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Ex says he wants to be friends. Why?

How soon should I contact her for a 2nd date after a great first date?

I kicked my partner out of my house because of his hurtful comments. Advice?

I really like her, she's gorgeous but I'm not attracted to her. Why?

On our third date I felt like the third wheel! Am I being unreasonable?

Should I ask him where our relationship is going?

I welcome opinions on if he is interested or not? Also why men play the three day game?

I want to be his girlfriend..not his FWB

A relationship with an attached man is making me feel so sad?

Is it ever okay to date a mates ex?

My partner cheated on me, can we make it work?

We text and fight, then meet, make up then make out! Now he wants to be just friends?

Should I message him again? Is this a technical issue?

Can a relationship that started out purely for sexual hookups actually amount to more.

I'm starting to think I am unlovable :-(

My husband spends more time with his female co worker than he does with me.

Will I ever meet anyone or will I be alone forever?

I want my pastor to treat me as he does others

He loves me but wants space? What does it mean?

I'm tired of my sister, her obsession at finding a partner and the fact that she's constantly blaming me for her woes

I drunk texted her while we were on a break!

My girlfriend wants a break, what chance is there for us?

Should I pursue him or let it go? Help?

What else besides texting my daughter should I do to stop this?

Should I continue being my ex's friend or let him get married and walk away.

I cant connect to him on a deeper, emotional level.

Whats with my husband saying the things he says to me?

Should I wait and see? Or end it?

Three dates in and she does't want to kiss!

How can I help my sister who has spiralled into depression?

Am I justified in feeling hurt or did I do the wrong thing?

Do I contact him again?

He seemed so into me, said he had no wrong intentions... Then why did he ghost me after that evening of no sex?

I want to know if I am crazy for wanting him back!

Exams and dating are conflicting

Should I tell my fiance about my fantasy of letting him have sex with others?

How do I detach myself emotionally from him before actually telling him it's over if I decide I don't want this anymore?

Contact him? Or jut move on?

My boyfriend's mother is a little too involved in our relationship

Why do you think he unblocked my number and responded to me, and do you think there is

Married and seriously falling for my doctor

Its to the point where anything with my family causes problems between my husband and I

A guy I was dating said how hot my sister was, and I dumped him the same night! Am I overreacting?

I don’t know what’s happening to my relationship!

What hope for this relationship?

Should I try to reconnect with him now that I live nearby?

I feel I owe this married man an apology

So Do I go to what broke me who I love or the new guy who has fallen for me completely.

Should I ask him if he's ever had sex with her?

My girlfriend doesn't really communicate with me and I'm starting to doubt the viability of our relationship

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