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We're both bisexual. Do you guys think he may fancy me too?

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Question - (29 July 2015) 1 Answers - (Newest, 30 July 2015)
A female United Kingdom age 18-21, anonymous writes:

Okay.. so basically I am really awful at knowing when someone may fancy me and half the time if someone does like me.. I don't realize until they tell me years later, which is normally down to low self esteem, so I thought I would ask you guys for help on a particular guy I work with.

I've been working at my new job for about a month, and as I work with adults with learning difficulties, my job is very rewarding and I am surrounded on a daily basis with genuinely caring people.

However there is one co-worker who caught my eye on the very first day I went there, and I hate to admit but I totally have a massive crush on him, and have done strangely since I first saw him... yeah it might sound creepy but crushes for me are very very rare, and now I am wondering if maybe he likes me back, as I get a feeling he does but I'm not totally sure.

Okay, firstly we hit it off in the first few weeks, simply because we went out to have cigarette breaks together.. we mainly just talked about work related stuff and that was it.

Then however I started noticing that while I was working he would stare at me from a distance, sometimes he would be in a completely different room and I could still see him staring at me and if we ever catch eye contact with eachother its kinda awkward and normally one of us looks away, I've also seen him smiling at me a lot from a distance and he does everytime we have to same shift.

Last Friday we had a really hard shift and at the moment I am not an official worker but too my surprise I got invited out by him for work drinks, he seemed really nervous too when he asked if I would like to come, and when I brought it up infront of my other co-workers he embarrassed.

He was also very open to me about some of his issues which I found sweet and I learnt we have a lot of common interests and also a lot of common problems we have both faced in our life. When we went out for drinks, he made me feel really comfortable and we all had a great laugh. He kept offering to go halfs with me and offered to make up on one of my rounds that I didn't have enough money for.

We talked a lot and after we had, had quite a bit to drink he said that I had come up on his facebook and he looked through some of my pictures and couldn't tell if it was me or not. He also kept saying "we must have mutual friends!" Even though we didn't.. so I was thinking maybe he actually searched for me.

Then later in the night he said he would add me and then we kinda talked about some more personal stuff and from what I learnt he's a bit of a ladies man and we did openly talk about our sexualities: We are both bisexual and of course there were a few dirty jokes after we had quite a bit to drink, and as I ran out of cigarettes he also let me smoke his through out the whole night even though I didn't ask.

After that we spoke on Facebook a bit, I've had a bit a rough couple of weeks and as he was concerned as I put a status up he kept asking if I was okay and gave me his number just in case I wanted to get hold of him and chat about whats wrong and then he invited me round his for a coffee and a chat on Thursday once I said that sometimes I get lonely. We then talked again for a few hours on Monday, and once again he was asking me if I was okay and we chatted about work and he also kept complimenting me on how good I am with the cilents and saying I am really lovely and kind, and just being sweet.

We then went from having two kisses at the end on our facebook convo's too three.

Today I kept catching him looking at me again and he goes out for a cigarette at the same time as me and he really nervously asked today if I would still like to go round tomorrow and today we even walked home together today and chatted about work.

We have also talked on facebook today as I had another rough day and I put up a status about saying how I needed to invest in a dog to cuddle when I feel down and he said he would happily give me a hug tomorrow and he even sent me a picture of his cat because he knows I love cats and a love heart face...

I know all of this might seem detailed but its because I am so so awful at telling if someone else likes me so I want to put in as much detail as possible so you guys can help!

I normally think because I have low self esteem that the guys I find attractive won't like me back so I guess that's why I have so much trouble with things like this!

But long story short, do you guys think he may fancy me too?

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A reader, anonymous, writes (30 July 2015):

In my opinion, if he's doing so much, there's a good chance that he likes you :) If you're sure that he's a nice guy, then I don't think he'll ever you with you or something. From what you said, it seems like he genuinely cares about you and likes you too! So for the time being, just enjoy what you have and if he doesn't confess, you should definitely step up and do so :) All the best!

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