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Are LDR's real relationships, even if you haven't met them yet?

Should I be strong and not burden people with my problems?

I'm 20 yet my parents don't want me to date.

Should I apologize before the concert or just leave it alone?

My boyfriend spends all day on a dating app.

He can't say I love you to me but we keep breaking up and getting back together. I don't know what to do

I don't understand why she did this to me

We got together for just sex things blossomed but I messed it up.

I am devastated that my ex has cut me out of her life. I thought we were still friends

I haven't heard from LDR boyfriend in 3 days

Is he just a liar toying with me?

I don't want to make things easy for my ex. Do I move out because he wants me to?

How do I stop myself repeating the past with a different guy?

I need your thoughts on how to sort this situation.

During a break I went to work on my flaws but he never took responsibility of his. Now hes forcing his way back into my life. What do I do?

I'm hurt, confused, angry and betrayed.

After making him my facebook friend he held my wrist.

How can I talk to someone that doesn't listen to anything I have to say?

I find myself wanting more but he appears lacklustre!

I went out of my way to make my friend feel special on his birthday but he didn't do anything for me on mine

Online dating but he's much shorter than me and we've never met. I don't know where this is going

Should I fly 4,000 miles to go see my ex? Would it be cheating?

He asked me out as a joke but I said yes ... how do I face my friends?

I feel like our relationship has been killed by moving in together.

I don't feel like chasing him do I just let things ride and see what happens?

What do you make of my boyfriend's long-distance female friend?

Regret kissing a girl I didn't find attractive that turned out to be an alcoholic on a date whilst drunk and now she wants more.

I've been with him for 15 years. Am I stupid?

Is he just not interested? being a jerk? Did I screw things up?

Long distance relationship started out so good but now so bad. Do I end things?

What should I do to guard my heart and not be a fool?

My wife's adult children are bums whose lifestyles I pay for.

My friends remarks upset me, am I too sensitive?

My boyfriend is depressed and I don't know what to do! Advise me, please!

Struggling to get over ex and finding it hard to look at dating again!

I am resentful of my husband being on a cruise without me. How do I stop feeling this way?

I want to fix things after I freaked him out!

Dad needs some help in his relationship.

Good date but no sparks. Should I ask for a second?

Does him not being able to stay hard with me prove he isn’t attracted to me physically?

Move on or try to resolve between us?

My progressive hair loss is making me insecure about dating

I feel I am not loved even though he says he does love me

My husband has blocked me on his phone and adds, texts other women

What is the next move for me?

How could he move on so quickly?

I kissed my ex when on a break from my boyfriend!

DId I ruin a good thing by commenting on his social media and being petty?

Is this long distance relationship worth pursuing or should I just move on?

I'm feeling cringy and insecure about texts I sent

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