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We broke up and now I regret it

Is it normal for pregnant women to drift away from friends?

Looking back forces me to ask myself if every relationship is different.

How can I resolve these emotions with my parents?

My best friend separated from her partner and is now turning to anyone for comfort

Why do we hold onto people that are not good for us?

Is the grief causing him to treat me badly?

He said I was overthinking things and now it’s all awkward! What do I do?

I had a dream about a younger girl I think of as a sister. I feel guilty about it

I feel broken. Why couldn't my girlfriend have been there for me when I needed someone to listen.

Friend wants more with a guy but hes holding back

How can I tell my family I want to end my marriage? They aren't going to support me

Could these have been semen stains ... is he cheating on me?

I have a crush on my lecturer, I think he likes me too.

Should I pursue a relationship to push away the feelings for my best friend?

I want to be at a place where women would be in abundance.

Money, my relationship, my girlfriend's friend and her boyfriend "chipping in". How do I deal with all of this?

I still might have feelings for my best friend , but we’re both with other people! What to do?

Do I tell her my feelings and risk ending our friendship?

My boss is not letting me move on from our affair

I'm separated and my friend of years is making subtle moves on me. What do I do?

I feel like the definition of a failure, any words of wisdom?

We got into a fight and now my friend no longer wants to be friends

My b/f is spending so much time with his best friend that I think he'd rather be with him than me

Do you think I should stick the relationship out and if so, how do I tell him I need a bit more support?

Was my friend manipulating us to look good on front of my family and didn't really intend helping me?

Should I even try to remain friends with her after the way she acted?

I'm pregnant and my friend isn't supportive

My boyfriend and his friend go out on "double dates" to go drinking

Is this a sex addiction?

I had an affair with my boss

How do I handle another party with friends where everyone is partnered up but me?

How to deal with a needy friend who’s staying over the Christmas?

Parents moving- what should I do with my pet?

Why would my friend of 20 years spill information about me to my subordinate co-worker that he only met after just 10 minutes?

She is comfortable being naked around me? So is she sexually attracted to me?

My pregnant best friend and I had a misunderstanding and now she won't talk to me

I’m crazy in love with my best friend!

My boyfriend's best friend doesn't like me and is trying hard to get him away from me

My best friend and my boyfriend were flirting with each other on my b-day right in front of me

I'm 15 and can't get over feeling the same way every day that I am a failure

Are LDR's real relationships, even if you haven't met them yet?

I can't believe he couldnt see how I felt.

My sex obsessed friend makes me feel uncomfortable.

I am devastated that my ex has cut me out of her life. I thought we were still friends

Is he just a liar toying with me?

Has anyone else given up a fairly long-term, comfortable relationship for something new and exciting with so much in common and a strong sexual attraction?

I went out of my way to make my friend feel special on his birthday but he didn't do anything for me on mine

25, single, a virgin, and in the closet... not living my best life. How do I motivate myself to do better both personally and professionally?

I am caught in the middle of a boy I like and my female friend

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