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This is hurting ,me: I love him and I don't want to lose him. But what to do? He wants to try other girls, not for love, just sex

Q.   Hi guys, Well I have this problem. And I appreciate you not judging me nor laughing. I have been with my bf for 7 years, we break up several times and lots happened but we still come back to each other because we do luv each other. But lately ...

A.   8 May 2013: He will get away with whatever you allow him to get away with. This is a conversation you will have to have with him and tell him exactly how you feel. You are not ready to share your man so don't do it this will only damage,hurt and end your ... (read in full...)

My wife doesn't know that I found out she's considering leaving me. What do I do?

Q.   My wife doesn't know that I saw her messages to her friend from a forum she always on but I saw how she said I dont have ambition anymore. she's always talking down about my family. I also read that she talked to her father and how she was thinking ...

A.   5 May 2013: She is considering but she hasn't told you, best thing to do is to make it work. You know what she is upset about since she wrote it in this forum. Change what she don't like and hopefully this change will make you save your marriage. Its hard being ... (read in full...)

I'm with a much better guy now but it still doesn't feel the same as it did with my ex

Q.   I had a boyfriend who I loved so much, he was honestly the love of my life. I was with him for five years and he was so sweet and very caring I just loved him so much. I choice to give him my virginity and I was very happy with him. I dream of ...

A.   4 May 2013: You need to give yourself time to heal from the break up. Your right we can love someone and know that we are not meant for each other and do the best next thing which is to break up. I am sorry you are going through this but just know that with ... (read in full...)

How do I break off an affair with a married co-worker?

Q.   I've just turned 21 and have been working at my job for about 18 months now. It started at last years work staff party. Everyone was dancing, drinking and partying, because i dont drink or smoke, i kept myself one side and chatted to anyone wh...

A.   4 May 2013: The best thing you can do is break it off. Someone will end up getting hurt either her cause she has some feeling for you or you by her husband if he were to find out. Just break it off as soon as possible.... (read in full...)

He lost interest in me ...

Q.   Me and this guy been friends for 5 months now. And I wanted to be more then that. I found out that he liked me but then got over me. He found out I had a thing for him. I went to his volleyball game and his friend told me i creeped him out by ...

A.   4 May 2013: He probably accepted you as a friend and thought this is where you wanted to keep it in the friendship level. I suggest you talk to him let him know how you feel and if things can't progress from here at least you were able to clear your thought ... (read in full...)

I'm afraid she'll reject me when she finds out how hairy I really am

Q.   Im in a relationship with a girl for the past three years and we share everything but there's one last secret i didnt tell her and the secret is dat i am too hairy all over the hands and legs available in every place possible even a lot in the Ass ...

A.   4 May 2013: Your planning on spending the rest of your life with her, so the best thing to do is tell her. You don't know how she will react but if she loves you Im sure this will not matter.... (read in full...)

We love each other but cannot be together. How can I heal?

Q.   What do you do when you have fallen in love with someone and they feel the same but you cannot be together. How do i get over the heartbreak. ...

A.   4 May 2013: Distance put as much distance between the two.... (read in full...)

I love my ex fiance and want her back. How do I do this?

Q.   hi everybody I'm in so much pain please help. Me and my fiance of 3 and a half years broke up 5 weeks ago. We broke up because i thought i was over it. I thought that because she can be very difficult and what i think immature. She would get real...

A.   4 May 2013: Take more time off five weeks is not enough time for you to be over a person. If after that you still feel the same approach her talk to her and both of you should get some couple therapy, the relationship you both were in was very toxic and you ... (read in full...)

My man pushes me to be bisexual!

Q.   hello , i would like to share my relationship problem , because its making me suffer long long time.I was married unhappily (fighting and prisoned in a house)and had 2 children . i met this man in internet and we were chatting everyday for a long ...

A.   3 May 2013: You need to talk to him and let him know how much this is bothering you. Give him a final and clear NO, don't be force in doing something you don't want because you will regret it later on in life.... (read in full...)

I don't want to break up. What can I do? She wants to tell everyone we are dating and I am not there yet.

Q.   I am in a very complicated situation. I've been dating this girl for a couples of months now. I had never dated a women before and before I met her I always considered myself straight 100%. I don't like women, I just like her. I have actuall...

A.   25 April 2013: She is in her right not to want to hide a relationship and if she wants to break up there is not much you can do. She is openly gay and is not a shame of her sexual orientation and feel like if your hiding your likes for a women or lets not ... (read in full...)

I'm 18 and my parents are strict. I want to get birth control but if I do my parents will judge me. What should I do?

Q.   Okay I'm 18, and with having strict parents i sometimes feel like they don't understand me. Ever since i started dating my boyfriend i feel like he is the only one here for me. We have been together for almost a year now and we have started ...

A.   25 April 2013: your 18 and your parents don't have to know if your on the pill or not.... (read in full...)

Which cheater is worse? I want your opinion of the women in these scenarios.

Q.   i was just having a discussion with someone and i was wondering what you guys think of these 2 situations. my question is regarding the females of these situations. Scenario A: a couple (Tom and Lisa) has been together for 1.5 month. the girl,...

A.   25 April 2013: Cheating is cheating, this just describe the character of the person, if the relationship was in trouble they should have called it quits before the cheating started. It really doesn't matter if this was a long time affair or a 10 minute parking lot ... (read in full...)

I'm a virgin. I do find women attractive especially their breasts. But I look at men too. Am I gay or not?

Q.   Hi, I am guy in my early 30’s and I am unsure if I am gay or not. I am a virgin and I have kissed a girl but nothing more. I do find other guys attractive. I find their muscles and athletic appearance attractive. When I am jerking off I think ...

A.   25 April 2013: You have to date probably date them both and see which one interest you the most. The one that excite you could determine your sexual orientation, but if you masturbate to men than most likely that is who you are interested. You might find it a ... (read in full...)

He says such sweet things to me. Could it be that he might have feelings for me?

Q.   Hey so recently some of the boys in my class have been saying I look pretty I'm nice and things like that. But there's this one boy that says it the same way but has me thinking. Let's call him Ed. Well Ed he is sweet at times and silly but th...

A.   25 April 2013: He has a girlfriend and that girlfriend is your friend and if he is saying it in a flirty way than it show his character, or you can be reading this deeper than what it is and he could just be friendly. As long as he is your friends boyfriend he ... (read in full...)

I seem to be the only one on the "team" who does any work

Q.   Hey! This isn't a relationship question, but I need advice and I didn't know where else to go. Sorry! I’m in college at the moment, and basically the person that lives with me does the same course, and last semester I ended up giving him liter...

A.   16 April 2013: If you don't want to say NO than just say you don't have it that you havent started the studying so don't have the answers and don't give them the answer don't supply them with a passing grade that is being dishonest at both ends.... (read in full...)

We keep dating and breaking up. His behavior changes and then he goes back to his old ways!

Q.   I hav been with this guy since 3 years approximately and we've broken up twice already and after a gap get back together ...we don't get over each other !! But when the first break up happened it was because of the change in his behaviour he starts ...

A.   16 April 2013: Bad behavioral is hard to break and even if he tries to change to make you happy at the end he will go back to his old self. He needs to realize how he is damaging the relationship and he has to want to change for himself, so that he can be a better ... (read in full...)

She hurt me, I love her but should I just live with a broken heart and no violence?

Q.   Hello. I am 21 and I am gay. My girlfriend and I got into an agrument one night at her house, so I grabbed all my stuff and told her I was leaving. I was actually leaving her for good, and she fought it. Thst's nice, but I needed to go home to cool ...

A.   16 April 2013: As sad as this makes you feel I think it is best to leave things as is. She put her hands on you and you were actually afraid of her why would you ever want to feel this way again. In order for you to get over her and start to heal you need to not ... (read in full...)

She said she loves me but I think she doesn't understand me and I m thinking to leave

Q.   I'm in a relationship with a gf i really love from 3 years. At the beginning everything was amazing,now i'm having real troubles. I m not working for 4 months,i have bills to pay and not enough money (unfortunately my dad passed away last year and i ...

A.   15 April 2013: Talk to her and tell her that you need her help since this is a new town to you and need a lil help in opening the doors. Also explaine to her that if your not able to find a job there you will be force to return to your town. If her attitude doent ... (read in full...)

She said she loves me but I think she doesn't understand me and I m thinking to leave

Q.   I'm in a relationship with a gf i really love from 3 years. At the beginning everything was amazing,now i'm having real troubles. I m not working for 4 months,i have bills to pay and not enough money (unfortunately my dad passed away last year and i ...

A.   13 April 2013: Are you really willing to break up over this, I suggest you do the searching and interviews all by yourself and take care of your business even if you have to put her in the back seat for a little while. This is important to you to have a job and ... (read in full...)

Am I moving too fast with my ex whom I hurt previously?

Q.   So my ex girlfriend finally forgave me after 8 months and we are starting all over again. I broke her heart and she was furious with me until recently when I did something really sweet for her while explaining why I did what I did and how much she ...

A.   12 April 2013: Take things slow, it is always hard to take an ex back especially if they hurt us, so if she has forgiven you and is talking to you again just give her time and pace yourself. She might want to make sure she doesn't make the same mistake twice so ... (read in full...)

How do I tell my 12 year old that the man she calls daddy isn't her real father?

Q.   I'm married with 3 kids. The eldest is the result of a fling I had overseas. I came back and met up with my ex, who was never over me. We got together and then I told him I was pregnant and we got married. My daughter was only 5lb and I pretended ...

A.   12 April 2013: Patch things up with your husband because he did get horrible news, being told that the daughter he raised and thought as his own for 12 years is not his biological child must be hard to sallow. Let him cool off and tell him that its not the right ... (read in full...)

Is sex really ruined when a man has to pull out?

Q.   Because of a medical condition, I do not use contraception such as the pill or injection etc. My doctor many years ago taught me how to calculate my fertile days etc which has worked perfectly for many years. My ex and I used this method fine for ...

A.   12 April 2013: Im not a guy can't answer that particular question but can say that your man sounds like a jerk and has no respect for you, you should really consider putting your foot down or walking out this one way relationship.... (read in full...)

Who hurts more in a break up?

Q.   Who hurts more in the long run? The dumper or dumpee ...

A.   12 April 2013: The one who loves more is the one who hurts the most. And the one who loves less leaves first, so I would say the dumpee... (read in full...)

Wife is building a relationship with the builder while I sit home and give her space!

Q.   I am 58 and my wife is 49 and wehave been happily together for 18 years and although the marriage has become a bit mundane I feel there is no excuse for her behaviour. She had been very protective of her phone of late causing me to become very ...

A.   11 April 2013: When a woman emotions are not met they wait, complain, whine, and give up. You seem to be putting a lot of blame on your wife, why not take your share of blame and work on it if thats what you really want, because it seems like she has already given ... (read in full...)

I think my girlfriend lied about being a virgin

Q.   Well my girlfriend had said that she had almost had sex with someone I know before we were dating but the way she had told the story made me feel as though she was lying she said she was a virgin (as was I) when we first had sex but she didn't reac...

A.   11 April 2013: why would she lie to you, this was your first time too so Im sorry my dear but you lack the experience to make this call.... (read in full...)

GF is cheating and I don't see it?

Q.   I have been dating my jealous, possessive, demanding and highly strung girlfriend for just over 2 years. I have constantly tried and failed to meet her demands and expectations. Her jealousy occasionally turns violent and emotional if she ever gets ...

A.   11 April 2013: Its time to move on, your in an abusive relationship, don't play the victim. Some people choose to be with people like this because this is all they know and consider it normal, but its not. Get out of this relationship and get some help maybe ... (read in full...)

How can I stop myself having inappropriate thoughts in the form of sexual fantasies about guys who are co-workers?

Q.   here deal i'm 25 never dated, slept with anyone. It part by choice and timing. I both studying, working kind lost interest in pub n night life after most of my mates got married and popping out new life into this world. I refuse to dsate/kiss/sl...

A.   11 April 2013: having some Eye candy is never a bad thing and having sexual thought is normal, just give it time and you will see it will die out.... (read in full...)

Wife is building a relationship with the builder while I sit home and give her space!

Q.   I am 58 and my wife is 49 and wehave been happily together for 18 years and although the marriage has become a bit mundane I feel there is no excuse for her behaviour. She had been very protective of her phone of late causing me to become very ...

A.   11 April 2013: take her out on dates, romance her, give her attention, make her feel special, make love to her, value her time with you, give her compliments, make her feel like she is the only woman for you and that you only have eyes for her. re... (read in full...)

How do I confront my cheating Fiance without making her angry because I spyed into her emails?

Q.   How do you let your fiance know that you know she is cheating without her getting mad because you have been looking at her email that she keeps leaving open, most recent email to her "friend" "I still want to meet with you. I want to try if you ar...

A.   11 April 2013: This really does not confirm that she is cheating, this could be a business meeting, she might be trying to sell someone tupperware for all you now. You need to talk to her before you start assuming she is cheating because I read nothing that says I ... (read in full...)

No sex, No kissing, different religion and now my BF does not want to talk to me?

Q.   I'm 22yrs plus while my guy is 25yrs plus we have been dating gettin to 4yrs now despite our religion differences,we both love eachother ,he pays me visit,he introduce me to his friends as his wife to be but now everything change suddenly.each time ...

A.   10 April 2013: he only wants sex from you nothing else. It seems like the minute you give it up he will walk away anyways so hold on to your panties and don't give it up unless your ok with being used.... (read in full...)

My boyfriend spends loads on himself but wont even buy me a birthday gift! What can I do?

Q.   My boyfriend spends lots and lots on his car and bike but dosen't buy me any gifts, let it be birthday, valentines day or annivesary he dosen't bring me anything. I don't expect much from him but somtimes I do want him to make me feel important. And ...

A.   10 April 2013: Talk to him let him see your views, men are not mind readers so be clear with him and if this does not work than its probably best to split because you two obviously are a mismatch. ... (read in full...)

Should I date him? I'm worried he might be the jealous type....

Q.   Hi. Im wondering whether to date this bloke or not. Basically we been talking for some time and we text most days he seems nice enough he even wrote me a very sweet poem the other day! But we have yet to meet Only problem is he seems the jealous ...

A.   10 April 2013: your questioning yourself if you should go out or not with this guy, but you already have your answer go with your instinct, you haven't even met this fellow and have no feeling invested oh him so you have nothing to loose. ... (read in full...)

How can I make the best out of a bad situation? I'm worried I'm going to be depressed in my new house next year...

Q.   I need advice on how to make the best of a bad situation, I've not dealt with something like this before so please don't judge me on what i'm about to say... I've lived in halls this year at university and now we're moving into a house for our se...

A.   10 April 2013: You really have no choice but to get use to your present situation. With hard work you will eventually be able to afford a nice big house till then you have to settle with what your wallet can afford.... (read in full...)

Is it just my husband that behaves this way? Or does a childless spouse always come last?

Q.   To anybody who is remarried: Do you treat your spouse, who is not the mother/father of your children, as someone of equal importance (not more, just equal) to your offspring or do the always get pushed into second, third or last place? Do you ...

A.   5 July 2011: I think your husband is selfish. Yes children must come first but you shouldn't be push last either. You too deserves your quality time with your husband, you too deserves to be spoil a little by your husband, and you too should feel like you can ... (read in full...)

My wife tells me she loves me but is not in love with me?

Q.   Hello everyone this is my first time on here and thank everyone for any advice you can give me? Almost 2 months ago my wife of 10 years wakes me in the middle of the night to tell me she loves me but not in love with me, we have been together...

A.   5 July 2011: I feel that you shouldn't give up and call it quits if you don't want to. Hope is the last thing you should lose and if you still want to save your marriage than go for it. You suggested counseling but she refused, a counselor might work but she ... (read in full...)

Is he using me?

Q.   Hi, thank you for taking the time to read my question. I feel like there is a need for a background but I'll try to be brief. Thank you for helping me! My boyfriend is 21 yrs old and I am 23 (we're both from Latin America, attending colleg...

A.   28 June 2011: Talk to him and let him know that his behavior is bothering you. Make sure you know where you stand in this relationship because you don't want to fully invest your time and your heart to someone that is just using you as a booty call. Communication ... (read in full...)

I love my Cousin Sister and I think she loves me back !

Q.   Hi, i am sunny, i am in big trouble, i am in love with my cousin sister. this started in fall of 2008. it was then when i had seen her after 10 years. i am 17 at present and she is just 1 year elder to me (18). at that time, it was just as ...

A.   28 June 2011: If she is your cousin's sister that would make her your cousin too. If she was your cousin sister by the one parent that is not related to you than this makes her not your cousin in my book and their shouldn't be a problem if you date. ... (read in full...)

Is he being sincere?

Q.   So I hooked up with my guy friend when I was drunk. He was sober though and my best friends yelled at him for it (cause it was my first kiss and they thought he took advantage of me, which wasn't true). My best friend even slapped him in front of ...

A.   28 June 2011: Im sorry but you shouldn't be drinking. You are young and inexperience in controlling the alcohol in your body and one day you might meet the wrong guy who will fully take advantage of a situation like this. As for this guy don't worry to much on ... (read in full...)

He cancelled our trip and gave all the money to his ex for new clothes for his child! Do I mean nothing to him?

Q.   My boyfriend planned a special weekend away together for us as my birthday present. Then his ex wife called and told him she wanted extra money (besides maintenance already paid and a few extras) to buy clothes for their child. Now this child does ...

A.   9 June 2011: He is a parent and has to care for his kid but that does not mean he has to disrepect you. I don't see him cancelling the trip as the problem here because incase of an emergency this seems like the wise thing to do, but I see it as he cancelled and ... (read in full...)

I want to regain his trust. But do you even think that's possible?

Q.   Okay so, I dated this guy named Joe from January to early March, our relationship was perfect until he started accusing me of doing things. He thought I told my best friend a secret about him. He also started saying I was lying about every little ...

A.   9 June 2011: He is unstable and miserable and he is bringing you down with him. My suggestion is for you to stay away from him he is trouble. He easily flares up and goes into this rage, do you really want to be with someone like this. What if in one of his rage ... (read in full...)

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