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I'm engaged, but the attention from my ex is nice! I may secretly meet with him as mates.

Q.   my ex tells me he loves me, fell for me a long time ago and wants to be with me, the problem is im engaged and love my fiance but its nice getting all this attention from my ex. we ended on good terms and had great relationship. ive considered ...

A.   15 November 2006: Ex's are ex's for a reason, you broke up because something went wrong or wasn't right in your relationship. He is your ex therefore you will always care about him and hold a small part of you for him that doesn't mean you still love him or want to b... (read in full...)

Caught by bf wanting to cheat on me by using a fake online profile! Now what?

Q.   Help! I did a terrible thing. A friend of mine told me the guy I'm living with has a reputation for being unfaithful. I didn't believe her because he's been nothing but wonderful to me. But my curiousity got the best of me and I created a fake ...

A.   15 November 2006: He admitted he had a girlfriend so he was honest with the fake you, but about to deceive and cheat on the real you. Yes you was sneaky to do what you did but if he was doing no wrong you would have laid it to rest with the security that he love... (read in full...)

We moved in together with our two boys. He thinks his son is an angel and mine can do no right! Please help!

Q.   My son (aged 14) and I moved in with my partner and his son (aged 13)last April. I always said i wouldn't move in with a bloke again. It was great at first but now (NOV) my partner can see no wrong in his son and mine can do no right. My son is ...

A.   15 November 2006: This relationship is getting and bringing you down bit by bit. Every relationship is hard when children are involved as it becomes hard for you and the children to accept the new person or people in their lives. You really can't marry someone ... (read in full...)

My bf criticizes me over trivial things! He's from a military family and says I'm "spoiled" and should "toughen up."

Q.   I have been seeing this guy for about a year, and while I love him dearly and think he's incredibly smart, funny, charming and sexy, at times he's extremely critical and frequently hurts my feelings with his harsh words and sharp tone of voice when ...

A.   15 November 2006: In every relationship it's about give and take, we all have to accept and adjust to the other person and their ways and wants, that doesn't mean you have to fit into every way and every want he has and demands it means you both give and take on the ... (read in full...)

Do guys with perfect relationships still look at and comment about other women?

Q.   Is it normal for guys to eye and comment other woman with there buddies when they have girlfriends and there relationship is perfect? ...

A.   15 November 2006: I don't see there is anything wrong with looking as long as it isn't going any further than that. Some women don't like their partner to look at other women as do some men but that's not because it's wrong it's just some people feel more inse... (read in full...)

I've been starved of sex for years! My self-esteem is absolutely crushed!

Q.   I have a long term partner, who has starved me of sex for years. I love him and we are working on this problem, but my self-esteem is absolutely crushed by this. I almost had an affair with a man because he made me feel wanted, but then he ...

A.   7 November 2006: I think you need to either completely work on your current relationship or get out of it, your relationship is bringing you down but if you are prepared to work through the issues thats good but at the moment it seems your more caught up on who you ... (read in full...)

I cheated on my boyfriend, what do I do?

Q.   I've got a fantastic bf who is lovely and sweet, and we've been together for 2months. But iv fancied a guy for over a year and we kissed a couple times 3months ago, we went on a date but after he kissed me on the cheek and when i asked him about it...

A.   7 November 2006: I think you need to start by sorting in your head which one it is you actually truly want to be with, once you've done that you need to act on your decision, you can't just stay with your boyfriend if he isn't the one you want to be with as not only ... (read in full...)

I'm pregnant and I'm a minor. My 20 yr old bf wants to help but my Mother wants to take this to court!

Q.   im 16, pregnant by my 20 yr old boyfriend. hes assuming resposibility and wants to move in with me, but my mom's really protective and wants to take this to court because im still a minor? would me and my bf get in trouble? by the way i live in ...

A.   29 October 2006: Age of consent in California is 18 therefore your mum is right your under the legal age to be having sex and your boyfriend is over the legal age therefore making the situation worse. You need to talk to your mum as this situation is only going to g... (read in full...)

My Mom as this annoying way of comparing her figure to mine! What should I do?

Q.   My mum and I have very different figures, she's got a small bum, and thin legs, and no chest, whereas I've got a large bum and larger thighs, small waist and large bust. However, I'm happy with my body. I like having a more womanly shape, however my ...

A.   29 October 2006: I think it's time to talk to her and be honest, everyone has a different shape and it's great you like your figure as there are many women out there that don't and would do anything to change parts of it. You need to tell her that you are happy with... (read in full...)

Everything about him is great apart from his underwear!!!

Q.   I've been with my boyfriend for a year and am getting obsessive about his underwear. He's kind, funny, good-looking and sexy. But he wears the most revolting old Y-fronts and grotty briefs and the sight of them turns my stomach. He thinks it's ...

A.   29 October 2006: I would have to buy him some new underwear if it was me. If he is comfortable in this style of underwear then obviously try to stay within these styles but nothing wrong with you looking for some with more appeal to them. He's right noone else is ... (read in full...)

Condom split and 4 days late coming on my period....Can I be pregnant???

Q.   My boyfriend and I have been having sex for about two months now. We use a condom every time, no exceptions. But we are worried now because on one occasion about a month ago, we were having sex and the condom broke. He did not ejaculate, and since ...

A.   29 October 2006: Your right stress can be causing this but so can pregnancy. Get a pregnancy test done or go to your doctors to have one done either way you need to know sooner rather than later as worrying about the what ifs won't do you any good. Good luck :o)... (read in full...)

Do women like their man to be strong or does she like being the strong one?

Q.   Hi all, I was hoping to get a females view on this one... Me and my girlfriend of 4 years get along great. However, she seems to wear the pants in the relationship. I'm not a wuss, and I am strong and supportive, but I think when i show my emo...

A.   27 October 2006: Personally I like to see two sides to a man... the strong supportive protective side and the loving caring emotional side, there is a time for each one and I like abit of both from a man :o)... (read in full...)

Hand-job timings?

Q.   How long should a girl keep going for before stopping when giving her boyfriend a hand job?...

A.   27 October 2006: body*... (read in full...)

Hand-job timings?

Q.   How long should a girl keep going for before stopping when giving her boyfriend a hand job?...

A.   27 October 2006: It all depends on whether the handjob is all that you are giving him, if it is just a teaser before sex then obviously don't carry on until he cums but if you are just doing this then carry on slowly after he cums you'll be able to tell from him and ... (read in full...)

Sex was too fast and I told him to slow down! Now it takes over an hour! Is this normal, too?

Q.   My bf came around last night, and as i've said in previous messages, we only usually do it including foreplay and sex about 10 mins. It's not me its him. And so when i talked to him about taking things slower from foreplay onwards he was cool about ...

A.   27 October 2006: He took your comments onboard and did something about them so I would firstly be happy about that as some men wouldn't see a problem in the length of time and carry on regardless of what you are wanting. It sounds like he is doing all he can to plea... (read in full...)

He called me another name during sex,is he having an affair?

Q.   My husband called me by another name while we were having sex. Does this mean that he is having an affair?...

A.   27 October 2006: It doesn't mean he is or isn't it just confirms he made a mistake this could be for alot of reasons from cheating to maybe it's a name he used alot in that day and therefore slipped up and used the name during sex, although it was wrong for him to ... (read in full...)

He used to work as a male escort, should I get out now?

Q.   Its been seven years since my divorce and since this have met no one special, until recently when a man the same age as me has swept me off my feet. Tonight after a romantic meal we where beng honest about our past. He admitted he used to work as a ...

A.   27 October 2006: We have all done things in our past that we aren't exactly proud of some worse than others but you have to understand this is something he did before he met you and it's the past and not allow something from his past to interfer in your future ... (read in full...)

To be with him he thinks I should leave my faith and join his!!!

Q.   Hi Dear Cupid, My boyfriend and i have been on for about a month now. He is very kind, spiritual and pure. But that is the problem really. He expects me to imitate him and has strict standard that i really dont think i can keep up with.I really di...

A.   26 October 2006: Faith to some people is very important and in some relationship situations with different faiths one has to give up theirs for the relationship. Is your faith important to you? It's only been a month, far too early to be making life changes ... (read in full...)

He cheated on her with I find a way to tell her so she finishes it so I can have him???

Q.   A guy i'm into cheated on his girlfriend with me. They've only been going out for 2 days. I know that if she found out what we did they'd break up and he would be free for me to have him, but I know that he wouldn't be all that pleased with me. If ...

A.   26 October 2006: He cheated on her with you and still is with her therefore that tells you that he isn't into you the way you are him and wants to be with her. So what do you achieve by finding a way of her finding out? he loses her and possibly comes to you but ... (read in full...)

Do I just leave it and get on with my life or fight for my man???

Q.   my boyfriend and i were going out for 3 years and we have a son. last year i cheated on him it was a drunken mistake and i feel really bad he found out and he was ok till one day he kicked off at me and said that he didnt think he loved me anymore ...

A.   26 October 2006: He got with someone else the day you both split up and then moved in with her and got her pregnant!!! Doesn't that sentence tell you how much you really mean to him?? You have got to let him go and move on from him, he walked away from you and got ... (read in full...)

He doesn't want anything serious just fun...I don't want to give up on him!!!

Q.   Hello... Ive fallen for a guy that i really want. He's just recently become single and is a couple of years younger than me (20). We got together recently and we've txt since, but im not sure where to go from here. He doesnt want anything se...

A.   26 October 2006: All good things come from a fun time getting to know each other, there is no harm in looking at what it is now and enjoying that for all you know in a couple of months you might realise you don't want anything serious from him or he could want ... (read in full...)

I'm staying friends with her as I'm hoping to spark her feelings for me back up!!!

Q.   I am 21 and have recently mutually split from a long term relationship (4 yrs) where everything appeared to be lasting for life with ambitions of marriage and kids as we both loved each other immenseley. She fell out of love with me over a long ...

A.   26 October 2006: I did this..stayed friends with an ex that I still loved and everyday it hurt like mad he kept telling me he still loved me but things were getting in the way of us being together or so I was lead to believe but the truth of it was he was keeping ... (read in full...)

How do I tell my online love, that the girl in the photos aren't me?? What should I do?

Q.   I've done something kind of stupid which has all blown up in my face. I registered with an online forum just for fun and to kill some time really. I put photos up of a random, gorgeous girl and said it was me. I just thought it was harmless fun at ...

A.   26 October 2006: You have to just tell him, preferably on the phone rather than over the internet. The longer you leave a problem the more of a problem it becomes, he says he loves you well if he really does he should be loving you for who you are not for what you ... (read in full...)

He wants a relationship with me but I'm not sure! What should I do?

Q.   Am 22 yrs and he is 29 yrs. he's a family friend and his mum is a very good friend of my mum. the problem is that he asked me for a relationship, he says he loves me so much and wants to marry me if my parents agree to it. but i don't know what to ...

A.   26 October 2006: He loves you and you love him I don't see the problem apart from possibly the fear of something going wrong and causing problems with your mums and the fact you live so close but isn't love worth the chance? and only you two can determind whether ... (read in full...)

My gf told me she's torn between me and her ex! What should I do now?

Q.   My girlfriend has recently expressed to me that she is now torn between me and her recently divorced ex-husband. She feels that a lot of the bad blood from him was just him getting back at her for leaving him. Now the two are getting along, and ...

A.   26 October 2006: She needs to give you some of her time aswell or this isn't a relationship just a house share, you are giving her alot of security emotionally and financially and maybe she is trying to hold onto that and maybe not the actually relationship as ... (read in full...)

Ladies...How do single/married females view separated/divorce man?

Q.   Hi, I just got separated, after six month of marriage which was nothing but hell. well I am going through so much emotions, and it is hard, but deep inside me I know it would have never worked out, and it was just a big mistake. she wanted eve...

A.   26 October 2006: Well I'm a single female and I don't see a problem with a guy being seperated or divorced as long as it really is over and no intention of them using me as a gap filler before leaving me to go back to what they really want. Hope this helped :o)... (read in full...)

I'm a virgin and she's already had sex so why now does she want to wait til she is married!!!

Q.   This is actually two questions I need answers to. I asked my girlfriend the question about if and when we should have sex but she says she wants to wait until she is married. I think that's a bit hypocritical as she has been in a sexual relation...

A.   26 October 2006: You can try asking her why she would like to now wait after already having sex previously but obviously make sure you don't do it in a way that may make her feel you don't respect her decision..when it comes down to it she can want to wait and if ... (read in full...)

Someone told me recently that someone like me shouldn't be with someone like her...are they right???

Q.   I have been in a relationship with my gf for a year. She is attractive as i have seen guys ogle at her when we've been out. We're oth at uni so she's fairly smart, and I'll admit I think I'm a nerd but she said that I'm just really sweet and clever. ...

A.   26 October 2006: As long as you and her are happy and you both love each other who cares what other people think.. She obviously feels that you should be together or she wouldn't be with you so I would just enjoy your relationship and just ignore and forget what... (read in full...)

Cheated on my boyfriend with an old friend now I think I maybe pregnant!!!

Q.   I have been with guy L for 8months and we have been engaged for 5 months. Well just recently I ran into an old friend we started talking then one thing led to another before I knew it we had slept together. Now I think I may be pregnant what should ...

A.   26 October 2006: Firstly you need to find out one way or another whether you are pregnant then once you know that you can then sort the next problem out...the two guys!! Good luck :o)... (read in full...)

If I was her current boyfriend I would be put off by the way she is behaving!!!

Q.   Hey guys, I didn't get a lot of response to this one (thanks for the advice for those who did). Thought I'd ask again, still driving me a bit nuts... I'm still in love with my ex girlfriend and we hang out on occasion even though she has a boyfri...

A.   26 October 2006: Relationships come to an end for a reason..if they are mean't to be the problems would have been sorted out and your relationship would still be going now, you need to think about why the relationship came to an end and whether these things can be ... (read in full...)

In two weeks, I will be marrying this guy who I think is arrogant and stubborn? Advice needed...quickly!!

Q.   Please can you answer this ASAP - im in a bit of a state. I am due to get married in less that 2 weeks. My fiance is driving me totally mad. I know the run up towards a wedding is stressful enough but he is impossible. All the traits I knew he...

A.   26 October 2006: Until you sort through the issues that are bothering you then you really shouldn't go through with the wedding as they aren't going to solve themselves. If you was saying the problems were just during this time I would say it may well be the stre... (read in full...)

Wearing the sexy nurse's outfit didn't work--so how do I spice things up without looking like an idiot?

Q.   i need your help me i decided to surprise my husband and buy my self a sexy nurse outfit as my husband had dropped a few hints so i got my mum to have the kids for the night and after having a lovely meal at home i go upstairs and put the outfit on ...

A.   26 October 2006: I think unless you are comfortable in what you are putting on and acting out then you are going to look and come across silly not sexy, you need to find something sexy that you feel comfortable in and go with that. I always found that doing a stri... (read in full...)

I worry myself silly when he goes out to have fun without me! How can I stop being this way?

Q.   Hello everyone CAn you tell me please is it normal to get a sinking feeling in your stomach when your boyfriend says he is going out that night with his friends? I know I will sit at home tonight and worry about what he's up to, and wont be able...

A.   26 October 2006: Has something happened in the past to make you be untrusting? either with him or in a past relationship. No amount of worrying is going to stop someone from cheating if they are going to do it they will and until he does anything to confirm what... (read in full...)

I was thinking of dumping her but she dumped me I am shocked and gutted! How do I get her back?

Q.   A few days ago i told my g/f i was unhappy and stated a few reasons. I told her she didn't make me happy, but i wanted to work at it and not split. Now, after 3 days she has come back and said " you are right, i agree, i thought i was happy , all ...

A.   26 October 2006: Maybe she wants the time between now and next week to make sure when she meets you she doesn't make the wrong choice and regret it which is a good thing for you to do aswell and will give you both time to realise whether you miss each other as your ... (read in full...)

When I call him..he's busy! Do I just wait for him to call me then?

Q.   whenever i call him he is busy he never even bothers to call me back,for him his family is more important than me, but 4 me he is everything and he knows it.should i keep calling him or just wait for him to call me?...

A.   26 October 2006: I'd call he can't talk because something else is more important which that could well be the case as sometimes somethings need to be dealt with there and then and can't be put off but he doesn't return your calls which isn't fair. If he r... (read in full...)

Do guys mind if the girl phones first? Do they see that as desperation on the girl's part?

Q.   Hi, A guy I have been seeing a couple of months has not contacted me for a few days when he said he would, do you think I should contact him or will he think that is a bit desperate?? Do guys mind if the girl phones first? x...

A.   26 October 2006: I don't see the problem with a girl calling a guy..if it's the first call between you then I would say wait abit longer as he could be playing hard to get but you've been seeing him a couple of months and it's already been a couple of days so I ... (read in full...)

Sex with my new bf, hurt it because he was bigger?

Q.   Yesterday I slept with my new partner for the first time. He is the second person I have slept with, but I hadnt had sex for over a year (b4 yesterday). Basically when i lost my virginity and on the six times after that with the same partner) it ...

A.   26 October 2006: You seem to have already answered your own question just with the need for confirmation on what you believe the problem is and you will find that this most probably is the problem. I would take things very slowly and find positions that are more... (read in full...)

I'm in love with a girl I am related to! What should I do?

Q.   dear cupid i seem to be in love with a girl who i am related to (cuzzin through grandparents), before i used to have feeling for her but they usually go away after a day or two, but now i seem to be thinking about her non stop, and i would like...

A.   26 October 2006: Putting the fact she is family to one told her once before that you like her or in love with her and she turned you down and made it very clear that she doesn't feel the same way back and isn't attracted to you in anyway therefore I would ... (read in full...)

I can't lose weight...Will girls go for a fat guy?

Q.   dear cupid i am having problem losing weight, i mean im on diet n i walk 20 minutes everyday and do gym, but am not losing weight, ive been doing this for a year. my other concern is that i heard girls will never go for fat guys, is that t...

A.   26 October 2006: Every girl same as every guy have a different type that they like and go for I personally like a guy to be tall but that isn't that difficult as I'm short lol. You need to build on your own confidence and love and respect the things you have goin... (read in full...)

My new wife ended up being a nightmare--how do I put this horrible marriage experience behind me?

Q.   Hi everyone, well I have been here before and some very kind people have given me some very good advices. my story is very sad, it is like what it only happens in the films and I can't get over it, I think I am going mad. I married about si...

A.   26 October 2006: It is sad and really unfair when situations like this accure but we never actually know what someone is like or what they will do to us before we get involved with them. I think sometimes you have to put things down to a bad experiance for you to b... (read in full...)

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