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Hi everyone im a newbie here...just call me faith_believe_love

im from Philippines but now im living here in South Korea.Im married to a korean man for about 1 year and 4 mos.Hope i could help others out to..GodBless you all!!^_^

Can you fall pregnant by intercourse while on your period?

Q.   Can you fall pregnant when you have intercourse while you have your periods?...

A.   14 March 2008: Yes but its very rare.... (read in full...)

Manipulative behaviour

Q.   Help! I really need some advice and very quickly. I have a situation which I just don't know how to deal with. I am a woman who has a really close relationship with a gay man, - we are best friends, and he and his partner and I are really close. ...

A.   14 March 2008: This happened to my loved one and thats really annoying.Sweetie you know talking to her will make her more worse believe me as i encountered these before no matter how good you treat her she wont change because thats their attitude really just dont ... (read in full...)

I feel like a slave but he doesn't hit me too hard so maybe he will be better after we have children...

Q.   My husband comes from a family where the men are always in charge. He was very nice to me when we were dating and after we got married he changed like he thinks he is my master. I feel like a slave sometimes and if I don't do what I am supposed to ...

A.   14 March 2008: I do agree with askeve shes right i know someone just like you in your situation and that was my beautiful mother.My mother always told us that our father used to hurt him physically before he gave birth to my older brother my mum thought that my ... (read in full...)

Confronting my cheating boyfriend!

Q.   This past weekend, I visited my boyfriend at his home. I found some text messages between him and another woman that suggested there is a relationship between the two of them. She stated to him to let her know when he gets home so they can talk ...

A.   22 February 2008: All you need to do is follow your first instinct.... (read in full...)

How do I ask her out without risking our friendship?

Q.   I met this girl several months ago and she is one of the sweetest people I know. We've gotten very close as friends, but just recently, I can't stop thinking about her and want to become more than friends. I'm dying to tell her how i feel, but shes ...

A.   22 February 2008: Hi,.YOu've just said it you dont wanna risk your friendship with her..I know its hard thing to tell you that just keep all the feelings that you have for her.Come to think of it.When the two of you become more than friends and comes to the point ... (read in full...)

What do I do to get her out of my life for good?

Q.   well this is a question about a cousin we used to be good friends and now i cant stand her. she completely had nothing to do with me during the time of my separation and divorce, which she was friends with my ex husband before we got a divorce ever ...

A.   22 February 2008: DOnt mind her pretend that she doesnt exist in this earth!!or pretend you cant see her and hear her talking..In that way you can get rid her outta your system if it aint in life!!!... (read in full...)

Should I walk away from a 7 year relationship?

Q.   my boyfriend and i have been together almost 7 years now, we dont live together and we dont talk about the future, he lives at home and is very close with his mom, i like that they are close but he cant even go out anywhere with out calling her. i ...

A.   22 February 2008: Hi,.I wondered how the two of you work that relationship for 7 years?and the fact that you two only seen each other 3x a month plus the 2 of you dont live together and you said dont talk about the future.Hes a Mama's boy since you said that caouldnt ... (read in full...)

I'm in hell right now, and I don't know what to do to make things right.

Q.   I'm 35 and have been in a relationship with my 22 year old girlfriend for 3 years.... until about 4 weeks ago. We have a 9 month old daughter. I really want her back. I love her more than anything but my actions in the past have been my undoing....

A.   22 February 2008: Hi,.Maybe you are right those things that you've done with her in the past made her feel that way.Just give her a lot more of time to think about it too.Dont get discouraged when she acted like that in front of you.Longer your patience and spend ... (read in full...)

Am I being too immature?

Q.   Hi! I have posted earlier about my ex bf of 2.5 years and how he cheated the whole time. We live in different cities and these days I find myself getting mad at all our mutual friends back there - they hang out like everything is normal, go clubbing...

A.   22 February 2008: Hi,.Frankly speaking yes your being immature.You said that you dont like it when your friends treats him nicely,You cant tell your Friends what to do they know what they are doing also you cant tell them who will be their friend its their ... (read in full...)

Why do long term relationships end?

Q.   Hello, Andy00 here. First, I want to suggest that nobody here answer this question if they think that they will just be opening up old wounds. Most of you know that my long distance relationship (2 years) disbanded (she dumped me) almost...

A.   22 February 2008: Hi,.Im not an expert to answer your question but im here to give you my opinion.I think the reason why long term relationships ends it just because the either one of the couple lost that love,spark or passion.Or both sides.Actually theres so many ... (read in full...)

How do I know if he's cheating on me?

Q.   Is my boyfriend cheating? I'm 18 and my boyfriend is 20 we have a 6 month old daughter togeather and things have always been rocky with us but now its worse. We've only been togeather for two and half years. My boyfriend is a big jerk but I love ...

A.   22 February 2008: Hi,.based on what you said those act he did towards you was not actually reason for cheating.I think he was just stressed out or depressed for some reason you said that you two has a baby,He's probably thinking of ways how to raise the two of you i ... (read in full...)

Help, I have let my ex get into my head again!!!

Q.   Please someone give me some advice!! My partner of 18 months walked out on me and our 4 month old child 6 weeks ago. I was devastated cos I thought we were great, he was also always saying the same. He left cos he said he wanted to be on his own ...

A.   19 February 2008: hi,.i think you should stop thinking of him ok, i know its a hard thing to do but obviously if that man loves you he wouldn't do that he will not make you look like an idiot who keeps on following him you know i think he loves it when he saw you cry ... (read in full...)

How can I get over the past and move on with him?

Q.   Hi, I've recently gotten back with an ex, we were together for 6 years and apart for over two years, Orginally we split because we got together at an early age and both wanted more, I went away and eventually he slept with someone else, even th...

A.   19 February 2008: Hi, Getting over the past is never an easy thing to do especially if that past was hurtful and that past was with someone you love. Even after how many years gone by that past will still comes back again and again and surely those emotions of the ... (read in full...)

I'm circumcised. Will it make sex less plearurable?

Q.   Me and my girlfriend have decided to start having full sex. I've been circumcised and hear this dulls sensation. I've practised with a condom and orgasm ok, but will it be the same during intercourse-i'll need plenty friction but want to be ...

A.   19 February 2008: Hi.Being circumcised doesnt mean will make sex less pleasurable i think it will be more pleasurable since theres no skin thats covering the head of your manhood.take care.... (read in full...)

I don't want to loose it all, but what can I do?

Q.   I am married with a wonderful and dedicated wife and have 2 kids. I also have a foreign girlfriend who is based in my home country. I have been with her for over 3 years. We have enjoyed the best sex life, among other times like trips together. In ...

A.   19 February 2008: Hi..hmm torn between two lovers, eH??. I dont know whats going on your mind and i also cant judge you but i feel sorry for your wife really. WHich of these 2 woman you really really love??. I think the reason that this woman was cold to you maybe ... (read in full...)

Should I let him know of my feelings or just keep quiet?

Q.   I met this guy a few weeks ago, we saw each for about a week and then just stopped. I have developed these feelings for him that I just can't get over. Should I let him know of my feelings or just keep quiet?...

A.   18 February 2008: Hi,..dont tell him 'coz i think that what you feel for him is true or not,as you said that it just been a week since you met him.take care.... (read in full...)

Am I bored with my boyfriend or this realtionship?

Q.   My boyfriend and I met online and it is now one and half year were are together. I am now getting impatient cos we still haven't met each other though he always made plans but for some reason it alway postponed. Latest plan is he is coming this ...

A.   18 February 2008: Hi,..You both met online throught chat as you said.Your relationship with him was a good sign you know you two wont lasts for about year and a half if one of you are not serious or dont have love for each other. If you want to see him Ma'am why dont ... (read in full...)

When is the best time to take a pregnancy test?

Q.   When should I do a pregnancy test after the first time of sex? I had unprotected sex for the first time which was on Valentine's day with my boyfriend a week after my period for the month of February....

A.   18 February 2008: hi,its the best to try it when you missed your period. Some pregnancy test kits is very sensitive and even just a few days late, would detect if there is some HCG in your body. hope this helps. Take Care.... (read in full...)

How should I deal with my ex?

Q.   Hi, I recently broke up. I stopped talking to my gf 2 weeks ago. Recently, we started talking again, as she needed her stuff out of my apt. The other night she called me up to ask me to go out to a movie. 40 minutes before the movie started. ...

A.   18 February 2008: hi, Whats up with her or should i say the two of you?? Its clearly that your not interested with her anyomore but why you still wanna talk with her or why you still allow yourself to see her, Maybe theres some love thats left inside you and probably... (read in full...)

Turns out the girl I slept with is much older than me and married with kids!!! I had absolutely no idea!

Q.   Dear Cupid, Not sure what to do about my problem, so here we go... I was out on Saturday night, at a bar near where I live. I met a girl I liked, we had a few drinks, and we continued on to a club. More drinks, and we ended back at my frie...

A.   18 February 2008: Oh man you're in a hard situation right now. If you want to end this kind of relationship you have with this woman then it's now time for you take some action. She keeps on sending you messages, just don't reply or if it don't work, change your ... (read in full...)

I've never asked a girl out before, I really like her but how do I ask her out?

Q.   I real like this girl. I went to a talent show with her and she gave me her number. So I called her and we talked for hours. Then that night we talked for 2 and a half hours. Then the next day we told each other that we liked each other. What do I ...

A.   18 February 2008: hi, Why do you feel nervous when this girl already told you that she likes you too. Ask her out for a date and just stay calm and be you, be natural don't pretend that you are somebody just to be cooL in front of this girl. Asking someone out for a ... (read in full...)

How can I be intimate with my boyfriend without this horrible ordeal coming back to haunt me?

Q.   Hi, this is kind of a strange problem as a lot of the main event I cannot recall. Basically, after nearly 5 months of being with my boyfriend, we decided it was time to have sex and I was in full agreement, feeling very strongly for him and feel...

A.   18 February 2008: hi,I feel sad for what happened to you.Why dont you try telling this to your mum let her know and you'll see this memory that keeps on haunting you will go away i mean not the memories but the feeling that you have right now. You said you already ... (read in full...)

I feel as if I'm addicted to stealing money from my parents...

Q.   Dear Agony Aunts, I find myself stealing money from my parents now and again, like £20 at a time. I really want to stop, but I can't. I feel as if I'm addicted. HELP!...

A.   18 February 2008: hi,..theres no one could help you free from this wrongdoing but You no matter how many advices you get if still your mind was in it its really hard to stop.Let me share u mine i had a brother who done that when were younger too no matter how he want ... (read in full...)

It feels like shes moving far away just to get away from me.

Q.   hi, I'm in 6th form atm and me and my gf have been going out for 9 months now, we go to the same 6thform and id say were pretty serious if not very serious. My problem is that after 6thform my girlfriend wants to move to a different country to go to...

A.   18 February 2008: Hi,..dont ever think that she wants to get away from you.If you really love her then let her do what she wants as long as it is for her.You dont have stop studying for about 1 yr. just to prove that you love her.supporting her will do a lot for her ... (read in full...)

Would me and my boyfriend be related if his Mom marries my cousin?

Q.   Would me and my boyfriend have any relation if his mom marries my second cousin?...

A.   18 February 2008: Hi,.Yes of course but if this cousin you're talking about was 2nd or 3rd cousin there may be still relation but its far you know. Take care.... (read in full...)

Am I obsessed with my university lecturer?

Q.   I'm worried that I may be obsessed with one of my lecturers at uni. He's incredibly interesting and despite the fact that he's extremely terrifying, he's so passionate and intelligent. I find myself looking him up in my free time and with desire to ...

A.   18 February 2008: hi,.. No your not obsessed with him if you start stalking him then i can say you are but your not and absolutely your not insane, its totally normal for us to feel this just like what your feeling now. Everybody comes to a point where they feel ... (read in full...)

Should I tell my Mom I lost my virginity?

Q.   I recently had sex for the first time but i dont know if i should tell my mum or not, i dont want her hatin me for it, what could i do?...

A.   18 February 2008: hello dear, its just so simple if you dont want your mum to hate you then dont tell it to her.take care.... (read in full...)

Who are Leo's most compatible with?

Q.   What are Leo's more compatible with? I mean like I am a leo star sign and I do not know which star sign I am more compatible with?...

A.   18 February 2008: I do believe in astrological information but I believe that opposites attract.... (read in full...)

14 and worried my vagina is too tight to have sex...

Q.   im worried my vagina is to tight to have sex, im only 14 but boys tell me its tight, it takes me so long to masterbate, even if i feel in the mood, is anything wrong with me?...

A.   18 February 2008: you are too young to think about it they are right dont do it until when you reach your right age and when the righteous men comes in your life then give in.... (read in full...)

Sex was painful with my partner, has anyone got any ideas on how to make it less so?

Q.   I made love with my boyfriend for the first time last night. I have been with him for 8 months and I have been on the Pill for 3 of those months. It is the first time I have ever made love with the partner not wearing a condom and would like some ...

A.   18 February 2008: dear you have to relax your mind and your body so that when the two of you make love your muscles in your vagina wont contract(not sure if its the right term)thats the first reason why yours was almost closed up as you mentioned or maybe since you ... (read in full...)

I really want out of the relationship, but he's pretty attached and I'm concerned about hurting him.

Q.   I'm 19 and have been dating my 20-year-old boyfriend for almost a year. We've had some minor fights over the commitment my job requires of me, but that's about it. In December of last year I found myself with a (requited) attraction to a ...

A.   17 February 2008: There's no problem that can't be solved with compromising. I can understand you. If you want to end your relationship with your boyfriend then go ahead and do what you want if you know that it will make you feel better. You said that he's ... (read in full...)

I have a small penis,,how can I satisfy a female?

Q.   Hi im a guy in my late teens and im really embarrassed ive got a very small penis just on 2 inches fully erect ive never had a girlfriend im to embarrassed what can i do can i even satisfy a girl?...

A.   17 February 2008: Why are you worried so much...? Don't be ashamed of what you've got all you need to do is to work it.. My husband was on the small side too but he always put me into orgasm. Just like what the other says "small but terrible" and "big things c... (read in full...)

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