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Why is my wife suddenly so happy to have anal sex? I can't ask her about it!

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Question - (21 August 2013) 4 Answers - (Newest, 24 August 2013)
A male United Kingdom age 51-59, *APPATA007 writes:

Anal sex with wife.

Hi. Been married for 10 years and wife said was virgin.

Regular sex was painful with her to start with and she seemed really not to know hot to handle it.

However, very recently she started initiating anal sex without even me asking. I guess she probably got to knwo that men fanatsize about it. She was the one who suddenly positioned her body and "guided" me inside without any lube to start with and she orgasmed right away. It did not seem to hurt her and was the one saying to keep on "pushing" in. After a few months she got into a routine of lubing her asshole before even foreplay so we can do anal and she orgasms pretty strongly as I feel her anal muscles spasms incontrolably after a few pumps. Only issue is that she wants me out RIGHT AWAY after she orgasms.

Question I have is this: How come she wants anal sex so suddenly and easily? Many of my friends say they only dream their wives let them do anal with them and I was wondering how I was so lucky and/or what advice I can give my married friends.

The reason I could simply not ask her is because she already said she was a virgin before marriage..and any further investigations would only embarass her.

Thanks for all your honest answers.

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A male reader, ZAPPATA007 United Kingdom +, writes (24 August 2013):

ZAPPATA007 is verified as being by the original poster of the question

Thanks for all the feed-back. I do have my reasons why I cannot ask her directly and I thought well and hard about them as to their validity. Indeed, knowing how she thinks, the moment I ask her she might close up the anal sex forever as she might suspect that I am being investigative or doubtful. If I could ask find out directly with her I certainly would have; and hence the reason for turning to such a great site.

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A female reader, Aunty Babbit United Kingdom +, writes (22 August 2013):

Aunty Babbit agony auntIt never ceases to amaze me that two people who are married and enjoying a physical relationship can't ask each other questions about sex!

For goodness sake we were all virgins once, and lets be frank here, you're having anal sex! How can you both partake in this act but be unable to ask her about it?

The only person who knows the answer as to how she knows about it, is her, so ask her!

Ultimately, you're living the fantasy and your wife is finally enjoying sex. You're concern is has she had sex with someone else? And the answer is not necessarily, she may have talked her problems through with a girlfriend who suggested this method for example.

I really think you two need to learn to talk to each other.

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A female reader, So_Very_Confused United States +, writes (22 August 2013):

So_Very_Confused agony auntjust because she was a virgin before marriage (and i love your implication that she's lying by saying that she SAID she was a virgin not that she WAS a virgin which is VERY telling)

does not mean that she does not know what she likes and wants.

I don't mind anal sex with my spouse... I have never liked it with any other partner to be honest.. but with him it's not an issue and clearly I was NOT a virgin when we met and married... but that does not change that what i like and do with him is with HIM and not predicated on my past.

why in the world can't you say to her 'Honey what's up with the Anal? where did you hear about it and what made you want to try it?"

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A male reader, C. Grant Canada +, writes (22 August 2013):

C. Grant agony auntOnly she knows the answer to this. It might have been a kink she was always curious to try, and then she discovered that she's one of those rare women who genuinely enjoys it. I doubt there's anything sinister going on. Enjoy!

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