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Check out these questions about "teasing"

Is it normal to have an orgasm this way?

My friend is upset with me and I am not sure what to do to mend our relationship!

My boyfriend says if I don't lose weight after our baby's birth he will dump me!

Why hold a grudge for 3 years, after a crush wasn’t reciprocated?

I’ve got a crush on him and need help deciphering if he has a crush on me!

My boyfriend's over-friendly encounter with his ex has me worried

Am I playing myself for a fool with this older guy?

Why does it seem like my boyfriend is stringing along his ex ?

Wife's teasing wearing leotards has gotten out of hand

Did she sell the phone I gave her? I regret how our interactions ended!

We're having sex, he has another girl and I have feelings and a third girl is spreading nasty rumours.

My ex has said he would never marry me, but I want him back!

How can I build the sexual tension I need without being labelled a tease?

23 years as a couple, love my spouse deeply but certain sexual constraints leave me unsatified. What can I do?

He makes insensitive comments then says I'm a drama queen

How can I slow a guy down when he's getting physical too soon?

I'm obsessed with the man I had a little bit of fun with, 16 years ago!

Married 11 years and my husband is now wanting details of my sexual life before him.

Why would he say he isn't right for me, yet I'm right for him but he still doesn't want a relationship?

I wonder should I tell him how I feel?

He kissed me at work and I'm confused

Does she like me romantically or just see me as a friend?

Will I ruin our friendship if I ask him out first?

I think I scared my online guy off. How do I get him to flirt with me again?

Why does my teacher take photos of me? Yes I do have a crush on him.

The teasing in our relationship is starting to get to me

How should I respond in this situation? I don't know who I really like, nor who likes me.

Should I stop flirting and just see if he makes a move? Do guys always flirt back if they're into you?

Can I be friends with my ex? An instagram post was misunderstood!

How can I accept the fact that the man who loves me does not want to marry me?

How should I handle this situation? I think something is going on between my mom and my husband

Feelings for my late husband's brother

How do you truly know if you love someone? What does Mr. Right look like?

Did I mess things up by not sleeping with her in the midst of all these mixed signals?

It hasn't turned out as I imagined

My circumstances have changed a lot since yesterday. New issues - Can you help me on what to do?

My boyfriend has many female friends and I am jealous!

Am I insecure that I can't stop worrying that my Bf could be flirting at work with his female colleagues?

I'm not sure if I should tell my friend I like her?

I'm a middle aged married man with a young attractive girl under my skin. What should I do?

He was respectful and did not try anything. Was he expecting me to make the first move?

I feel very confused by her. First she flirts with me. Then she didn't invite me to her birthday celebration. What's happening here?

I think this might be a case of 'out of the mouths of babes'!

Is this friend worthy of being called a friend or is he just playing me?

What am I to make of her actions? Girl in my class has a Bf yet she gave me a note and kissed me on the cheek

I like this guy at work. But he is dating someone else at work. How should I handle this situation?

I suffer social anxiety. How can I break the news to my parents that I've met a guy?

Am I playing with fire?

How can I be less sensitive and toughen up?

What is it with men? Do they want what they can't have?

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