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I am getting very paranoid about my height, I used to shrug off comments, now they are getting to me!

Q.   I'm being very paranoid about my height i'm 5ft soo very small and alot of people i know call me "umpalumpa" or they make jokes using lord of the rings calling me a "hobbit" i never used to take offence to this but now i am and i feel that whenever ...

A.   20 August 2008: Hi, My mom is 5ft and been married to my dad for nearly 40yrs now, and my dad is 6ft2", when younger, she used to wear very high heals and put her hair up and still get only to his shoulders, lol, he actually loves that she is much shorter than... (read in full...)

We are first cousins, and I was told there's a huge possibility that we would have abnormal babies. Is this true?

Q.   Hi dear, I am in trouble and if anyone knows about this can you please reply to me back as soon as you can. My problem is that someone told me few days ago that if we marry our cousin (kids of two sisters) there is a huge possibility that we ...

A.   19 August 2008: Hi, Not want to scare you here, but yes, there is a higher risk of a child beeing born with abnormalities. I married my first cousin (our moms are sisters), it was an arranged marriage, we have two beautiful children, my youngest is a beautifu... (read in full...)

I need immediate help.. please! I'm being blackmailed!

Q.   I need immediate help, please. Before I explain my situation, I just want the people to know that I'm not really.. 'this' kind of a person. I don't know why I acted this way, and now I'm paying the price for my stupidity. I've always been independ...

A.   22 May 2008: Hi Elusive Eyes, Hope you are ok, we are all thinking of you and hoping you are safe. I am sure I can speak for everyone here, we will be checking on you every day, hoping you wrote something. Take care and God bless.... (read in full...)

Is it nature or is it nurture that make us pefer different types?

Q.   i am not sexually attracted to blue eyed blond women. It seems that there is hardly anything but blue eyed blond women on tv, in movies and i really find them boring. Let a black woman, latino or asian appear on the screen and i pay rapt attention. ...

A.   19 May 2008: We have a saying in Arabic, when translated means, if we all like the same item at a shop, the shops will be overstocked on every item but one, so it's good that we all like different looks, otherwise, there will be lots of dissappointed men and ... (read in full...)

SITE VIDEO: April 2008 video from Andrew

Q.   Been a while since we had a video update. Anyone interested in being able to post their replies to the site as YouTube videos??...

A.   26 April 2008: Hi Andrew, are you fishing for compliments here? :), just kidding, but you are cute, it's a nice idea, but I don't think you'll get alot of women involved, before getting infront of the camera, we'll have to put makeup on, get our hair done, and if ... (read in full...)

Can anyone help give me tips to lose 30kg?

Q.   I really have to lose about 30kg. I need help please. Anything that would work? I do swim and walk about 2 kilometres a day but it doesn't seem to work. Please help me. thx. xxx....

A.   29 February 2008: Hi, Yes, eating a healthy well balanced diet and excercise, should help, but if you are already doing so, and the weight is still there, go to the doctor and have your hormones checked, sometimes, it can be hormonal, and if it is, the doctor will... (read in full...)

Why is he doing this? I would love to think he's in love with me...

Q.   Dear All, I am a 25 yr old girl and I have a unique problem. There is a celebrity i was crazy about [like most of u are about celebs] and was quite active on his fan sites [esp de ones he frequented passively]. Now, before i joined the for...

A.   24 February 2008: Hi Metalchick, If you ever asked him for help in advancing your carer, you should not think, it will justify him asking for sex, you could tell him from the beginnig that he is just helping you out because you deserve it and make it sure that he k... (read in full...)

Why is he doing this? I would love to think he's in love with me...

Q.   Dear All, I am a 25 yr old girl and I have a unique problem. There is a celebrity i was crazy about [like most of u are about celebs] and was quite active on his fan sites [esp de ones he frequented passively]. Now, before i joined the for...

A.   24 February 2008: Hi, hope it's not Ragheb Alama, I had a crush on him before you, just kidding, be careful dear, does not matter who he is, the important thing, he is married, not likely he will leave his wife,and you said it, he has lots of female fans and he does ... (read in full...)

Does anyone out there agree with staying a virgin until they are married?

Q.   heyx I was just curious, is there anyone out there that agrees with me when i say i want to stay a virgin til im married? Does anyone think thats good? Im 15, and believe that you shouldnt have sex untill you have had your wedding. do you think th...

A.   24 February 2008: Hi dear, I was 26 when I got married, I was a virgin, I believe in God and that he sees sex as sacred and can only be between a married couple otherwise it is a sin, anyone says otherwise is misguided and only fooling themselves. Stick to your ... (read in full...)

My wife had a boob job, after I said no. I am leaving her!

Q.   My wife went and had a boob job and I find it absolutely disgusting. Once she had small, pretty breasts and I loved them just the way they were. she kept asking me if she should get them "done" and I told her no, not only no but, H--L NO!!!!! I ...

A.   28 January 2008: Hi, I can understand your anger, but are you really going to destroy your marriage over a boob job!!, do you love your wife?, if you do, you should get your head around the idea of her new breasts, she only did it, thinking you might like her more... (read in full...)

How do I justify my religion to a non Muslim when I don't believe it?

Q.   hi, firstly if you are one of those closed minded people i do not want a reply because i;ve read a few questions regarding similar situations and some answers were down right rude! I'm a 22 year old born into a muslim family girl, born here in the...

A.   10 January 2008: Hi, I am a Muslim female too, I do not wear a head scarf, I understand it too, but it's not for me, tried years ago in Ramadhan, but I found myself just waiting for the Eid (end of Ramadhan) to take it off. Well, I guess you can explain to t... (read in full...)

Is it ok to be involved with your 1st cousin?

Q.   Is is ok to be with your 1st cousin ? i live somewhere where it is legal, but is it really acceptable in todays society, please give me your honest opinion. Thankyou....

A.   9 January 2008: Hi, There is nothing wrong about it, but you do have to think of genetics, as your children, will have more chances of not being very healthy than if you were not related, I am talking of experience, I married my first cousin, we have 2 beau... (read in full...)

My father always comments about my weight and calls me fat, it's become unbearable, I cannot eat when he is near because he stares.

Q.   hi i dont' know whether the webiste is for this or not but my father wont stop getting at me about my weight. am a british size 12 and he keeps calling me fat all the time and just staring at me and saying look at u. u need to do something about ...

A.   3 January 2008: Hi dear, Size 12 is not fat, so do not pay attention to the comments of your parents, it is sad, that some parents think by making fun of their child, they will motivate them to be better, while the reality is they are causing more damage, I had ... (read in full...)

The Salty Coffee....a love story I read about.

Q.   This is not my own work.This is from a guy's profile in one of the dating sites that I am a member of. I did ask him for permission if I can put this story on my blog as I find the story trully sweet and romantic. and wishes people to read it.and ...

A.   27 December 2007: Love the story, thanks for sharing. xxxxx... (read in full...)

Happy Xmas from DearCupid

Q.   Happy Xmas everyone :-) The aunts who share their wisdom, the people who share their questions and the team of moderators who keep everything flowing onto the site! Plus the 350,000 people who visit each month Have a great Xmas! Feel free t...

A.   25 December 2007: Wishing everyone a very Happy Christmas and a wonderful New Year. Thanks Andrew for this great site, I met some lovely people here. XXXXXXXX... (read in full...)

I have had my period twice in one month and am worried something is wrong with me...please help.

Q.   hi! I need some help and advice please. this time is is not about boys! *surprise surpries* lol. Well i had my period right at the start of the month about 3rd or 4th of decemeber that was expected and fine etc. But today i had my period again,...

A.   25 December 2007: Hi Ellie, It's perfectly normal, I have mine every 3 weeks, so yes it can be twice in one month, which is the same as in your case now, so not to worry, unless you might have had un protected sex, which in your case I hope not, as you are stil... (read in full...)

For those who do not believe in sex before marriage for religious reasons: where would you draw the line in a sexual activity?

Q.   A question for strict religious people out there... I am an atheist and I just wondered where in sexual activity someone who doesn't believe in sex before marriage (for religious reasons) would draw the line? Would it be using your hands? Oral? Or ...

A.   20 December 2007: Hi, If it's someone who truely does not believe in sex without marriage (like me), any sexual activity will be not accepted , (I might allow a kiss if I really like the guy). Hope I helped.... (read in full...)

Will him being a Muslim prevent us to... date?

Q.   theres a new guy at my school, really nice and flirty hes got my msn. we flirt constantly online and then calm down a bit in school. now i really wanna go out with him and i think he wants to go out with me.... our problem is he is a

A.   20 December 2007: Hi, I am a Muslim too, my brother who lives in the UK is dating an English Christian woman, most likely he is going to marry her, my parents and I only want for him to be happy, so if she is the one , then we couldn't be happier for him. Just t... (read in full...)

Can my daughter still get viral meningitis?

Q.   My daughter has a very bad cold and is suffering from back ache. There is virul meningitus going around and i am worrid she has it. She had the injection when she was younger can she still get viral meningitus? ...

A.   18 December 2007: Please take her to the hospital right away, she needs to be checked and yes she can still get Meningitus even if she had the vaccin, it's a very serious thing, get help. Good luck.... (read in full...)

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