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Should my b/f have told hix ex why I blocked ber on facebook?

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Question - (29 December 2014) 5 Answers - (Newest, 30 December 2014)
A female United States age 22-25, anonymous writes:

My boyfriend of six months has a really hot ex girlfriend. I have spent a lot of time looking at photos of her on Facebook and feeling jealous. She dumped him after a few years together and he was heartbroken. I decided to block her on Facebook so I could no longer obsess over her photos. She discovered I had blocked her because she couldn't see my page and texted my boyfriend to tell him about it. Isn't that totally inappropriate? He then went on to tell her I blocked her because she makes me feel self conscious. Was he out of line to share that information with her? What can I do in this situation?

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A female reader, eyeswideopen United States +, writes (30 December 2014):

eyeswideopen agony auntI totally agree that he doesn't seem over his ex. Unless you enjoy playing second fiddle, I'd move on to greener pastures.

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A male reader, Xearo Trinidad and Tobago +, writes (30 December 2014):

I can see why you have issues with this ex if your bf can just immediately tell her your weaknesses/insecurities. If he doesn't understand why, try to break it down to him in terms of you telling another guy how your boyfriend doesn't like him because his dick is way smaller. Don't get mad, get even.

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A female reader, So_Very_Confused United States +, writes (30 December 2014):

So_Very_Confused agony auntso you wisely blocked her to help your mental health and she's so busy being concerned about you that she looked for you and noticed that you blocked her and went to her ex boyfriend to ask why and he didn't think saying "why are you:

a. concerned about what's going on in my life which is NONE Of your business and

b. are you trying to stalk my girlfriend?

Instead he throws YOU under the bus by saying essentially to her: "she can't deal with how hot you are so to make herself feel better she had to block you" (he left off the "see how insecure you make her feel you hot thing")

What should you do?

IF it was me I'd call him on it and see how he reacts. IF he over-reacts and gets defensive about his contact with her, I'd end it with him and block him too.

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A female reader, anonymous, writes (30 December 2014):

He was definitely out of line. So much so that I wonder if push came to shove, I wonder whether he'd pick you or the ex. He shows more loyalty towards the ex by telling her the truth. If he was more loyal to you he would have refused to answer the question.

I would leave him. He is either immature (you can't cure that) or he's still in love with her.

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A female reader, Honeypie United States + , writes (30 December 2014):

Honeypie agony auntWas he out of line? In my book, yes. It's none of her GD business WHY you blocked her. YOU can block whomever you want.

He could have said;" I don't know why she blocked you, but what is it to you?".

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