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Why wont my husband accept I just don't enjoy anal?

Q.   My husband is obsessed with anal sex. We've had it twice. He refused to use any lubricant and it hurt very badly. I told him that I'm not interested in doing it again. I only did it with him because I felt pressured. His female boss is ...

A.   9 June 2010: Don't indulge in anal without a condom, the bacteria up there are definitely unfriendly! And no way let him transfer to any other hole after anal, for your sake and his. Apart from that, so many aspects of this are wrong here........ (read in full...)

I am to embarresed to ask my boyfriend to give me oral, I have never experienced it before.

Q.   i lost my virginity to my boyfriend who i have been going out with 8 months. however he will not give me oral in the bedroom, he has told me he isn't against it, he just doesn't want to. i give him oral, and he does pleasure me in other ways, but ...

A.   3 June 2010: I don't know why I keep acting as an agent for "DoubleM", but he has written a masterclass in cunnilingus so get your bf to read him on the subject - you will love it when he tries all DM suggests! ... (read in full...)

I am worried that my boobs don't look normal!

Q.   Hey everyone! :) Ok I'm a 17 year old girl and I'm very self conscious especially sonce I'm over weight! My boobs are kinda bigger compared to my friends and I know it's cuz I'm fat! But my nipples are really wierd! I don't know what its call...

A.   3 June 2010: Marieclaire, as you said, 'no one is going to recoil in horror when they see your breasts and say "oh my what big areolae you have..." ', much more likely to say "oh my what gorgeous areolae you have, I love them!" Why? Because loads of men do love... (read in full...)

If he used a condom and didn't go all the way in, am I still a virgin?

Q.   ok, i don't know if I'm not a virgin or not. Me and my boyfriend got into this situation where he puts a condom on and tried to put it in, it kinda hurts but the thing is that he didn't go all the way in or even half way in! So what am i? ...

A.   2 June 2010: An ex-virgin!... (read in full...)

My mom spanks me with a shoe, hairbrush and sometimes a belt. How can I talk to her about this?

Q.   Hi its a bit embarassing but I'm still getting spanked by my mom usually with her shoe or hairbrush sometimes with a belt. It hurts a lot and I sometimes have trouble sitting after. She wasnt always like this but after my Dad left she has no patie...

A.   1 June 2010: When I was at school, corporal punishment was legal and the going rate for misdemeanours, but NEVER for girls - I believe because of fears of internal damage and possible pregnancy difficulties in later life. All girls got was a strap across the ... (read in full...)

Is it true blowjobs taste awful?

Q.   My gf wont give me one because she says they taste awful, but could it just be because of the guy she was with before? She said he had hygiene issues so I was wondering if that could be it. Is there anything that could make it less disgusting if ...

A.   1 June 2010: As she has never tasted semen, she is only going on hearsay. I suggest that you or she masturbates into a hand, yours or hers, and let her sample a little. try it for yourself, too, if you never have before and you will know what you are expecting ... (read in full...)

Why do I lose interest after I've masturbated?

Q.   Why is it that every time I masturbate, as soon as I ejaculate I immediately lose interest. I mean i just stop, clean up, and go on about my day like it never happened. I don't like this because I...when masturbating have deep fantasies, but as soon ...

A.   1 June 2010: Yes, as "YouWish" says, we all do it, men and women alike, because it is merely a sexual release/gratification and how can you have an emotional relationship with your right hand? When you do it with a real person you will find (I hope, else it ... (read in full...)

Questions from a gal who's new to "everything but"

Q.   Moderator note: three questions combined I’ve recently had oral with my boyfriend. It was my first time, but not his. He says he cares more about making me feel good than himself, and wouldn’t mind if I never touched him at all. I feel the same way...

A.   1 June 2010: Good response from "anonymous", but if you have difficulty communicating your thoughts to him, show him your post on here and any replies that you get. Also, "Double M" has a masterclass on oral - look him up and read him! ... (read in full...)

If someone masturbates can it cause erection problems?

Q.   If a person masturbates can it cause you to not have an erection over a period time?...

A.   31 May 2010: If he is around your age and masturbates often, by the time he gets to you he may have only hot air left! ... (read in full...)

Am I a tramp?

Q.   I've been a very bad discusting person well i think so anyway :( ive had sex with two boys in the space of a month, and other sexual acts with them too spreading over 5 months im just realising now that i feel nasty and horrible, im sucha tramp...

A.   31 May 2010: You are young, exploring and learning; no problem. But, as "star" says, ALWAYS use a condom and preferably hormonal BC as well.... (read in full...)

Its to the point where its painful, but I love it!

Q.   This question might be weird.. but when my bf and i are having us time and he kisses and fondles my stomach and breasts i really like it alot and it feels great. but my question is why does the harder he nibbles my nipples feel beter. to point that ...

A.   29 May 2010: You are not unusual, lots of people are like that - pleasure and pain are two sides of the same coin, so if you enjoy it, carry on! ... (read in full...)

Fake bangs?

Q.   Hi !!!!! My bangs are really messed up and girls all around me have bomb looking bangs. I want to know if there's such thing as "fake bangs" but not to the front but to the side. If so, where can i buy them ?? Are they cheap ?? Thank You...

A.   29 May 2010: I don't think it's possible to send it to you over DC, but I have a programme that lets you put in a face photo and add any hair style or make-up that you want, to see how you look without spending money! I believe you might also get free soft... (read in full...)

Is it wrong to get excited soon during sex

Q.   hi!im in a relationship with a guy for almost 3 years.As soon as he touches me or kisses me i get so excited and wet and our sex goes very smooth!But he tells me that sex should be painful and suspects me a lot.i love him so much and i get hurt ...

A.   29 May 2010: Does he know how lucky he is? Nothing wrong with you, as all,others have said - he has just got a strange idea about sex. Maybe he has been listening to ignorant men in the pub?... (read in full...)

I hate my breasts!

Q.   Okay so I don't have the "model boobs" that you see in Playboy mags, Porn, Movies/Tv and everyday life! I don't have big boobs, I don't have those cute small nipples, and I don't have perfect round ones. I have 34b boobs with big nipples and that ...

A.   29 May 2010: Loads of men LOVE big nipples, so listen to all the other advice on here and stop being silly - you are fine! Honestly.... (read in full...)

Premature ejaculation.... Should I ask him to go twice?

Q.   Hi this is a question about my boyfriend, every time we try to have sex he seems to come before we even get it in!! Sometimes there isn't even any foreplay hardly!! Should I ask him to come once and then go again?? He doesn't loose his erection and ...

A.   29 May 2010: Could "anonymous" provide an identity so that we can PM you? Your contact information was blocked.... (read in full...)

Premature ejaculation.... Should I ask him to go twice?

Q.   Hi this is a question about my boyfriend, every time we try to have sex he seems to come before we even get it in!! Sometimes there isn't even any foreplay hardly!! Should I ask him to come once and then go again?? He doesn't loose his erection and ...

A.   28 May 2010: Why does it all have to end so quickly? And no foreplay! He owes it to you to bring you off once or twice before penetration, and then you will be more ready; and if you give him a BJ as well, before he penetrates you, still hard, you will have a mu... (read in full...)

Can I keep what happened with my brother in law from my husband?

Q.   I am in a situation that I would have never in a million years believed that I could be in. I have never been unfaithful to anyone - ever. I think that trust and honesty are two of the most important things in a successful relationship and...

A.   28 May 2010: Polyamory seems to be the answer to your problem. Google it, discuss it and see if it could work for you....... (read in full...)

Two years and I still cant make her me someone!

Q.   Hey everyone, Well here's the situation, me and my girlfriend have been dating for 2 years and im not sure if ive ever really given her a true orgasm... The other day we were completely alone and i set out rose petals, turned on romantic music, ...

A.   27 May 2010: Yes - she got there!... (read in full...)

I'm being blackmailed into sex, help!

Q.   well uhm, i'm being blackmailed. I feel pretty low about it, but i can't get out of it. Basically this guy who i've been friends with for two years has always been there for me, and now he's being all lovey dovey and sending me innopropriate texts. ...

A.   26 May 2010: Try to get as much evidence of these threats as possible - text messages are good, keep them. If he doesn't back off when told, go to the Police with all your evidence and they will take it from there. As "CG" said, NEVER give in to blackmai... (read in full...)

My boyfriend won't let me near his cellphone, is he cheating on me??

Q.   My boy friend always locks his cell phone and always textin he dont let me answer his phone but i let him get my phone. i want to know is he cheatin on me....

A.   26 May 2010: Why would you want to look into his private areas? Would you read his diary, if he kept one, or read his personal letters? Personally, I DO beliave in the "no secrets" philosophy between soulmates, but everyone is different and you should resp... (read in full...)

I'm disappointed that my boyfriend doesn't masterbate

Q.   I know this probably gets asked all the time but hre goes. I found out earlier that my boyfriend, (we're both only 16 and have never had sex), doesn't masterbate. I'm sure LOTS of guys don't but it really bothered me that he doesn't. With my...

A.   26 May 2010: Aw, "person", you stole my thunder! I was about to give those percentages, and the bit about lying - that's the way I'd always heard it. Kinsey thinks differently, hmm? Ok, they usually get it right, even if it does spoil a good joke! I do agre... (read in full...)

Is it normal for a 27 year old guy to get upset when he doesn't get sex?

Q.   Dear cupid... Me and my boyfriend has got a few problems that we can't seem to overcome. This makes us both very frustrated. He obviously think that we not having enough sex. I don't always have that urge to have sex for some reason I don't e...

A.   25 May 2010: At 27, he should have learned a little about women and what to do to stimulate them, and not simply think of his own pleasure and satisfaction. Train him, or exchange him! ... (read in full...)

Could the "friends with benefits" concept work here?

Q.   11 years ago, I was a waitress in a lounge. I got to flirt with drunken men for a living - and I was good at it. I was in a completely new and dysfunctional relationship, and unknowingly pregnant at the time. One night, an absolutely beautiful ...

A.   25 May 2010: His wife has given you the clue to your future actions - she doesn't want him sexually and has offered him to you. Take her up on yhe offer......... (read in full...)

Wow! He wants to have sex with me but I feel I'm too young... Help!

Q.   i was going out with this boy it lasted 2 weeks and then he dumped me. i re asked him out a few months later and he said yes and it was all ok but now he has asked me if i would have sex with him. (but not forcefully) i just laughed and changed the ...

A.   24 May 2010: What you do is WAIT! Neither of you is ready for sex yet, and my money is on his leaving you soon after you have done the deed, maybe even leaving you pregnant? You must have read millions of replies to similar questions on here, and the usual ve... (read in full...)

My husband loves bj's but I don't like the taste

Q.   My husband loves bjs. What guy doesn't right? Well, I hate the taste of sperm, I mean I really hate it, but I adore my husband. I went online to find spermicide free condoms to see if maybe giving him a bj with out tasting it would leave us both ...

A.   24 May 2010: Spitting rather than swallowing IS an alternative, but nowhere near as good for the man and not so intimate, either. If you can stand it without gagging, take his cock as far down the back of your throat as possible and let him spurt it right down... (read in full...)

What should an orgasm feel like?

Q.   Hi, this question is for females. This is a very intimate question and i don't want any nasty comments etc so if you find it disgusting then just don't answer. I would just like to know what orgasm should feel like to a woman? I have been masturba...

A.   23 May 2010: PM me and I think I can help......... (read in full...)

How can I extend the sex?

Q.   Why is it when me and my partner are having sex everything happens so quickly, i try and make myself last but i climax in about 10 minutes.? Are there any ways to Push off my climax so i can last a little longer?...

A.   23 May 2010: If he is still going after you have cum - rejoice! You can lie back and wait until you build again and have another cum....and another.......... (read in full...)

What was a condom doing in my boyfriend's wallet?

Q.   I was snooping through my boyfriend of 2 years wallet (yes I know that's wrong but I was looking gore a business card he has) and I saw a condom in there. this kind of bothers me because its the kind of ...

A.   20 May 2010: Don't remove it, as "fishdish" suggested, but put a pin through it.....?... (read in full...)

Physical evidence that he's been cheating?

Q.   my boyfriend has 2 red big patches in between his upper theighs and i asked him what they were from one time and he said maybe it was because i was giving him oral sex and they were from my head rubbing up against him...I can see that happening, but ...

A.   18 May 2010: Do they look like love bites?... (read in full...)

I think I have become a FWB not sure how I feel about this

Q.   I think I have become a FWB which I am not sure I want but I do feel attracted to this guy. We have kissed on many occasions and have started going a bit further hand jobs and fingering, we have never been out we just sort of have a bit of fun if ...

A.   18 May 2010: If he is sexually active with other women, you should use a condom to protect yourself from STIs; no argument. ... (read in full...)

Wife has seen our friend naked and says its not big deal!

Q.   Not sure what to do. My wife and I are married a few years. We started dating in high school, and got married after dating almost 3 years. She has this male friend who she grew up next to, he was a neighbor, and they never dated but were friends ...

A.   18 May 2010: There's very likely nothing to it, but why didn't he wait until he was out of the shower before asking for a drink, or getting it himself? Not the best place to drink bottled water, the shower!... (read in full...)

33 year-old male virgin

Q.   As a 33 year-old virgin who has never been in a relationship and has never, ever had sex how can you learn how to court a woman, flirt with her, ask her out, that sort of thing? That said, how can you learn about women generally? Are there ...

A.   18 May 2010: Even women don't understand women, so what chance do YOU stand?... (read in full...)

Dreaming of my Professor, Literally.

Q.   Alright let me begin by saying I do not have a crush on my teacher. I'm not in love with my teacher either. Heres the thing. I have a boyfriend who I've dated for almost two years, love him to death. I have a teacher who I've had for a year ...

A.   15 May 2010: Weird about the coat! Anything else predicted in your dreams? Not sure what the question is here. Could it be that, despite your protestations, you really are in love with/crushed on him? I think it would be fun to see his reaction if you tell ... (read in full...)

I want to ask my cousin to give me a bj!

Q.   i think im in love with my second cousin. we talk all the time and i think shes drop dead goergoes. they come over 2 times a year or more and i had a fanisy she gave me a blowjob when my mom and hers and all my cousins and brother went shopping. we ...

A.   15 May 2010: If you want to be taken seriously, learn to spell and punctuate correctly; some improvement in grammar would help, too. If when you are together you talk the talk, man up and walk the walk, it's the only way.... (read in full...)

I want to break my hymen so sex won't hurt so much!

Q.   Don't get me wrong. I respect myself and I don't really want to have sex, yet anyway. But I used to want to, I've matured since then and have realised it'd be better to wait, but when me and my ex boyfriend did try, he only got it in about an inch ...

A.   9 May 2010: Don't use random objects up there! Buy a dildo or vibrator and definitely use a lubricant - lots of it, especially if your natural lubricant is insufficient. You need to be alone, with plenty of time and be relaxed so that your muscles aren't taut... (read in full...)

How do I stop people bullying me?

Q.   I understand that no-one is perfect, but I have experienced so much bullying in my life that I am starting to lose trust in people. Wherever I go, I am being targeted by bullies for no reason. I don't know if it has anything to do with my Asperger's ...

A.   6 May 2010: I was a teacher a few years back and had a lad in one of my classes with Asperger's. He was being bullied too, because he was different. Typical, isn't it. Trouble was, I could never catch the sly devils who were doing it, so I had CCTV inst... (read in full...)

New to sex and needing advise

Q.   heyhey My question is about sex really. Me and my bf are both each others firsts when it comes to sex and we dont fully know what we're doing yet. So i was just wondering how to make him cum (sorry if that seems vulgar)when we are actually having ...

A.   6 May 2010: You MUST have seen many answers on here saying that most women do not reach orgasm by penetration alone, surely? Your clitoris is your most effective area and needs to be stimulated lots, as in foreplay, as you have already fopund. Get him to bring... (read in full...)

Is this ball-like thing normal to have?

Q.   I have a problem. When me and my boyfriend have sex and I feel I'm about to orgasm I get this ball like figure on the side on the clit I'm worried that this might be wrong? I'm really worried and afraid to go to the doctors. After I do have an ...

A.   6 May 2010: It sounds like it's your urethral sponge filling with fluid. Do you squirt at orgasm? It will empty via your urethra if you do and subside; all perfectly normal.... (read in full...)

Its very important to be a virgin and I'm not one anymore

Q.   I'm 16 years old and I have been in a realtionship with my boyfriend for a year and half now and we had sex and when we did it i was a virgin... I lost my virginity with him.. we were really in love but now things are not the same that we have very ...

A.   6 May 2010: Yes you are - for all practical purposes, you are still a virgin. Do not agonoise over this and spoil the rest of your life for an early-teens fumble. The two of you are the only ones that know about this, and if he didn't manage it properly, he i... (read in full...)

Could I be pregnant after a drunken fumble in a toilet?

Q.   Could I be pregnant or am I being stupid I AM NOT ON THE PILL OF ANY FORM OF CONTRACEPTION I am normally a very sensible person but I was out on friday night and my best friend got me very very drunk, I was dancing with this really nice gu...

A.   5 May 2010: "therple", along with "kc" and many others on this site, we know that sperm cannot penetrate underwear, so if her knickers were still in place, she is safe - this time! The OP needs to be more careful in future, though, but with all of the admo... (read in full...)

Could I be pregnant after a drunken fumble in a toilet?

Q.   Could I be pregnant or am I being stupid I AM NOT ON THE PILL OF ANY FORM OF CONTRACEPTION I am normally a very sensible person but I was out on friday night and my best friend got me very very drunk, I was dancing with this really nice gu...

A.   4 May 2010: You are safe from pregnancy, almost certainly, but what about STDs? If you can't or won't go on the pill, at least always carry condoms with you - it doesn't make you "easy", just prepared!... (read in full...)

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