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Seeking advice for BBW sex and how to become a premature ejaculator.

Perfect girl, why cant I love her like she deserves?

How do I get rid of my desires?

My fab new BF ticks all my boxes but won't give oral

I suffer from premature climaxing, any advice?

Why do you last longer during sex with someone that you love?

He just can't orgasm through a hand or blow job, why?

The show is over before it even begins! Any tips on handling this problem?

Do most guys like performing oral sex on women?

Why do men think that lasting forever is better?

I have never climaxed during intercourse and it might ruin this relationship

I consider her a friend, yet she says I'm using her. Any advice on how to deal with this?

How do I approach the topic of sex without hurting his feelings/pride?

His track record of one-night-stands really showed when we finally got intimate

Defining Friends With Benefits?

Why do I experience such bad pain during sex?

Why can't I 'finish' with my girlfriend or even by myself?

Missionary out, every other position works?

Question to American Women and Men!

He's withholding emotionally and romantically.... Advice please??

Terrible sex...What do I do?

I don't feel like I'm loved by my boyfriend and he always puts his mom first!

After 25 years of marriage is this what love is all about?

My selfish husband doesn't turn me on

What's the difference between "real sex" and soft, vanilla-porn?

I am not lubricated enough and my boyfriend couldn't care less.

Sex is painful for me after having 2 children?

What do guys like during foreplay?

Why do I make women bleed?

She enjoys sex, so why not more often?

Why is my wife suddenly so happy to have anal sex? I can't ask her about it!

Its been 8 months and my boyfriend won't have sex with me?

My boyfriend is so shy when it comes to sex that I feel like he doesn't want me. How can I get him to open up?

I've never been able to achieve orgasm through penetration.

I've accepted that he needs time for full on sex, but I still want him to go down on me at least.

Is the purpose of sex to orgasm or to feel close and intimate with your partner?

Will I be able to find a girl to date? I'm not interested in sex!

How do I get him to last more than 2 minutes?

Need advice after having sex with my co-worker

Shouldn't watching porn boost his sexual drive?

Do you think Steve and I will ever have a normal relationship?

Our marriage has went downhill since I've been pregnant. He just doesn't seem to care how I feel!

I have a very low sex drive. Please help. Is there anything that could help?

Married 19 years and my wife has never had an interest in sex. Why does she not like sex?

Is he holding out on me? He's kind and funny. But it seems he might also has Erectile dysfunction.

My bf cares about my organsm but will not let me pleasure him. How can I help him just let go and have fun with me?

A bad experience with a past relationship is getting in the way of this one

I can't last long during sex, I feel weak and breathless!

We tried to have sex for the first time but it wouldn't fit!

Nothing seems to make her cum, she won't tell me what she wants, please help!

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