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What was this wet spot on his pants?

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Question - (12 January 2009) 7 Answers - (Newest, 10 February 2009)
A female Canada age 26-29, *robanite writes:

While my boyfriend and I were messing around the other night; like heavy petting and stuff; he got wet down there. It was after he'd been rubbing my boobs for a while, he stopped and just grabbed his dick. All our clothes were still on, he had just been reaching under my shirt. I kept touching him and eventually came across a wet spot on his pants.

We talked about it, but I'm still confused about it all. He has never masturbated(weird, i know) so he couldnt really answer all my questions about what exactly happened. I assumed it was just pre-cum, but what exactly is that? I thought it was a different thing entirely from regular cum, but I know it can still get girls pregnant. But he said he stopped himself from ejaculating more, so does that mean it was actually cum coming out? Do they look different?

I'm just a tad confused about the whole thing. Like if it was normal for him to even have anything come out when neither of us were touching his penis? He said it was mostly because of how he was touching me that got him so turned on, not what I was doing.

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A male reader, Griffo Australia +, writes (10 February 2009):

Griffo agony auntSomtimes, yes it comes that much, it is often called "premature ejeculation" but he must be very into you both physically and emotionally. it is also a psychological problem if it persists too much. He is highly sensitive to you. As you both become more sexually involved he will or may eventually desencitize to it and it will be normal. Though its recommended to speak to a doctor because it could be long term, if he does not learn to control it.

Here is a link the meaning of premature ejeculation:

Don't use those words "Premature Ejeculation" to him it might have a negative impact on him and hurt his self esteem, try getting him to do some penis exercises also called "kegel exercises" see this link:

This should help.

Cheers :)

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A female reader, grobanite Canada +, writes (10 February 2009):

grobanite is verified as being by the original poster of the question

grobanite agony auntThank you all. Thats really helpful.

But we had another heavy petting night and he got really wet again. This time is seemed to be a lot more than before. I was touching his crotch area, and through his jeans my fingers were getting wet with the precum. Like wet enough for me to kinda smooth it around my fingers a lot before it started to dry. And I asked him if he actually came and he said no, so I'm sure it was just precum. Is it normal for there to be that much?

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A male reader, Djmclucas113 United States +, writes (10 February 2009):

Djmclucas113 agony auntYa after a guy gets hard some pre cum comes out it's like a little bit of lubricant but alot usually doesn't come out it's also clearer actual cum is more milky so if it was really wet you made him cum but it was just kind of wet then it was pre cum

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A female reader, Honeypie United States + , writes (12 January 2009):

Honeypie agony auntNo need for confusion. You got him hot. Like PirncessJasmine said, you don't need to touch his cock to get him hard or to make him emit pre-cum. Same with women, a cuddle, a kiss, dancing close, a picture in your mind.. it can all get you wet.

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A female reader, im_a_dummy United States +, writes (12 January 2009):

im_a_dummy agony auntha, yea thats normal sweetheart. GOOD JOB!!!! but you say he was turned on by how he was touching you, not what you were doing. Now i was watchign oprah with my mom, cuz we do that, and they had a sex segment and they were saying that usually wat the opposite sex person does on you, is really what they want done to them. so if he was spending a lot of time playing with your boobs or w/e he was doing, try doing it to him in the order he did it to you, if he started with kissing and then playing with boobs, trying making out and then rubbing up and down his chest, or sumthing like that.

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A male reader, Griffo Australia +, writes (12 January 2009):

Griffo agony auntWow you must have really turned him on! Well done!

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A female reader, princessjasmine United States +, writes (12 January 2009):

ofcourse its normal, we get wet just by kissing (girls) we dont need to touch our clit to get wet do we? same w/a guy, he doesnt have to get wet just by penis touching, it cud b other things is totally 100% normal and a good thing! that he got turned on by u like that so quick;)

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