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Is my teacher affecting me or is it just me?

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Question - (25 February 2008) 5 Answers - (Newest, 12 March 2008)
A female United Kingdom age 22-25, anonymous writes:

I think I am mentally unstable. I love my teacher who is... well... mean. I keep breaking down ever since I met him. Is it just me or is he effecting me?

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A female reader, anonymous, writes (12 March 2008):

i am exactly like you. my teacher, the man i have come to love with every fibre of my being, is destroying my life. its not his fault, hes just so devastatingly handsome, smart, witty, charming, modest and such a brilliant teacher, and i used to just have a crush on him, but somehow its turned into an obsessive love that i cant control ,and every time i see him, i feel like im having a panic attack - my legs go all shakey like ive just run a thousand miles, and my breathing comes in short gasps, and if he comes in the room i just want to hide or run, and i can't stand to even look at him, becuase it breaks my heart, and when he speaks to me i'm so on edge, and i try to take in every one of his perfect features, and if he smiles at me, i melt inside, and even if i just think about him, my heart acts so strange, and i feel like crying all the time and i have no interest in anything any more and i just want to run away from my life or kill myself and i feel like im about to have a mental breakdown, and im not just saying that as an expression, its true. i cant even begin to tell you how this man afects me. its controlling my life, no, it IS my life, hes all i think about, everything i do, i think of him, if i go on holiday, im getting a tan for him, if i go shopping, i'm buying clothes that i think he'd like me in, i exersize until i'm red in the face for him. i dont have anyone to talk to about this, and i hate feeling so depressed and pathetic and self-pitying, but i cant pull myself out of it, and i have too much pride to speak to a councellor or someone. i just love him so much, i love everything about him, and even his flaws i love simply becuase they're a part of him. its so awful, i feel so trapped, and im so stressed out with my gcses, and i have no motivation or enthusiasm, so i don't know how ive gooten so far without failing something. im becoming so paranoid and anxious, and i get so scared and jumpy have to pass by a place where he could be, even my classmates noticed it, and i just don't know how much more of this i can take before i have a phsycotic beakdown in front of everyone and get sent to a mental ward. i know this isn't really answering your question, but maybe it just heps you to knwo that you're not alone in how you feel. just thinking about his kindly smile at me the last lesson i had with him a few days ago has me breaking down in tears. i hope everything goes ok for you.

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A female reader, Ihatekoro United Kingdom +, writes (25 February 2008):

yep, i have this same problem. tell an adult or close friend. maybe tell your bezzies about it at school, which is what i did and it made me get over it

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A female reader, lushlass93 United Kingdom +, writes (25 February 2008):

lushlass93 agony auntyou are not mental if you think you are you havnt met me lol

if this teach is bothering you you should defo tell someone if he is makin g you cry you said you love him and its ok to fancy a teacher my best friend did and she is over it now

try not to be oversesitive and tell someone your teacher is being nasty

good luckxxx

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A reader, anonymous, writes (25 February 2008):

I don't know that you are mentally unstable, but if this teacher is that mean to you and you are breaking down and crying because of it, that isn't may be a bit sensitive or maybe even a little depressed or even premenstrual, but either way, talk to someone like a parent and see what can be done about it....perhaps talking to this teacher would clear the air and make you feel more comfortable around that with some supervision however....take care.

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A reader, anonymous, writes (25 February 2008):

Have a word with your parents if this teacher is affecting you in such a way. If you cannot talk to them then another teacher who you get on with but you shouldnt feel this way about a teacher. Talk to someone about it.

take care


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