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I live in America.

Im 17.

I hope to be a writer

or something along those lines.

I have been in love before, and yes, I do still miss him from time to time.

Im here to help you all with your problems, for I am quite good with giving advice.

Message me if you want to talk!!!!!

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My BF and I have very tender spots on our genitals, what could they be?

Q.   My bf and I both have spots coming up on our genitals, I was hoping someone could tell me what they are and where they came from. We've both had a lot of them over a short space of time (2 or 3 in the space of about 2 weeks). What's also strange is ...

A.   2 June 2008: I would say go to your GYN. He/She will be able to look at them and maybe run some tests to see what is going on. best of luck.... (read in full...)

Everyone tells me to break up with him because of his height, what to do?

Q.   i have a bf and he is amazing. he is shorter than me by a whole lot. i really like him but everyone tells me to break up with him becase of his height. what do i do ...

A.   2 June 2008: That's pretty lame that you would listen to your friends about breaking up with a guy in whom you really like, just because he is a little shorter than you! Listen to your heart and forget about everyone else's opinions. They are just shallow.... (read in full...)

So how do I sort it out between the two guys I like?

Q.   I like 2 guys well Aleast I think I like one of I'm not sure. The 1st guy I did like but it turned out that he was a big jerk with a big ego to match, but the truth is I still a tiny bit like him. The 2nd Guy is his freind and He is really sweet ...

A.   2 June 2008: Hmm this is a bit of an odd situation. The 1st guy sounds terrible and is probably going to treat you poorly if you do choose him. And the 2nd guy, he may act all sweet and funny to you, but to turn you down like that, not cool. Seeing as... (read in full...)

I want to bring his birthday to him in his hospital room (he's got a private room). Anyone got any good ideas of how we can celebrate it?

Q.   My boyfriend will be in hospital for his birthday, he is having an operation tomorrow and has been told he will be in hospital recovering til the following Monday - his birthday is on Friday. We had planned a big night out but obviously that's...

A.   2 June 2008: How sweet of you to want to arrange something for your boyfriend. That will mean so much to him, I know it! Anyways, i like Fionaxxx's idea about the gift and a card for him. And you could bring a cupcake with a candle or something for hi... (read in full...)

I added him on Facebook. Now I need to tell him why.

Q.   Hi! I have sort of a question about whether to do something or not. I am a 17 year old girl who goes to an all-girls school. We have brother schools in which we are "supposed" to socialize with boys from. This is going to sound like a really s...

A.   2 June 2008: Dont worry about it! He probably got off line before that. Sometimes facebook doesnt really get that someone is off line right away. So dont worry. :]... (read in full...)

Falling for my best friend who I might never see again... should I tell him how I feel?

Q.   I think I am falling for my male best friend.I've known him since the 3rd grade and we've gotten along great.The problem is I don't know if I should tell him how I feel.I don't want to ruin our friendship.My other best friend says that in 2nd ...

A.   31 May 2008: I think you should absolutely tell him how you feel. It sounds like he feels the same way about you, so why not! You two could enjoy the year that you have left together! And the worst that could happen is you two just stay friends, and it sounds ... (read in full...)

I've shaved my pubic area... Now what do I expect? Is there a major risk of ingrown hairs or itches?

Q.   My question is simple guys - I've shaved 'down there'... Now what do I expect? Will it start growing back straight away? Is there a big risk of in-growing hairs? I'm really worried about those! Will it hurt and itch and never grow back the same aga...

A.   31 May 2008: Sometimes, you can get little bumps that kind of hurt a little, and that might be because of the way you shaved. try to shave the same way as the hair grows in, not against it. It prevents in grown hairs and such. I dont think you need to worr... (read in full...)

Am I too small?

Q.   hi im 13 and my penis size is really small its is like 1 in soft and 3 in hard and i am very scared people will laugh at me is there anything i can do about it?...

A.   31 May 2008: Hun, I wouldnt worry about it. You are just starting to grow in many different ways. Your penis will grow. Don't worry about it. :)... (read in full...)

Does a rape victim want friends/parents to freak out in their defense, or be quietly understanding? How can we help these people?

Q.   I am finding out that almost everyone I know has been raped, guys and girls. My daughter just told me she was raped over 3 years ago, in high school. My husband was raped as a teen, but we established early in our relationship that he was OK, and ...

A.   31 May 2008: How horrible. I am so sorry to hear about all of your close friends and family having to go through such a hard time. I honestly think that you need to listen to what the victim needs. Sometimes, they want you to do something about it and go o... (read in full...)

I added him on Facebook. Now I need to tell him why.

Q.   Hi! I have sort of a question about whether to do something or not. I am a 17 year old girl who goes to an all-girls school. We have brother schools in which we are "supposed" to socialize with boys from. This is going to sound like a really s...

A.   31 May 2008: Of course there is nothing wrong with that!!! You should just tell him that you recognize him and you think you might have similar friends and such. Im sure he will respond and not think that you are creepy. Go for it girl!... (read in full...)

Is it illegal for a 15 year old to go out with a 30 year old?

Q.   i just wanted some advice really im 15 and going out with a 30year old is it illegal?? ...

A.   31 May 2008: Im America, it is VERY illegal.... (read in full...)

How do I get more confidence about sex? My boyfriend is getting bored!!

Q.   My boyfriend wants to do more in bed, But I usually try new positions with him every time but he still says it's the same old thing and it's getting boring. I say no to certain positions because im nervous after maybe the second or third time he ...

A.   30 May 2008: Here is a suggestion: Stop having sex!!! If you are only 13-15 years old, that is FAR too young to be having sex. You aren't fully developed yet, things will change when you are older. Just enjoy time with him now, and if you end up with him in ... (read in full...)

What exactly is my ex doing? Playing with my head, being friendly or maybe wanting me back?

Q.   Ok well cut a long story short, me and my serious boyfriend split up just under 5months ago (his choice i was heartbroken). He did some bad things to me since we split e.g got with (snogged) one of my ex best mates and sent me a photo of it, posted ...

A.   27 January 2008: I am in the exact same position as you. I know how hard it is. So I'm sorry that you are in that position. I wish I could offer you advice, all I can really say is....stay strong. Don't become vulnerable and stay in a power position with hi... (read in full...)

How can I convince him we can make this work long distance??

Q.   My boyfriend just informed yesterday that he was supposed to be moving to New Brunswick today, and I live in Toronto. He told me that he's moving to New Brunswick and that he's ending what we have because he believes it's not easy to keep a long d...

A.   25 January 2008: It is always so hard with these situations, because it just leaves you in such a horrible place. But it really sounds like you love him and want to stay with him and everything. And it kind of sounds like he just wants to break up. The thing... (read in full...)

Just want to tell everyone and the whole world....I'M IN LOVE!!

Q.   im in love wooooooo! im aware this isnt a question but i wanted to tell the world =]...

A.   23 January 2008: congratulations!!!!... (read in full...)

Lovesick for an old flame! Please help!

Q.   I need advice on what will help as I've tried everything I can think of. When I was 15, I fell in love with someone my age and we stayed/lived together for 5 years, even got engaged. He loved me alot, we did everything possible in bed and were ins...

A.   22 January 2008: Dont lower yourself to be his mistress. That gives him complete control of your relationship. Tell him that if he really wants something with you, then he needs to divorce his wife...its only fair. Talk to him, figure out his situation. ... (read in full...)

My sister's bf's daughter (same age as me)...and I'm in love with her. Is this wrong?

Q.   Hi I need some advice My half-sister is about 19 years older than me and has got a new boyfreind. He has a daughter around the same age as me. My sister thought it be good if we swapped msn addresses. So we got talking and we met up before christ...

A.   21 January 2008: go for it!... (read in full...)

My son has been behaving sexually towards his sister, how do I handle it?

Q.   Hi All, can someone please give me advice on the following: My 12 year daughter had left a note in her bedroom, which I found when I was cleaning her room, it said, Dear Mom, I think i'm pregrant with B...'s baby love S... This I asked her ...

A.   21 January 2008: that is such a horrible place to be in with you and your daughter. send him to an all boys boarding school. it will be good for him to be away from his sister. im sure he still thinks about it. please just do something with him. dont kick him out... (read in full...)

My younger sister makes me horny, please help.

Q.   hi. I am 15 and i get really horny when i am around my younger sister who is 13. I really want to see her naked but never have. What should i do?...

A.   13 January 2008: Stay away from your sister. That is all that I have to say about that. But you are at the age where you get horny over girls or thinking of them naked. You probably think of your sister sexually because you see her everyday, and she is alw... (read in full...)

The thought of making love to my husband repulses me. Should I end the marriage?

Q.   I have been married to the "perfect" man for 15 years. We do not have children together (he has had a vasectomy) but he has children from his first marriage although they are now grown up. I have a job that I love (fitness instructor) but does not ...

A.   13 January 2008: I agree with Eddie on this one. I feel as though it makes no sense. You say that you found the perfect man, but you are unhappy with him? So how can he be perfect for you? Maybe you mean that you found a kind man, but he isn't the one you are me... (read in full...)

How can I get over my teacher when she is starting a new family?

Q.   My life is crazy right now. I was really close to my teacher just for a short while. NOT SEXUAL! We just kissed few times and we spent loadsa time together and now its over...well since before last august. Even though it's over I have never ever sto...

A.   13 January 2008: Don't try to hurt her back that is the WORST thing you could do to her. She probably feels pretty bad about what she has done to you. Just be kind, ask her, but be respectful. Tell her that she hurt you by lying to you and keeping things from you... (read in full...)

I feel so alone, and like nobody pays attention to me. I can't stop crying. What can I do?

Q.   Recently, I've started feeling depressed quite a lot. Just a few nights ago, I couldn't stop crying, and I didn't see the point in my life. I'm in a relationship with a really great guy, but when we argue, or something comes between us, then I j...

A.   11 January 2008: hey girlie. Im SO very sorry to hear that you are feeling so down right now. I know that life can be a bitch sometimes. And I was in your same position a month ago. But I went on the pill, and I really think that is helping. Maybe you could... (read in full...)

Is it normal that I get very wet when my bf just kisses me?

Q.   I get really wet and ejaculate when my boyfriend even just kisses me, is this normal? ...

A.   8 January 2008: as everyone else is saying....its VERY normal and most people are jealous of it!! although i am the same way. embrace it, girl.... (read in full...)

There is always hope in bad situations

Q.   back in 2002, a lot of bad things happened to me....i was abused by a man who was 3 times my age! i was scared to leave the house after it had been realised to my parents and the police. i stayed in my room all day every day. i never did think i ...

A.   8 January 2008: that is a really great and inspiring story. thank you for sharing it. im sure it will give some young girls hope. best to you and your family. ... (read in full...)

If you love someone, shouldn't you just be with them? Why does forbidden love exist?

Q.   I dunno about you lot, but I find 'forbidden love' hard to understand. There are natural problems such as 'unrequited' and 'already taken' which cannot be helped. However i see it as unnecessary to put a law on student-teacher relationships. A...

A.   2 January 2008: Girl, I am right there with you on this one. I feel that love and feelings are bigger than the law. People put us down for wanting our teachers, when really it is just love and following what our HEARTS desire. Its hard because society puts ... (read in full...)

Is it wrong for me to hate my skin colour?

Q.   Alot of people think i'm pretty but i can't see what there talking about, i look in the mirror and see a girl that is over weight (116lbs) to short (5'0) and just very ugly. i have small boobs a ghetto booty (not proud of) and i think the rest of me ...

A.   30 December 2007: Its normal for girls your age to hate the way you look. I certainly have days where I cant stand the way I am or the way I look. I am 17, and I think that you never really grow out of that self image worry. But you are not overweight at all. Dont... (read in full...)

Do I choose the girl or the higher-tier college?

Q.   I am a high school student, and have been dating a wonderful girl for a little over 7 months. We attend a residential high school, so we see / work with each other every day. She is my friend, classmate, research partner and girlfriend. We both ...

A.   30 December 2007: honestly, i really think you need to go to the best college you get into. Its important to think about your future. You dont want to risk a good career for a girl that you most likely will end up ending things with soon after you are in college. ... (read in full...)

Help me about natural life source???!!!

Q.   Hey I am in need of a bit of help I am staying on till 6th year but I am in 5th year, all my friends have had sexual intercourse and done lots of other things with boys and their bits and bobs. I am scared of mostly the disgustingness of a g...

A.   30 November 2007: I think you are embarrassed because you are the only virgin, but sweetie, here's the thing. YOU are the smart one!!! Seriously, the fact that you have held out and not gone there yet is really respectable. I really respect all my friends that... (read in full...)

A good place for your "first time" ? Suggestions, please.

Q.   Where would you say is a good place to have sex for the first time for both you and your partner? and who esle would be around you? e.g. in a house parents etc.Suggestions, please....

A.   29 November 2007: I would say in a comfortable, familiar bed. That way you know your surroundings, and you will be comfortable on the bed. Dont have people around, because it can hurt the first time, and you dont anyone to hear. Hope this helps.... (read in full...)

How do you write a love letter to a guy?,we've never made love, can I put this in the letter?

Q.   I want to write my boyfrind a love letter. What advice would you have regarding writing love letters? What are cute or sexy things to say? How can I say them? We have not had sex and I would like to and I think we are ready. Can I mention ...

A.   27 November 2007: I used to write my ex love letters all the time. I remember it was so hard to write the first one because i wanted to make it sound perfect. and when he got it, he loved it. I told him how hard i tried, and he told me that i could have written ... (read in full...)

I've fallend for my best friend, but he's gay, what can I do?

Q.   Dear Cupid, I am crazy about my best friend who is a boy, by the way and i was recentley at his house and we nearly ended up in bed together, and i told him that I really like him but he told me he is gay. I feel so confused and I still think abou...

A.   27 November 2007: I was in the same situation as you last year. and it really sucks. but if you can get over the love as a relationship part, then you will be so much better off. now, my gay friend and i are sooo close as friends, and i love it. just remember... (read in full...)

He's too bushy down below, how can I bring this up with him?

Q.   Hi. My bf's hair down there never bothered me, but lately i've noticed that he hasn't really been trimming it like he used to and it's getting really thick. I really don't have a problem with hair, it's just that when i go down on him i'm ...

A.   27 November 2007: just be honest. its like if he had really bad breath all the'd tell him right? for your own sake and his? you dont have to be mean or rude about it. just a simple "honey, can you trim up" would be plenty. best of luck!... (read in full...)

I cheated on him, and he beat me, how do I move forward?

Q.   in june i made a very bad choice in my life..having been with the same man for 25 years.. a man i love so very very much ..mostly good years, not always happy years.. bickering, fighting and alot of silence .. now i see it was my life before and ...

A.   27 November 2007: NEVER even consider going back to this man you called your husband. beating someone is NEVER okay, not ever! I mean it. Yes, you cheated, and he had the choice to leave you or try to forgive you....but rather he took the wrong road and beat yo... (read in full...)

My bf thought I was joking when I refused intimate contact as we had been talking about it, and he raped me. Please help me.

Q.   hi im 13 and i was raped by my 13 year okld boyfriend and think i might be pregnant i know he was only joking around and he thought i was joking when i said no because i had been talking about it please help me....

A.   27 November 2007: hun im so sorry to hear about that. rape is a really hard and sore subject for those who have experienced it. but you do need to talk to an adult about it. I know you may "love" your boyfriend, but he isnt worth it. he hurt you and scared you. ... (read in full...)

I'm 16 and involved with 2 guys and a girl and still feel the need for more!

Q.   hey you guys...I am in serious trouble. I am a 16 year old girl and I am currently involved with 2 guys and a girl. I have a problem where I am always looking for more heat and I will go to any measures to get it. One of the men is 47 and happens to ...

A.   26 October 2007: Im very jealous that you are involved with your English teacher, I want my english teacher so bad. anyways, i think its normal to want more than one. just limit yourself, you know? be strong and pull away from maybe all of them dont end it badly, s... (read in full...)

I've fallen in love with my teacher... and it's not just a crush!

Q.   Hey everyone...I have a big problem. Im truly in love with my teacher. I know, I know, you are all going to say "no no, its a crush" but its so much more than me. I fell head over heels over him when we first started talking. I can tell ...

A.   26 October 2007: So its me again. This was my original question, but here's the thing. I began to fall slowly out of love with him. As the year progrossed and the summer and everything, i wasnt seeing him all the time and i guess i just wasnt crazy about him ... (read in full...)

I was much better for him.

Q.   I got dumped today by my bf of 3 months as his ex came home from travelling today and he wants to get back with her. She was away for 6 months and I did have suspisions that he still loved her but he assured me he would never get back with her. I ...

A.   24 September 2007: Obviously this guy is a total jerk and you can do a million times better. Of course it is going to be hard to see them together, but you just need to keep in your head that you deserve better. Much better. If you were there for him, and treated him ... (read in full...)

I can't get over him. How do I handle this?

Q.   I had a relationship a year ago that I'm still struggling to get over, even though I'm in a very happy relationship with someone else right now. My ex (S) played a huge part in my life since I was 15 until just a few months ago (I'm 17 now). I was ...

A.   24 September 2007: Wow. I know exactly what you mean...because I cant stop thinking about my ex either, and we broke up a year ago. And last night, I had a dream we got married. Its terrible. Unfortunately, I dont have an answer for you, I just want you to know that ... (read in full...)

She wants a cooling off period after just a couple of days, do you think thats an excuse?

Q.   I have a been going out with my girl friend for just a few days and we both like each other very much and we have falling in love. My girl friend thinks we need a cooling of period because we are rushing into things too soon.Is she right or is in a...

A.   23 September 2007: I think it is too early in the relationship to have a "cooling off period" if it has only been a few days, then it isnt love. and she shouldnt already be wanting a break from you. Im sorry to break it to you, but girls like that just wan... (read in full...)

SITE NEWS: Happy Xmas to everyone, from DearCupid!

Q.   It has been a busy year here at DearCupid! We celebrated our 2nd birthday in November and had our 20,000th question and 70,000th answer published... Thanks to everyone who contributes to the site: Those who ask questions, those who answer, and ...

A.   22 December 2006: Thank you!!! I just wanted to wish everyone a happy and SAFE Christmas and New Year!!! 2007 BABYYYYYYY!... (read in full...)

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