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Check out these questions about "foreplay"

How can I ask my husband to consider an open marriage? Cheating has never been a part of our relationship

Does it feel different having another person touch you than when you're touching yourself?

He's less interested in sex. Is it me? Or could it be that I disgust him in some way?

How do I tell potential FWBs or hookups that I only want oral or manual sex, not intercourse?

Boyfriend has a small penis!

I think the love has faded and that he does not find me attractive any more. Plus there are issues of him looking at women. That should I do about all this?

Which of these sexual issues should I tackle first?

I like flirty friendships with boys, but not sex. Is it possible to have what I want?

I'm having problems during sexual activities with my girlfriend. What is the issue?

Why is hubby hiding Viagra from me??

I got herpes from boyfriend while pregnant, turned into staph infection, I terminated the pregnanc and now he doesn't act the same towards me

Why? there is no intimacy. Partner has completely lost interest in sex

Girls, who do I choose?

Why would a girl ask me if I was gay if I prefer cuddling to penetrative sex? I do have some ED.

Without foreplay I feel pain if my husband attempts intercourse without foreplay. How can I make him understand? I don't know what to do.

How do I address the lack of sex and intimacy in our marriage?

Are blow jobs a bit overrated? Do people go through stages of what they like in bed?

I'm turned on but can't orgasm - what can I do?

Tips needed to orgasm less quickly and to pleasure him

I think we'd make a cute couple but worry that we are friend zoned

How can I explain to my guy in a good way what I want sexually?

No contact with each other can't take about sex only one position for sex I don't know what to do.

What was he really asking me? Did I misread him

7 months later and sex is still painful!

I'm a little uncomfortable with her fetish!

I don't know how tell my bf after five years together that I'm not satisfied with our sex life!

Should I be feeling guilty? She got offended because I WANTED to use a condom

If he announces he just wants a romp with no sex, would that be a deal-breaker?

I want my sex life back!

I love my wife. I miss sex. I'm flirting online with an old friend. Help!

He now lasts an hour and a half and I can't help him that long! Is this normal?

Why would I cry when aroused? why am I unsatisfied when I'm touched? And why do I continue to gag during a blow job?

Literally out of options with sex life. Help?

OK, what about foreplay on men?

Will it hurt with my new Bf? My ex was much smaller

We've been together for 7 months yet he rarely wants sex!

Sexless, affectionless, respectless marriage.

I orgasm when alone, yet lose the orgasm when with my Bf. Yes he's caring with foreplay. What needs to change?

He tries to turn our love making into some sort of sordid porno by imitating what he has watched, which doesn't do anything for me!

Early 20s and having sexual issues. Why does this keep happening?

How do I stand up to this? she won't ever do anything I want to do, but expects me to follow her plans

I only want sex with my boyfriend when he is emotional?

When will sex start becoming fun and romantic and not sore and awkward? How many more times must I endure the pain until it 'fades away'?

Suddenly eye contact seems too intimate

My feelings are all jumbled between ex boyfriend and current room mate.

Flirting and Dating Ends Too Soon

The swinging lifestyle destroyed our perfect relationship :(

I want to help my boyfriend last longer in bed!

Are these my issues or should I be concerned that my Bf prefers breasts that are more pert?

Why do all my relationships end up with me being used?

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