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Is the guy I'm dating being a jerk?

He was still receiving photos from his ex!

What is going on? Are these just excuses?

I am unhappy at home, and flirting with my ex boyfriend

We were such good friends, now she wont even talk to me

I want more, he leads me on but in the end wants just sex. It's he just a player?

I had an affair with my ex husband's cousin and don't know what to do with the feelings I have

He's rejected me but is open to having sex. I'm upset but tempted to, since I'll be bored and alone in his city.

I thought things were progressing well so why does she seemed to have slowed down?

She said she wants to hangout with her friends which is fine except for my concern about this one male friend!

I want to marry this woman and find it hard to let her go! Please help!

I really like him, I think he likes me too, but he says he isn't ready for a relationship.

I love my boyfriend but am looking elsewhere

Should we jump right in or take it slowly?

Is it too soon to mention I'd like more contact?

Am I wrong to draw a line under this?

What's this guy trying to say?

My boyfriend's mother suddenly seems to hate me and thinks I'm an awful influence on him. Should I stay with him or leave?

I moved to be nearer to her, now she has broken up with me.

My long distance boyfriend is a bad communicator.

I 'almost' had a relationship, what's going on, s he being cautious?

Heartbroken even though I dumped him and now I want him to chase me and get me back

I'm on the verge of having an affair

She says she will leave him for me, but wont say when!

How do I ask him 'what we are?' Where do you think our relationship stands?

"More than best friends"

I told him 10pm was too late for dinner and now he won't speak to me

Boy likes girl but girl does drugs and isn't over her ex

He wanted to end "whatever this is" and be just friends but he's acting like a jerk now

How do I move on and trust him? Or is he not trust worthy?

Why are people so impersonal? My friends don't care

I can't get over a guy I dated for a month?

Does he like me? Or is he just generally outgoing and flirty?

How can my boyfriend have all these text messages to other women? I feel like I'm on another planet

Our fighting has gotten worse, could this be the final breakup?

We Had Summer Fling. Can this turn into a relationship?

My friend drunkenly ranted into my voicemail. Do I call him or wait for him to contact me?

Does my situation have a future or should I give up on him?

Password to his personal account. Is it okay to share or not?

My boyfriend stays friends with his ex because she has no friends and he feels sorry for her

I'm ready to leave, but how do I take my dignity with me?

I like her a lot, she's gone cold, what can I do that wont mess it up?

Dealing with my son's father?

I've been snooping and finding messages my boyfriend has sent to people on Craigslist

He says the sex is better with me but he still keeps his girlfriend. Do I wait around or end things?

Why would he say he isn't right for me, yet I'm right for him but he still doesn't want a relationship?

We've fallen out over nothing. What do I do?

He spent 5 years in prison for crippling a child in a drunken car accident

Am I too sensitive or he just rude?

Is it right to ask for help?

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