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Move on or try to resolve between us?

My progressive hair loss is making me insecure about dating

I feel I am not loved even though he says he does love me

My husband has blocked me on his phone and adds, texts other women

What is the next move for me?

How could he move on so quickly?

I kissed my ex when on a break from my boyfriend!

DId I ruin a good thing by commenting on his social media and being petty?

Is this long distance relationship worth pursuing or should I just move on?

I'm feeling cringy and insecure about texts I sent

Best friend forgot my birthday

Is she worth pursuing?

How should I not feel so worried about maybe not getting a text or phone call back?

Should I call him out or just drop it?

Does this indicate that there is more than a friendship or just nothing to worry about?

How do I stop being a glutton for punishment?

I lied about my age. Can I salvage this relationship?

Was I too hard on my boyfriend due to my anxiety issues or did he deserve my wrath?

Can a gay man become straight or could this ruin our friendship

My boyfriend contacts my mum instead of me

How do I stop creeping him out?

I often worry when people don't respond quickly enough

My ex has suddenly vanished again

He's messing around with that other girl, he's the one that moved out leaving me paying all the bills when I'm unemployed and yet somehow I'm at fault?

His mother is undergoing chemo and he doesn't have much time for me

I feel like I am forcing myself on him.

My boyfriend's mother doesn't like me

How do I get closure after he broke up with me?

Does my wife really believe we need this money this bad?

Did I just get used for sex?

I am neglected and forgotten by family and friends! How do I accept this?

Should I continue to try this relationship or end it early? She's great but I find myself wanting more

Why didn’t we hook up?

Any chance he likes me despite having a girlfriend?

She likes slaps and I like kisses. We have a baby girl but I don’t see how this will work!

How long after hooking up do I wait before texting him?

I'm already cheating on my new boyfriend with an old FWB. How do I stop?

I can't seem to let this attached man go?

He said I am an extraordinary woman, but ended things because I live far away.

Is there any chance she will come back to me?

Should I confront him about this or should I let it go if we talk normally again?

If he can’t make time for me, is there any point in this relationship?

How can I stop being insecure about my boyfriend’s past relationship?

My online LD friend made me uncomfortable by flirting so I blocked him

My husband asked my permission to flirt on text messages

She’s a good wife and a good mother, but did she break me too much? Will I ever forget what she put me through?

Is this just a one night stand or something more?

He has PTSD. Should I give him another chance?

My wife thinks I am after her sister. How do I convince her that is silly?

My ex who's also my colleague has ended the relationship in a really nasty way and I'm heartbroken!

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