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I'm being ignored by all my friends. So how and why has she turned everyone I used to be close with against me? She's besties with them now.

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Question - (29 June 2012) 2 Answers - (Newest, 30 June 2012)
A female United Kingdom age 18-21, anonymous writes:

I used to be friends with this girl called X but then we kind of drifted apart but now it seems like every race she has to beat me at, and every guy I like she has to flirt with and make them like her.

Everyone I used to be close with she's besties with and they no longer talk to me because she knows stuff about me from when we were friends and tells them.

The worst part is I know I am insanely jealous but I don't know how to deal with it, I just want her to leave my life alone, any help?

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A female reader, Abella United States +, writes (30 June 2012):

Abella agony auntYou need a better group of friends as these people are easily influenced by your nasty former friend.

Start doing some new activities. Go to different places. Get involved in a different hobby.

But as much as possible go in opposite directions to this group. You can get involved in a new absorbing hobby. Ask your mother if you can volunteer in a local community project if it is suitable.

Your former friend is being a nasty influence and stirring up trouble behind your back.

It is a form of bullying.

Consult with your Mother as she may have some ideas of the mind of activities and places you could visit that will allow you to develop your confidence in you to a stronger level.

Work on ridding yourself of jealousy as it is a seless emotion and does you no good and improves nothing.

Throw yourself into your studies and watch yourself achieve better marks than the trouble maker.

Just keep busy and active and ignore these weak people who are beleiving this nasty ex best friend.

You are being subjected to a form of Bullying called OSTRACISM = being ignored. Google Professor Kipling Williams who is one of the world experts on Ostracism.

This is not about you (though you are suffering from it). It is about immaturity and silliness of the people listening to your former best friend.

The site bullyonline might also be a very helpful site to bookmark.

Keep smiling and stay positive. Do not let these nasty people see how much it hurts. Nasty people do these nasty things. You are well rid of the fools

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A female reader, cute angel Australia +, writes (30 June 2012):

cute angel agony auntWell firstly if they were your real friends,they wouldn't believe everything this 'x' said blindly instead confront you and ask if it were true..

If your friends easily gave up on you and went with her,then u can calculate how long they would take to drift from her and go to someone else..

I think your better off without such people you don't need negative energy.why don't you join clubs,groups in your school and find people with similar interests and may be make new friends..

If you really want to talk this through with your friends,then tell them what they r doing really hurts you and you expected them to talk to you rather than just ignore you..if they care they will make an effort..

Good luck x

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