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He hasn’t initiated a date and I’m wondering if I’m being played!

Any advice on dealing with my strange boss?

Am I playing myself for a fool with this older guy?

Am I being used? I believe deep down that he is a good person but I am worried that I'm just there to teach him how to be in a relationship!

I want to break things off with him before he breaks my heart

Why does it seem like my boyfriend is stringing along his ex ?

We texted and chatted but when his parents came to town he didn’t!

I was abandoned by my mom, my dad's girlfriend has managed to put a wedge between my father and I and I'm hurting

Why his sudden change in behaviour?

My boyfriend says he wants to get back together eventually

My wife and I are going to have to go the IVF route and the fog just won't lift

I feel like I’m being jerked around and not sure what to do

Please help me get me over my obsession with my ex

My ex is hanging around me and my new boyfriend and its causing problems

What did his messages mean? Is he interested or not?

My boyfriend and his ex are "best friends" and keep saying that they love each other!

He’s been giving me gifts and I don’t know how to deal with this!

Why does my ex treat me this way?

My ex's girlfriend found me and texted me. Why is this happening to me?

Will my boyfriend come back to me?

She wants me to change for her, but when I say something like that to her?

I'm tired of my ex's manipulative behavior

If he still plans to move then what is his intentions with reaching out?

Any advice on dealing with my ex’s odd texts? It’s messing me up!

I pretended to be another woman and my fiancé told “her” he was single!

Am I on my way to being hurt?

Break up - No contact method or turn up at his house to get him back?

A choice between Craig and Tom

My girlfriend doesn't care about the here and now.

We've broken up but why does my heart still hurt.

Should I gave up or wait more time to approach my ex

Married man damaging my reputation.

Why did my ex give his friend my number?

Why does this woman I barely know keep texting me to vent ?

I want out of this relationship with a married man but he is making it difficult.

I offered an adult student help, now he constantly contacts me.

My well-connected but broke boyfriend has 4720 friends on Facebook but won’t add me!

Did she sell the phone I gave her? I regret how our interactions ended!

Shall I just go along with this as it is and see where it goes, or ask now what he's thinking?

He phased me out but got angry when I moved on.

He said he loved me but then he dumped me out of the blue! Do I just walk away and forget it all?

Should I try harder to make up for his lack of effort?

What are his intentions? Is he just playing around?

He's never told me directly that he loves me but he says it over text. Why does he do that?

I laid my cards on the table and he backed right off!

Does anyone have an experience with a successful meet up with online friends/lovers?

How do I deal with my long time "best friend" who trashed me in a letter to my parents?

My ex has said he would never marry me, but I want him back!

I need advice, I believe my family are scheming against me.

I has sent really embarrassing messages to a girl 6-7 years ago and I just realised that girl is my girlfriend's cousin! What if she still has those messages?

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