were.

He can find you if he wants to. If I were you I'd leave it to him to search YOU out. I don't somehow think he will. Men like him are not backward in coming forward so don't think that if he doesn't get in touch it was because he had some sensitivity about it. He sounds like the sort of man who has no problems in pursuing a woman if he wants to.

If I were you I wouldn't give him the satisfaction of knowing that his little 'attention fest' won you so easily. IF he really likes you, he will like you all the more if he has to work to find you and get you.

Presenting yourself at his church is practically laying yourself on a plate for him. And from the impression I've gained of him from your post, he will dine until he's full and then move on.

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A male reader, anonymous, writes (7 January 2019):

When you talk to his sister the next time try to stear the talk to her brother by saying something in the way of "Oh by the way how is your brother. Oh I think he is very smart person. I would love to meet him again if possible. I want to enquire about the church. " or try to fish some information from her about his work and whereabouts and bump into him by what appears to be a pure chance. There are so many ways you can devise to bump into him.

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A female reader, Andie's Thoughts United Kingdom + , writes (7 January 2019):

Andie's Thoughts agony auntEither wait or ask the sister about the church. You could easily genuinely ask about the church.

That said, what "wrong idea" are you concerned about giving them? You think he likes you and you like him - isn't that the "wrong idea"? Do you want friendship or do you fancy him? It seems to be the latter, to which I'd suggest treading carefully because of the religious beliefs.

Ask about the church, go to the church, then just see if you meet again. Let things happen on their own, other than that, so you don't end up with problems.

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