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I looked in fiance's tablet to find out he lied to me about where he was. Where do I go from here?

One night stand why didn't he call back

I have a crush on my boss - How do I get over it, and fast?

His insensitive comment makes me want to just leave him!

I'm unhappy in my relationship but feel stuck because we live together and share a rental contract.

Social media, should we comment face to face on what we see on facebook?

Are some of us meant to be invisible??

How do I cope with failure?

Is the grief causing him to treat me badly?

He said I was overthinking things and now it’s all awkward! What do I do?

Help ! Can anyone unravel this situation at work as I am becoming unwell

He is letting the landlord make our garden smaller! Am I wrong to be annoyed?

How can I deal with my anger?

I'm unhappy with the relationship want to end it but partner acts like nothing is wrong

My crush at work knows I like her. She has a boyfriend. What do I do now?

He's coming on too strong, talks about sex a lot, has a child with an ex. Should I ignore these red flags?

I led him into an FWB situation but I'm starting to like this guy and want more

My partner is unhappy with his job and I don't know how to help him

My husband of 12 years is so secretive and refuses to talk to me just gives me the silent treatment

Why do people at work bully other people?

Should I resign from my job because I’m being bullied?

I found evidence that my wife has been cheating. She denies it. Is she lying?

How do introverts and those living with social anxiety make friends?

I feel like the laughing stock because I want boundaries

He wont have sex with me and prefers porn.

Boyfriend buys another woman a puppy

My close relationship with my friends has changed ever since they had a baby

How do I stop thinking about my married colleague and convince myself that I don't love her in order to move on?

Is this co-worker friendly or testing out to be more flirty?

I'm crushing on my team leader.

Is this relationship even worth working towards if she is so secretive about her past?

Is it possible we "love" each other?

I feel like I need her permission to leave the relationship. Is she crazy?

I work with a younger doctor and am very confused about his behavior around me

He knows I like him but went on a date with someone else. Is that a sure sign he doesn't care for me like I do for him?

Why would my friend of 20 years spill information about me to my subordinate co-worker that he only met after just 10 minutes?

She is comfortable being naked around me? So is she sexually attracted to me?

I had to work in a different work area and everyone was so rude. Why?

My pregnant best friend and I had a misunderstanding and now she won't talk to me

How do I get over my dream guy and an almost relationship?

Should I resign from my job?

I've got a crush on the check out chck!

How can I deal with racism/ignorance in the workplace and in personal life ?

How can I talk to someone that doesn't listen to anything I have to say?

How do I stop being so socially awkward and silly?

How can I keep away from my awful co-worker when I am forced to work with him?

I've been with him for 15 years. Am I stupid?

How do I get over my co-worker? I have made sacrifices she wouldnt make and I know she doesn't care about me

Is he flirting or am I reading too much into his actions?

Is it just office banter?

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