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My husband has a massive problem with texting women endlessly, no amount of counseling has helped yet I can't leave because of certain situations

Why would an ex reach out after years?

Am I right in just leaving him to it?

She didn't answer should I call again or just move on?

My boyfriends contact with other girls makes me very insecure

Should I stay and see how we can manage this for the sake of love or should I walk away?

He didn't respond to my texts, should I have given him a second chance.

How do I deal with post-breakup loneliness?

LDR boyfriend is not giving me attention

Do you think it was his phone call? Was he too shy to speak?

Should I be worried about the fact that my husband is constantly texting his co-worker and even sent her mom flowers on mother's day?

We had amazing dates, but now he’s left me confused!

She thanked me, said she had a good time but also said she is not looking for anything serious

We've never met I'm in the US she's in France. Is there any point in continuing this?

What happened to keeping in touch and friendship?

Are there any laws on verbal abuse?

I don't understand the change in his behaviour

Should I feel (too) embarrassed about my teaching mistake?

Would an ex ever change her mind and want to reconcile years later?

Why did he suddenly back off?

My boyfriend dumped me he said he couldn't be himself with me

We're both unhappy in our marriages and have a long history. Should we have sex?

How do I get stronger? Ex cheated on me I ended things

Why would my partner text to his ex "there is nothing here" regarding our relationship

My husband wants "space", is shutting down all communication with me, is cold, rude and distant and spends a lot of time with people at work.

Did I lose a friend? I'm feeling sad and hurt

I try to be understanding but am I being a fool here?

He hasn’t told a soul about his relationship with me and it bothers me. It’s all about respect, or is it?

I know I should just walk away .... but I love him.

He says he loves me but doesn't respond to my texts

Should I make him my friend with benefits

I just want to know that I am sane. He made me feel crazy

Should I let this guy go since he treats any kind of way?

My partner is giving his children extra money and I'm not happy about it

My SIL is trying to cut me out of her children's lives saying I am the reason she has bad relationships with them

He doesn't seem to want to be my friend after I 'rejected' him, is he playing games?

Despite all the nonsense I still wanted him but the "Facebook relationship" woman he's never met in real life reaps all the benefits

How could I allow this guy to use me for sex?! I feel awful and I've lost all trust in men!

It looks like he's lost interest after we had sex. How do I get him interested in me again?

How do we move past what I did?

I looked in fiance's tablet to find out he lied to me about where he was. Where do I go from here?

We broke up and now I regret it

Is it normal for pregnant women to drift away from friends?

One night stand why didn't he call back

Are these warning signs after a second date? Should I give it a go or run?

My boyfriend won't tell anyone that I'm a part of his life and I feel like a dirty secret

My boyfriend lost his business and has stopped talking to me and his friends.

Does he care or not care ... he keeps contacting me.

Parts of my life don't work with me being gay and I have a crush on a straight man

I think my boyfriend should end it if he isnt happy with me anymore.

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