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Check out these questions about "foreplay"

How can I make our first time as pleasurable as possible?

Is it unreasonable that I don't want to know about his personal masterbation habits?

What is it with guys and porn? He has me!

My fiancé is acting different during sex! Is this normal?

I don’t always reach orgasm and he gets upset! Any suggestions so we are both happy and satisfied?

Our sex life is non existent

Is this the end to our marriage? He loves porn more than he loves me

How can I build the sexual tension I need without being labelled a tease?

My wife seems to have lost interest in sex but I suspects she masturbates

Is his interest in this activity normal?

Should I be open to casual sex to gain experience?

I get an erection during foreplay but lose it during sex. What do I do about it?

Lost my virginity and I didn't even enjoy it but now I'm wondering if I could be pregnant

Is it possible he wants more than sex?

I want my husband to share me

I think I'd be better off just blocking him from my life

Having sex all the time is really putting me off having sex

I don't want to panic in the future about oral sex performed on me, advice please?

I think my wife cheated on me

I can't have sex too often because its so painful but my partner feels unattractive because of this

Recently, my girlfriend starts to bleed everytime she orgasms. What could be wrong with her?

My boyfriend is lying about porn again. what are my options?

Is there a reason I didn't have an orgasm the first time I had sex?

I hate that I don't want sex

Advice on how women feel about orgasms please?

Does sex life decline after a few years? She didn't complain initially.

Do we need to go on more dates?

Sex makes me feel so disgusted in myself, but only afterwards because in the lead up it is always what I want to do at the time. I feel like a horrible person but equally I do not know why I have this light switch effect. Any advice?

Based on his words and actions since November, is it reasonable to ask if we are exclusive now?

Am I expecting too much of my wife? I desire to make love to my wife, but she says it stresses her out when I initiate

Our relationship is going fine. But our sex life is declining. What could be the reason for this decline?

Sucking on breasts. Is that so enjoyable that it can be described as an act of love and deeply satisfying when between two adults in a relationship?

Do I stay and hope his performance in bed improves?

Would ladies be interested in a night of hot foreplay but no sex?

At the end of my tether over our difficulties. Sex continues to be painful. What else could help me feel less of a failure in this situation?

I feel inadequate!

How do I get him to last longer?

The sex is frustrating for me, any advice?

How can I help him last longer for me?

Is it disrespectful of me to enjoy my wife wearing something revealing?

I cant seem to make my partner understand that sex is good for me and I'm worried he's stressing out over it!

How do you turn foreplay into sex?

My girlfriend thinks we should find other people because I last way too long in bed and she takes a minute to orgasm and then gets bored

I love him but I hate him. Where do I go from here? Its officially over but I still have feelings

Criticized, humiliated and not loved and not appreciated. What do I need to do to get over this loveless marriage? I've put on weight and eventually my health will be affected.

I wonder if my boyfriend is cheating, how do I know for sure?

I am never going to feel better until I perform better sexually then her ex

I'm starting to dread sex because it takes my husband so long to finish

Why would my Bf's penis go limp after foreplay? Does it suggest that he's cheated on me?

Why is my boyfriend taking longer to orgasm during sex these days?

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