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I'm in love with a girl I am related to! What should I do?

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Question - (25 October 2006) 7 Answers - (Newest, 2 November 2006)
A male , anonymous writes:

dear cupid

i seem to be in love with a girl who i am related to (cuzzin through grandparents), before i used to have feeling for her but they usually go away after a day or two, but now i seem to be thinking about her non stop, and i would like to know should i say that i love her again or should i just not say anything as before i tld her that i love her she said she didnt love me n dat i am ugly

plzzz help me

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A female reader, Lemonpixie United States +, writes (2 November 2006):

Lemonpixie agony auntWell cousins may be legal, but your family would be weirded out by it all, obviously she isn't into you... Move on find someone not in your family that likes you back...

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A female reader, anonymous, writes (27 October 2006):

NO! Do not tell her you love her. If you have feelings for here thats fine but you don't just suddenly tell her "I love you" Take her out to eat, to a movie or just sit around and talk. Show her a nice time with you and slowly let her warm up to you. Eventually she might come to realize that your a nice guy and she likes to be around you. You have to let your relationship grow and that takes time.

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A female reader, Chocolate_Monkey United Kingdom +, writes (27 October 2006):

Chocolate_Monkey agony aunti to had the same problem not that long ago but i got over it family is family and nothing else.

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A female reader, Toria +, writes (26 October 2006):

Toria agony auntPutting the fact she is family to one told her once before that you like her or in love with her and she turned you down and made it very clear that she doesn't feel the same way back and isn't attracted to you in anyway therefore I would try to find a way to move on from these feelings you have for her as it really doesn't seem there will be anything coming of this.

Situations like this although not illegal but can cause problems within the family and pushing on how you feel when she doesn't return them feelings can only cause a problem as most we can walk away from and that would be it but she is family you can't not have anything to do with her or make things awkward between you both.

Good luck :o)

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A female reader, anonymous, writes (25 October 2006):

Right - a fact: It IS legal for you to have relationships with family members, as long as it's not your immediate family. So this would just be like a normal relationship. However, she may look at you as just a cousin and might find it a bit sick to have that sort of relationship with you. I mean, she might view it as 'family is a no go'. I completely agree with the other two, by the sounds of it, she views you as no more than cousins/friends from what she said the first time. You can TRY asking her again but you should know it could ruin any friendship with her that you have now. Remeber, there's other fish in the sea. Good luck.

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A female reader, patsie +, writes (25 October 2006):

Tinkz is absolutely right. Not alone did she turn you down last time, she was downright rude. You are only putting yourself in for more of the same by approaching her again. Find someone who appreciates you and don't bother with those who can't speak to you with the respect you deserve.

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A female reader, Tinkz South Africa +, writes (25 October 2006):

Tinkz agony auntIt isn't a problem, you not related close enough for it to cause problems

but i don't mean to be nasty or for this to sound insensitive, but if she wasn't interested the first time, what makes you think she is interested now!

Think about it before you say anything because you don't want to get yourself hurt!!!

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