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I'm a fun-loving Aussie girl who's experienced a few ups and downs in my 25 years but am happy to say these days life is pretty sweet. I'm in a relationship with a great guy and we communicate AWESOMELY which makes things really easy. We're open minded and can be pretty kinky together so don't be afraid to share even if you think it's a bit weird. A problem shared is a problem halved!

So what do guys really want?

Q.   So what do guys really want? last night I went out with my friends to a pub/club and they were projecting music videos. Of course as "club music" videos go, they all had "hot" girls in them with skimpy clothes. My guy friends were all commenting ...

A.   16 July 2011: A male friend once told me two horrible truths about males: 1) If for a day girls could read the minds of every guy on the planet, even the "nice guys" would turn girls lesbian. and 2) All a women needs to do to keep a man happy in a relationship... (read in full...)

Will my morals go out the window?

Q.   hey, can someone help me figure out who i am? im 18 and a virgin, the only guys ive kissed are ones ive got with while clubbing (too many to count) the problem is im going off to uni in september, and im not sure what ill end up doing. like even ...

A.   6 February 2011: You sound exactly like me at the same stage in my life. I was so straight during high school but really curious. I kept it bottled up. As soon as the uni years came around it seemed like a sexual avalanche. Before I knew it, I had all the stresses ... (read in full...)

I feel guilty about masturbating

Q.   I'm a 17 year old bisexual female. I started masturbating to porn about a year and a half ago and feel so much guilt about it. I'm very ashamed myself, I don't think any of my friends do this. Am I a monster? ...

A.   23 January 2011: You're fine! Relax and enjoy yourself. Masterbation is the best and safest way to become sexually aware of what you like both physically and mentally.... (read in full...)

She said she was 18, I developed feelings, but it turns out she's 16

Q.   11 months ago i met a girl. At the time she told me she was 18. Months later the truth came out that she was 16. i am 22 years old. It wasnt hard to believe that she was older than her real age. Her friends are all around my age. Her Ex bf is a mon...

A.   24 September 2010: You sound like a decent guy and your feelings sound genuine. Therefore... give it a shot and encourage honest discussion and communication with her. Don't worry about the age gap - if it's not a nice guy like yourself enjoying her company, it could ... (read in full...)

I am 13 and no boys are interested in dating me. Is this normal?

Q.   I'm a 13-year-old girl and I've never had a boyfriend. Not even a little meaningless one when I was little, and I've never heard of a guy liking me or thinking I was pretty. I'm starting to feel really uncomfortable about it because all of my ...

A.   29 August 2010: Hey! I never dated a guy until I was in college and I'm SOOOO thankful that I never did. Girls mature faster than guys (physically and VERY mentaly). I know it seems like you should have a bf if all your friends do but if you keep some high ... (read in full...)

Sheer bathing suits. OK, or not OK?

Q.   I like it when my girl wears semi sheer bathing suits to the beach. Or even in the hot tub with friends. We experimented with cutting out the lining on a few pairs, and it seems to work well -especially with darker suits as her bits are then only ...

A.   29 July 2010: I do a similar thing for my guy - lacey underwear in the hottub while his friends are over. (using the excuse that I can't find my swim suit) Some guys might get angry or jealous but it turns him on knowing his buddies are leering at me and it turns ... (read in full...)

How do I overcome not being attracted to my wife?

Q.   First time i have gone through this site and find it so helpful. Hope i too will get some help Iam 29 year old, married two years back. it was an arranged marriage and from the day one i didnt liked the girl but the family pressure was so ...

A.   22 July 2010: I am not familiar with your culture but if you can divorce your wife as painlessly as possible you'll feel much better. It sounds like you will never be attracted to her and because of this you will be unhappy as long as you are married. You only ... (read in full...)

What am I to think? Am I being used here?

Q.   I have been seeing/dating this woman (in her early 20's)for a while. She says she doesn't want a relationship. I try and try again to win her over by being there for her and supporting her when she needs me. I really like her a lot. We go out on ...

A.   22 July 2010: Sorry. It sounds like she's using you to boost her own feelings of security and self-worth. My guess is that she has recently been hurt by someone she was in love with and is now using you as a comfort blanket. Be polite but don't invest too much ... (read in full...)

I'm in love with my teacher and I think he loves me as well!

Q.   I am 15 years old and i am in love with my English teacher and i am certain he is into me. When i first meet him i thought he was a weird guy but as i got to now him i flirted. 1:on my birthday he got jealous when another guy said his birthday...

A.   14 July 2010: If you really do love this teacher and want to be with him, the only thing you can do is completely avoid and ignore him until you are finished with school (years from now!) If anything happens between you two then his career will be over FOREVER ... (read in full...)

Is this a good sign that I am pregnant?

Q.   on Saturday i went ti see my boyfriend. we were having sex and i guess it knocked something loose and i got my period. (sorry this is graphic) we finished in the shower but i didn't really see any cum when he pulled the condom out but he swears h...

A.   14 July 2010: Home pregnancy tests are pretty acurate these days. Put your mind at ease and test yourself. Good luck x... (read in full...)

Why cant a make a guy cum from a bj?

Q.   My last boyfriend of 6 years never came during a blowjob. now my new boyfriend hasnt either Am i doing it wrong?? im really hurt hes stuck with a rubbish girlfriend!! are some men unable to come during a blowjob....why!!!!!...

A.   14 July 2010: Perfectly normal! Please don't be so hard on yourself. My last 2 boyfriends (current and previous) never came/cum from anything other than intercourse. My first one however was so "blowjob sensitive" that he'd shoot within a couple of minutes if I ... (read in full...)

Semen in his boxer shorts!

Q.   i have been with my boyfriend for 18 mths now he has lied about his past to me ie sexual partners ect, a few months back i found a pair of boxer shorts behind the tv unit in our bedroom with small semen stains in them, but just about a week later he ...

A.   2 July 2010: My boyfriend jerks off into underwear desteined for the laundery. He thinks I don't know but I'M the one who does the laundery and it's pretty obvious. He's 31 and we have lots of sex yet he still masterbates. A lot. My guess is that your BF is usin... (read in full...)

What do I do when he kisses me?

Q.   hi im 14 ill be 15 in a few weeks and i havent had my first kiss yet . is that wierd.i have a boyfriend and hes 17 and we are about to go on a date really soon and im really nervous.any tips on wat do do wen he tries to kiss me??...

A.   30 June 2010: Aawww! This question is so cute! OK, when the time comes, you'll notice your faces are close together then next thing you know, you're kissing. Open your mouth just a little bit and the rest will take care of itself (honestly!) Save the tongue ... (read in full...)

Not sure who the baby's father is, considering abortion

Q.   I caught myself thinking of an abortion not to long ago and im almost 5 months, i'm watching maury and all these young girls around my age are screaming they want a baby not knowing who the babys father is and ect. my biggest fear is to have this ...

A.   30 June 2010: Hey Britani, Just wanted to add that I'm adopted and a couple of years ago my birth-mother got in touch with me for the first time. Our relationship is real good - she's like a cool aunt to me. Growing up adopted was no trouble either. Just some... (read in full...)

How can I tell if this is really just him having a laugh with his mates?

Q.   I just started a brand new relationship, with a guy that I would usually ignore (he's not the type of guy I normally hang around with so our personalities are really different) he's amazing, romantic and really funny. I'm 17 and I've had a reall...

A.   29 June 2010: I agree with Universe Man - most likely you're prettier than you think. When you get him alone, tell him how you feel. Guys love a girl who actually says exactly what she feels as opposed to making them guess! Just be careful not to scare him off ... (read in full...)

No Captain Nut

Q.   Okay, I'm in love with this guy and we had sex (my first time). It felt great for me but he barley made a noise nor did he "nut". I want to no how to ride him and also the best way to give him a blowjob. I want him to "nut" and smile when we ar...

A.   27 June 2010: There are lots of reasons why a guy won't come. This case is possibly nerves being together the first time. Boost his confidence with some compliments and moans of approval. I had a boyfriend who seldom came when we used condoms or if he had cold ... (read in full...)

My ex is back, but now I like Nick too

Q.   ok now hears a hard one. My xboy friend is back and I might be in love wit him but I still like nick so wat do I do? I have strong feels for samuel by I like nick and don't know wat to do? Helppl plz. ...

A.   26 June 2010: I remember something like this when I was your age and I remember it's not easy! You truly have to be honest with yourself and follow your heart otherwise you'll feel like a fake. Be polite and honest with them. If you do the right thing, you can ... (read in full...)

Anal sex straight into my mouth--will I get sick?

Q.   So embarressing but I have to know... My boyfriend and I were drunk and had anal and in the heat of the moment I sucked his dick straight out of my bum. I don't want to get sick. Should I take any medication or precautions? Don't worry, I don't pl...

A.   26 June 2010: Thanks everyone. We often watch adult films together and it's a pretty common practice. Seeing it on screen actually turned me on (I guess because it's naughty/dirty) but after we'd finished I was worried. My boyfriend said it really turned him on. ... (read in full...)

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