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I don’t know how to move on! Advice?

My in-laws are very interfering!

How do I move on and am I to blame?

I decided that I wouldn’t text him again but he keeps checking out my social media posts! Any advice?

What does he want? Is there something here or just a sexual relationship?

Shall I stop being a gentlemen and be a man?

Why couldn’t he understand that I needed his emotional support that day?

How to save this marriage?

I cheated and want to fix my relationship, but how?

What if they award the golf match to him?

What should I do about this player?

Boyfriend's close friend from his highschool group is obsessed with him and he's slept with her... And while she hates me, he won't stop hanging out with her

Boyfriend tells me he doesn't want kids, I leave crying and I haven't heard from him since. How is he so cold?

My boyfriend seems like he's too busy for me and I'm not sure how to handle it.

My best friend is in love with me but I don't feel the same way and now I've lost my best and only friend because we're not even on talking terms

I ask women I sleep with about their opinion on abortion because I don't want kids. How do I know the girl I'm seeing is on the same page?

My bf drunk texted his ex FWB and now I feel like I have a right to go through his phone

My ex best friend is confusing me and I don’t know what to do!

He said we were moving too fast, and that he had bigger plans.

He is blowing hot and cold, I don't know what to think.

Who is the weird one, me or him?

My friend is upset with me and I am not sure what to do to mend our relationship!

My boyfriend is on his phone but does not reply to my texts!

Me and my dad's friend want to take it to the next level

Is it normal to miss a toxic relationship?

The relationship started off terribly and it’s still rocky, but we really love each other! Do I leave or stay?

I feel I’m being played with! Do I cut off all contact?

Is he fighting with himself about his feelings for me?

Wife Left Me For Her Married Boss. How do I get over her?

How should I handle finding these texts?

Should I text him again or do you think he decided not to meet up with me?

I think she thinks we are in a full-blown relationship!

Is she interested? Or did she just want a little bit of fun?

Tales of attraction, games, betrayal and the wifes condundrum

Does kissing get easier over time?

My ex said some things, now I feel so low and worthless.

Is it really a big deal that I didn't call?

Am I rushing things, I've never had a long distance relationship before.

Can someone explain why I’m scared of this new relationship?

His daughter and I are close in age she hates me, but I love her father so much help!

Been dating for 4 years but an old flame has returned, and so have the feelings.

I’ve made an ultimatum for my cheating husband. Is it reasonable?

Should I reach out to him again after a long time away?

Should I tell him I know he's been texting his ex?

Is this just a great friendship or does he have a crush?

Was my co worker trying to start an affair with me?

Me vs his ex, is his behavior a red flag?

Sister didn't invite me to her birthday but instead asked me to watch her kids. Advise please.

He hasn’t initiated a date and I’m wondering if I’m being played!

Any advice on dealing with my strange boss?

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