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White discharge from my girlfriend's vagina. Is that normal?

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Question - (10 June 2011) 5 Answers - (Newest, 28 January 2013)
A male United States age 26-29, *avo0116 writes:

I was doing cunnilingus on my girlfriend yesterday and noticed some white discharge coming out from her vagina. The color was white and kinda looked like sperm. However, my girlfriend's a virgin, and we never had sex. Only foreplaying. It didn't smell or anything.

She also told me that she does wear pad everyday, and change to a different pad when she starts having her period. However, she didn't have any tampon in yesterday while she was with me. What does that mean?

I did not ejaculate on her vagina nor anything. I'm just worried about her health. Is she going to be alright? Would pregnancy occur? I do remember having a bit of pre-cum in my finger and did rub her vagina like immediately after for a little bit. I did put my finger in her vagina (only the tip of my finger), but not the whole thing in. Would that somehow cause her to be pregnant?

One more thing, I don't quite remember having my penis touching her vagina, but what would happen if it did? I'm unsure if there was any precum on it? Would that cause pregnancy? I didn't use any condom.

There wasn't any intercourse nor any penetration. Nothing, simply masturbating one another, and a bit of oral sex (she gave me a handjob while sitting on top of me. She had her panties on, and her vagina was somewhat close to my penis).

What's the cause of the white discharge? I'm worried sick, and I really don't know what I should do.

She's 17, by the way. And she's a virgin.

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A reader, anonymous, writes (28 January 2013):

Discharge is just a normal health for all women.

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A female reader, angziety United States +, writes (10 June 2011):

angziety agony auntDischarge from the vagina is COMPLETELY normal. The vagina is what a lot of people call a "self-cleaning oven." Discharge serves several purposes, including keeping bacteria from going up into the fallopian tubes and just generally the whole vagina/uterus, lubrication during sex (and childbirth), and also when a woman is ovulating it will actually become very slippery and stringy and basically become a channel for the sperm to get to the egg. Females have discharge almost all the time if they are healthy and/or of childbearing age.

There are lots of different types of discharge that varies in color, thickness, and texture. Generally speaking, clear to white discharge that has no odor is usually a sign of health.. if it is clumpy or cottage-cheesy then there is a chance there is a yeast infection. If it smells there is a high chance of a bacterial infection. If it is any color other than the clear to white, she could be about to menstruate, menstruating, or just finished menstruating OR there could be an infection or something else going on.

BUT just because discharge doesn't smell or looks normal in color and texture does not mean she does not have an infection. Some females have absolutely NO symptoms whatsoever when they have an infection. If you are overly concerned then let her know.. tests for infections are quick, easy, and painless.

There is a natural birth control method called the Fertility Awareness Method (FAM) in which you can determine if a female is ovulating by taking her temperature right after she wakes up and checking the cervical mucus (this discharge you have just noticed). There are books on it.. more and more women are leaning towards this method because the pill has become a big issue lately and other methods are just a nuisance.

I was concerned when you talked about your precum and its proximity to the vagina. Precum usually contains sperm. Not to freak you out, but you must take all precautions when you do not want to have a baby. It only takes ONE sperm to get to that egg, and the sperm is pretty meticulous at doing its one and only job. There have been cases where women have gotten pregnant while wearing clothing.. it had somehow soaked through and gotten access. I do not believe in immaculate conception (what a lot of people believe happened with Mary and Joseph and the conception of Jesus); people at the time were just uneducated.

Just be more careful.. :)

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A male reader, DoubleM United States +, writes (10 June 2011):

DoubleM agony auntYes, some vaginal discharge is quite normal at various times during a woman's cycle - usually clear, milky-white or white. As long as there is not a strong, unpleasant odor, it is likely innocuous (harmless), except it is not particularly pleasant while performing cunnilingus.

My solution to the issue, when encountered, is to suggest a good rinse or to wipe it away. If there is odor, then it may indicate vaginosis or other possible abnormal balance and should be a health concern.

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A male reader, spinnaker United States +, writes (10 June 2011):

spinnaker agony auntPerfectly normal. There are different discharges relating to the female cycle. There is a lot of mucous produced before the egg is released because the objective is to trap the sperm to give the best opportunity for pregnancy.

Now that you are down there pleasing your girlfriend, more fluid is being produced since she is aroused. That will cause the mucous to seep out a bit.

If there was a problem she would be feeling pain, itching, or other signs of infection would be present.

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A male reader, anonymous, writes (10 June 2011):

The white stuff is known as vaginal mucus. It looks more like an egg white than anything else. If there was a lot of it, it was probably one of her more fertile times of the month.

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