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Should I let her go unless she takes the initiative?

He deleted his dating profile. Did he meet someone else?

I’m not sure how to interpret ‘hey chick’ in his text!

Do I have to tell him to delete my number from his little black book?

The other woman or mind games?

If a girl is interested in a guy, he jumps at the chance to go out with her, why won't this guy?

Am I reading too much into our friend with benefits relationship?

Am I friendzoned or is there a chance she might change her mind?

How do I deal with a friend who is demanding, irritating, needy, narcissistic and whiny?

He keep my number in last ten years ( could he be a player)

We aren’t in a relationship yet, but I’m concerned about his sister-in-law!

Girlfriend caught me texting another girl and broke up with me. I want her back

Boyfriend says he doesn't have time to be with me when I am sad or upset

I thought he liked me but then he went ahead and completely ghosted me!

We got into a fight and now my friend no longer wants to be friends

Girlfriend sexted a guy she knew from a dating site: Is it cheating?

My b/f is spending so much time with his best friend that I think he'd rather be with him than me

After a nice first date, why he hasn't asked me out again?

Do you think I should stick the relationship out and if so, how do I tell him I need a bit more support?

Before her pregnancy she would flirt all the time... now Nothing.

I've met a nice guy but my cheating daddy wants me back

Is it ok to ask for a second date immediately? And when to tell about a chronic illness?

Should I cut off my mom from my life without giving her an explanation?

Is ‘bird’ just slang for ‘woman’ or ‘girl’?

Older man wont leave his girlfriend for me.

She sent me a text saying "lets break up" but I didn't even know we were in a relationship???

We had a fight my children's present are at my boyfriend's house and he won't let me get them

Should I give her a Christmas present for her son.

How do I move on from a girl who has a boyfriend?

I sent the online guy my nude photos and initiated phone sex. Will he lose respect for me?

Is it normal to be so attached to someone that I never met?

What is my sis in law suggesting here? That I'm a loser??

Should I just leave it at that?

How do I deal with my pregnant friend without upsetting her?

I showed interest in a shy guy, now he wont leave me alone.

I can't get my ex to leave me alone

My boyfriend and his friend go out on "double dates" to go drinking

How do I overcome the misjustice and abandonment inflicted by my father?

Can you decipher his text?

My ex sent my nastiest most private messages on social media for all of my friends to see

Am I being too harsh on my 17 year old daughter? How do I deal with her?

How do I handle another party with friends where everyone is partnered up but me?

She is comfortable being naked around me? So is she sexually attracted to me?

"Hello my friend" Who would you send that text to?

The guy I'm dating isn't feeling well I don't want to overwhelm him

My pregnant best friend and I had a misunderstanding and now she won't talk to me

How do I stop being desperate and clingy when dating?

Is he interested in sex? Companionship? What?

Did my date make up this fake story just to get a reaction out of me?

I'm confused! Is she interested or playing hard to get?

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