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Infatuation with my Latin teacher is influencing my decision for subject change!

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Question - (21 November 2007) 2 Answers - (Newest, 22 November 2007)
A female New Zealand age 22-25, *utterflyAway writes:

I've got a question that is affecting my schoolwork. I have a crush on a previous Latin teacher, who is also a female. I have a GPA of 4.0 in Latin and it is one of my best classes, and I also enjoy it immensely. This teacher took me last year, and because of this crush I worked harder than I usually would, but towards the end of the year the crush took over and I found myself unable to ask a question without blushing, which affected my schoolwork.

Most of my friends liked this teacher plenty, and dislike my new one, but I think she's the best I've had all year. She's taught me heaps, and there's been absolutely no infatuation problems. Recently I had my old teacher as a substitute for a period, and the old feelings started welling up again - embarrassment, and even dislike that she made me feel this way. Again I felt like I couldn't ask questions, and she was such a distraction that I got hardly any work done.

The school year is almost over (in the southern hemisphere, we have our summer holidays from Dec-Feb) and I've made my choices for subjects for next year. One of those was not Latin at first, but over time I learnt that only two people were continuing on for next year.

My choices were History, Physical Science (recommended for Physics and Chem next year - subjects I need for med school, as I plan on being a psychiatrist) and Writing for Publication (I enjoy writing, and want to be a writer more than a doctor, though a doctor seems more secure). I changed from Physical Science to Latin last week, reasoning that my Science GPA (also 4.0) is high enough to get me into Chem and Physics on normal Science alone.

Now I'm wondering if it was the correct decision. The teacher I have a crush on teaches Year 11, my year next year, and definitely will do so in 2008. I'm worried that my infatuation will affect my work next year. I stumble over words, forget things and always go red whenever I'm around her, so it's pretty obvious that I like her.

I love Latin, and really want to continue (and I know my present teacher wants me to as well), but I'm not sure how well I'll do if I keep feeling this way. Some help would be great. Should I change my subjects again? Should I try and discontinue the way I'm feeling?

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A female reader, hello1 United Kingdom +, writes (22 November 2007):

hello1 agony auntYou shouldn't take the subject if your not going to learn. You sound very sensible so I'm sure your pick the best for yourself!

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A male reader, TomWilkinson United Kingdom +, writes (22 November 2007):

TomWilkinson agony auntIt' perfectly natural to have crushes on teachers, so I wouldn't worry too much about it. You clearly have a natural talent for the subject so taking it would not be a good idea, however, you seem to be highly intelligent so the subjects you choose at this stage will not greatly effect your choices at University etc.

If you feel the crush will be an issue, take the subjects you feel you will do well in, you could always pick latin back up at college / university, or even as an extra-curricular activity.

Good luck with your decision!

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