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What reasons whould my ex-girlfriend have for unblocking me on facebook?

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Question - (5 July 2010) 4 Answers - (Newest, 10 July 2010)
A male Canada age 22-25, anonymous writes:

Well me and my girlfriend broke up about a month ago after dating for 7 months. When we broke up it was really more of a "break" if you will, and we were just being friends during the break. She didn't act like herself at all during this time, because of different things that made no sense at all to me, like she said that she just didn't know what to talk about with me anymore... she wouldn't joke around or anything. Our relationship ended because we were having a lot of arguments and I was having problems with jealousy. we are both very stubborn so that's the main reason we argued so much. I am a shy guy, and I never knew I was a jealous type but I suppose it makes a bit of sense seeing as how it was my first relationship with a girl. Also in the past few months when we started having problems I started having problems at home, the first being my mother being diagnosed with cancer. The next thing that happened was my dog passing away(who I loved very much), and then just a few weeks ago my grandfather was hospitalized with heart failure. I'm not trying to tell a sob story but my exgf told me that that wasn't a good explanation for some of the things that I said to her because she has had to deal with some things of her own and she was always herself, like her parents being divorced and her mom was really mean to her, she used to tell her own daughter that she was fat.

So the reason that I'm writing this is because we had another fight, she totally freaked out on me and told me that we would never be together again, and in the heat of the moment I ended our friendship too. this was the day I came home and found out about my grandpa, and it was just not a good situation at all because she was fed up with me cause I was asking about "the break" all the time. So she unfriended me on facebook and msn and we started to go on without each other. I felt awful and I really missed her so about a week later I sent her messages on facebook... telling her I was sorry about everything, and she told me she would never forgive me, and blocked me on facebook. So today im on facebook and I happened to notice that she unblocked me while i was looking at a picture that we were both tagged in. I mentioned to her in the message that in a week I would send her another message to see if she was still mad at me or if she would forgive me... and today is a week later. I cant really see any reason she would have for unblocking me other then if she was expecting me to send her a message, or she is planning on sending one. Sorry for the really long post, just any thoughts would be nice really, I do love her and miss her quite a bit.

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A reader, anonymous, writes (10 July 2010):

This is verified as being by the original poster of the question

Thanks again for the answer! Well after a week of going through hell waiting for her response, I finally found out through a friend that she was choosing to ignore my messages. She said that she went through her settings and didn't think it would be a big deal to unblock me, but that now she would since its such a big deal. I can't believe that she would unblock me when she doesn't want to communicate with me, and ignores my messages when she could easily have just told me. I was beginning to get over her and then she had to go and do this... all the way back to square one. Well, I'm unfortunately feeling awfully bitter about it, so at least that might help me get over her.

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A female reader, c.lili Italy +, writes (8 July 2010):

c.lili agony auntSend her another message, but don't push it's her turn to say something to you. If she doesn't forget about her and move on. "Don't worry de happy!"

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A reader, anonymous, writes (8 July 2010):

This is verified as being by the original poster of the question

Hey, thanks for the answer. Well I went ahead and sent her a message on Monday asking her if she still felt the same way, and she has yet to reply to me. it's been four days and I know she uses Facebook quite a bit, and my friend told me that she has been online. My plan is to wait until next Monday, and then send her another message if she doesn't respond... Unless for some freak accident she has definitely received my message, and for some strange reason is choosing not to respond. It makes no sense to me and once again I just can't figure this girl out.

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A female reader, c.lili Italy +, writes (6 July 2010):

c.lili agony auntAh facebook! The devil's work (I have one too lol)

First she blocked you for sure because she was mad and psychologically when blocking you on facebook helped her move on.

I'm guessing she's moved on and now has probably realize she might have over reacted and so unblocked you. Might mean she want to be friends.

Anyways you've said you are sorry it's her turn.

Remember: things are best said face to face.

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