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We moved in together with our two boys. He thinks his son is an angel and mine can do no right! Please help!

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Question - (14 November 2006) 2 Answers - (Newest, 15 November 2006)
A female , anonymous writes:

My son (aged 14) and I moved in with my partner and his son (aged 13)last April. I always said i wouldn't move in with a bloke again. It was great at first but now (NOV) my partner can see no wrong in his son and mine can do no right. My son is going through the kevins ALL THE TIME. His son is gud but i find him devious. The latest is, my son was accused by my partner and his son of taking dirty dishes and planting them in his sons room. Totally untrue. I know my son wouldn't do this or lie. I sounds so trivial but its not funny any more being around these two (My partner and his son) We got engaged in Sept and supposed to be getting married in April. I just don't think i can put up with these two petty twits! I have lived on my own for 5 years before the move, been through a lot in my life. When i talk about putting the wedding back my partner cries. I feel sick. These are not the only things, but they are too long to list here and seem so petty yet they are getting me down and for the first time in my life I am on anti depressants. Something which my partner doesn't know about. has someone out there got any advice? please

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A female reader, Toria +, writes (15 November 2006):

Toria agony auntThis relationship is getting and bringing you down bit by bit.

Every relationship is hard when children are involved as it becomes hard for you and the children to accept the new person or people in their lives.

You really can't marry someone that not only is being petty, is pushing your son out by blaming him for all but your not secure enough with him to tell him your on antidepressants, surely if you loved him and was thinking about marriage and a future this is something he should know.

You need to take some time away from him and his son and concentrate on you and your son and work through what you want and what is best for you and your son as you two are the most important.

Good Luck :o)

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A female reader, anonymous, writes (14 November 2006):

Tell him you want to take the whole family to therapy or get out. This situation is making you sick mentally. DO NOT GET MARRIED UNTIL THESE PRBOLEMS ARE SORTED OUT! You have to look out for yourself and your son.

Best wishes


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