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She hasn't called me for three weeks, does she hate me now?

Tagged as: Breaking up, Dating, Friends, Three is a crowd, Troubled relationships, Trust issues<< Previous question   Next question >>
Question - (14 June 2014) 1 Answers - (Newest, 15 June 2014)
A age 22-25, * writes:

iam having a sad love all started when my age was 18 and my girlfriend age was 14.not we have crossed two and half years of our love first everything was going fine,but when i finished my school life,i had selected a college,faraway from my hometown,to do my engineering course.when my girlfriend changed her school after she finished 10th std,she got a best girl friend from her new school.this new friend of her was actually my best friend in facebook.she made false stories which could seperate me and my girlfriend because she started loving lover belived and started fighting with me,with great effort,i was able to manage the conflit between us.but after 2-3weeks,i heard that this girlfriend of my lover proposed a new guy,and it went double lover started liking her so much better than me,she sometimes used to say that she was her life.she started acting like lesbian,but she also still loved me a lot.we both used to fight frequently in phone,and now recently she said that she wanted to study for 12th and she said she won't talk to me for an year.she used to say the same dialog many times previously and at the next moment she used to call me again,saying that she cannot sleep without talking to me.but the last time she said was three weeks from now.i mean she didnt call me for three weeks.does she hate me now? I dont understand whats going on,please help me....

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A male reader, anonymous, writes (15 June 2014):

It may be common where you are from, but a 14 - 16 year old is a child. Not someone an 18+ year old should be dating.

Aside from that, this is all very muddled up and you should break up and date someone your age who will be more focused on your relationship, not Facebook.

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