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Is he secretly Bi?

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Question - (25 May 2008) 2 Answers - (Newest, 26 May 2008)
A male United Kingdom age 22-25, *ixt writes:

i'm bi and my friends know that. i lik 1 of them but he's straight and when i flirt with him like nudge him for example he nudges back. Then when i do it again he does it again. Is he secretly for guys aswell as girls or does he not know it yet?


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A female reader, aphexinfinite United Kingdom +, writes (26 May 2008):

aphexinfinite agony aunti agree with peter on this, i have many female friends and we nudge each other and stuff like that but i wouldnt go on the asumption that they were bi, try to look out for more signs ie, does he hold eye contact, does he always stand close to you, watch how he talks to you and other people. does he so to speak flirt with you when no one is around. i would hate that if you went on a feeling and he wasnt bi and it had an effect on your friendship as that is a possibilitie that could happen if he is not bi and you act on it. be careful. thats my opinion hope it helps aphexy

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A male reader, PeterPan United States +, writes (26 May 2008):

PeterPan agony auntI'd say that's nowhere near enough information to figure out if he's bi or not. Nudging, pushing and the like are normal tendencies for adolescent boys and you shouldn't make the assumption that if he physically makes contact with you in this manner that he is of any particular sexual orientation. I think that you're going to have to wait and see if he shows other signs ...other than being comfortable around you... that's simply not enough to go on.

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