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Someone told me recently that someone like me shouldn't be with someone like her...are they right???

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Question - (25 October 2006) 5 Answers - (Newest, 26 October 2006)
A male United Kingdom, anonymous writes:

I have been in a relationship with my gf for a year. She is attractive as i have seen guys ogle at her when we've been out. We're oth at uni so she's fairly smart, and I'll admit I think I'm a nerd but she said that I'm just really sweet and clever.

However one or two guys came up to me recently and said someone like me shouldn't be withsomeone as attractive as her. Are they right (because we do look like an odd couple, an attractive girl dating a nerd)?

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A female reader, Toria +, writes (26 October 2006):

Toria agony auntAs long as you and her are happy and you both love each other who cares what other people think..

She obviously feels that you should be together or she wouldn't be with you so I would just enjoy your relationship and just ignore and forget what these jealous people have to say about something they know nothing about.

Good luck :o)

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A reader, anonymous, writes (25 October 2006):

they're obviously jealous of you and who cares what they think? she's been with you for a year, and if other guys do like her, that should make you proud to be you because she likes you more than any of them. Don't let other people put you down or spoil your happiness with her. She obviously doesn't agree with them.

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A male reader, Yos Netherlands +, writes (25 October 2006):

Yos agony auntThey are jealous. That is something you should smile at :)

They must have missed the memo that geeks / nerds are cool these days. I mean, what's going to make you more eligible in the 21st century... being able to throw a ball a long way or being able to make a PC work? Put it this way, I'm as geeky as it gets and I have a very attractive girlfriend... and she loves my geekiness.

She sounds like she knows what shes doing. She also sounds like she likes you for all the right reasons. Sweet + clever is a great (and rare) commodity in men. She'll be hanging on to you ;)

And if a guy says something like that again, just tell him... "Didn't you hear? The geek shall inherit".

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A male reader, Abacadaba United Kingdom +, writes (25 October 2006):

Abacadaba agony auntDont listen to them. All they want you to do is brake up with her, and to be honest, take what they are saying as a compliment (even if they dont mean it as one) because you obviously have a good girl. Good luck with her

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A female reader, DinaLeila +, writes (25 October 2006):

DinaLeila agony auntlol who are they to tell you that ... the pathetic sods who did say that probably don't have girlfriends and if they do they aren't serious and aren't going to last for long if not that then they prob will regret what they said cos they prob only get attractive stupid girls ... don't think about it ... Good luck and stay with her if you love her and she means a lot t you

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