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My teacher blushes when seeing me, and MINE is not infatuation!...

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Question - (27 February 2008) 9 Answers - (Newest, 27 March 2009)
A female United Kingdom age 26-29, anonymous writes:

Hello everyone!! Well my question is that I am in love with one of my male teachers.It is certainly not infatuation. I am positive he knows because my friends have said it to him just as a joke.His answer to this was 'that's great'. Whenever he passes me in the halls or sees me, he starts to blush and usually smiles and looks down or says hi and asks me how I am. What does that mean??

He usually gives me long looks during class but he never gives out to me or anything. He tries his best to help me whenever I need help. The thing is that he is married! Sometimes he even gets very tense when he is around me. Does that mean anything?? I blew him a kiss once or twice and he seemed to turn pure red but was still smiling. But his moods keep changing. For example one day he can be extremely nice and caring and the next day he can be cold and distant and then back to nice and caring. Why is he doing this?I just don't know what to do?? I would be extremly thankful if you could help me out?? I dont really need to hear more teacher stories. I just need your help. xxx in love with a teacher xxx

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A female reader, gloria72 Canada +, writes (27 March 2009):

I am one who is infatuated with her teacher. My way through it was to look into myself. Try, and I am sure that you will find the reasons for your emotion inside yourself. By understanding yourself you will be able to make your emotions controllable.

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A female reader, anonymous, writes (28 February 2008):

Thank you guys for your answers. Especially Irish 49 and Collaroy. They indeed seem very helpful.

Sure I blew him a kiss once or twice as a joke when I didn’t like him and it was just my first year in this new school I,m sure he knew I was joking and would respond by laughing or something. But now I,ve stopped since I realized that I really do love my teacher and I know that my joking would do nothing but cause serious suspicion among the staff and students.

I think he has sensed that I love him too because some of my friends jokes as he seems to blush a lot around me and sometimes tries to distance himself from me by trying to ignore me or not be his usual way by caring and asking how I am.

I,m just so deeply in love with him that I can,t seem to be able to handle this situation. A single smile or hi from him would make my day. Whenever I see him I feel butterflies in my stomach and I feel myself turning weak. Of course I wouldn’t do something which would threaten his career or personal family life. I love him so much that I would even be willing to distance myself from him. But he is making my life a little more difficult than it already is by the way he acts around me.

Sometimes throughout class he looks at me in strange ways that I can’t figure out. I long to find the meaning behind his mysteriousness.

Thanks again for the awesome answers and please keep answering.

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A female reader, eyeswideopen United States +, writes (28 February 2008):

eyeswideopen agony auntToasty has it right.

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A female reader, love-him United Kingdom +, writes (28 February 2008):

love-him agony auntHEY!!

Dont keep trying to get his attention especialy dont blow him kisses. I can tell by what you have said, that he does realise that this can cause problems for his career and you should back off. Tell your mates to as well..

GOOD LUCK!! Feel free to mail me at any time x x

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A reader, anonymous, writes (28 February 2008):

I agree with all the other Aunts on this page. Awesome advice! Sweety, I find your posting so sad, because you don't have the foresight to know what is really happening here, do you? This man is threatened by you-he's trying to be respectful-and acknowlege you as a student but he's sooo uncomfortable with what you are doing here. Please try to understand that. I have always stated we need to protect the children from predatory teachers, but on the flip side, I think a lot of innocent, good, caring teachers need protection from females like you. You are making this poor teacher very edgy and nervous, dear. What happens when this teacher doesn't respond to you? There are emotionally disturbed female students out there that will falsely accuse a good teacher, of abuse when there never was any. You know and he knows he would never, ever date one of his would be an abuse of power and it's illegal. So you need to stop playing this game with him. Your "adult" teacher knows his boundaries, hun and he sounds embarrassed and upset by the attention you are giving him. To him, all his students are "school kids". The operative word being "kids". Your parents are entrusting you to the school to be taught not sexually abused or seduced. Of course he knows that and he considers your behaviors as being very, very dangerous to him.. There are male teachers who might go over the line. Those are the sick ones. But for the most part, most teachers know they would be completely insane to even consider dating a student. So get these notions out of your head and stop hurting him.

You are simply infatuated, that is it. How can you state you 'love' this teacher. If you loved him, you would realize that you are doing something dangerous for this man's future, his family and his career and the last thing you wouldn't want is to hurt him. The truest form of love is not selfish and self-involved- it's not about 'what you want'. I will bet my bottom dollar, he is viewing your behaviors as being manipulative, and he knows you are using your sexual power/knowledge to your advantage, only to appease your immature emotional needs and ego. You need to back off, completely and behave more maturely and use your head.

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A reader, anonymous, writes (28 February 2008):

Sounds like one of the 10 other posts like this by a girl about your age. ^_^

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A male reader, Collaroy Australia +, writes (27 February 2008):

Collaroy agony auntHis moods are different each day as he realises that what he is doing could ruin his career and put him in jail.

Other teachers by now would be suspicious of his actions - when I was a teacher kids used to tell me all the time which teacher so and so fancies. Nothing ever gets made of it as most teachers simply laugh it off. But this teacher obviously has taken to you so it is only a matter of time before the head of school brings him up on report.

Another reason his moods change is that he is married. Do you know what that is? Is it at all possible for you to think of the consequences of your own actions? He is married - do you want to be a homewrecker at your age, be responsible for ruining a teacher's career and perhaps even putting him in jail. If you don't care then keep blowing your kisses the authorities will catch on soon enough. He will deserve everything he gets. You are a teenager playing adult games - you have no idea of how you can ruin not only his life but that of his family.

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A reader, anonymous, writes (27 February 2008):

take it easy hello1 people do strange things when their in love(or ifatuation as the case may be) but i have to agree with you

1.he is married didnt say how old he was but since he is your teacher im guessing their is a pretty big age gap

3.he is your teacher and if you really cared for him you wouldnt risk jeprodizing his career

at any rate this would not be a very good relationship to be in at all thats my oppinion mind you.good luck


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A female reader, hello1 United Kingdom +, writes (27 February 2008):

hello1 agony auntHopefuly he has a small crush on you but will never take it further. You should leave him alone, you know this is wrong.

A. He's a teacher, if he slept with you he isn't to be trusted with other young females

B. He's married

Isn't that a big warning sign for you to back off? he's married? and I don't think he be intrested in you anyway, really think he give up his wife and his career for a girl like you? It's not saying much for either of you if something happens, both pathetic people.

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