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I am here to help and that is all.

I am no angel and have probably walked the talk.

I am pretty upfront and don't waste time sugar coating things if you haven't already noticed.

You either love me or hate me. Take your pick. I am not here to write what you want to hear but based on experience, what I know.

One thing for sure is that I do care. If I could share my life's experiences and make a difference in one person's life than that is all I need.

I came from a life of poverty and struggled through it. I never did fit in anywhere. As people judge by appearance they have the impression I was an only child and had money to burn. I am a diamond in the rough.

I came out of a divorce with my high school sweetheart and that alone is years and years of wisdom. Our divorce took two years to finalize. And we still lived together. Strange what you do when you're young. The divorce finally hit home and I began my grieving and healing. Children still suffer through it to this day.

I am remarried but after years of independence and being succesful in real estate it was a struggle even to once again live as husband and wife.

Life is what you make of it. Life is an ongoing learning process. To live and live life fully is to constantly learn.

If I died tomorrow I would leave you with this: Do what you believe and Believe what you do. Love always and never harbor hate and pain. Hate & Pain is to help you learn and grow. Nothing more, nothing less. To harbor it would bring out it's ugliness. Love is inner beauty it is always radiant and also magnetic. Love is everything.

Peace to you all!

(I'll probably change this frequently....LOL Life is an ongoing process!)

Recently got married to a loving man but our loving making is rare, how do I get him in the mood?

Q.   My problem is I'm in love with a senative, loving man we've been together for 3yrs and married 3mos. I love this man with all my heart. The problem is that I'm a very senual woman who loves making love to my husband. But our love making is not ...

A.   30 September 2006: When you are old and will appreciate the sweet guy. However if you are in your prime....well that's another story. Hormones are taking over! LOL If your husband has these health issues, he may not be able to perform. Nor will he ... (read in full...)

Sex on holiday, am I now pregnant?

Q.   I had sex on holiday and since then i havent been on my period.I took 2 pregnancy tests but they were really cheap 1 said negitive then the other said positive im really scared im only 15 XXXXPLZ HELP XXX...

A.   28 September 2006: Many things could cause your period to be delayed. Pregnancy may be on the top of that list right now. At 15 I would be concerned to. Get to your doctor ASAP, if you're concerned about parents being present, slip a note to your doctor, they'll ... (read in full...)

Why does he talk about the rest of our lives and then says-- he is afraid of being married? What's up with that?

Q.   My boyfriend and I have been together for almost 2 years and have decided to get married (though there is no ring or formal engagement yet). We have lived together for about a year. He tells me he loves me and wants this to work and wants to be in a ...

A.   27 September 2006: Sounds like he's getting cold feet. Be patient with him. No pressing. Marriage is a very deep commitment. It is supposed to be until death do you part. I got cold feet and even postponed the wedding after the embroidered linen napkins were ... (read in full...)

Explain to me what I am feeling with this new partner? Is it love or friendship?

Q.   I have split up after being married for over 12 years. I can't tell If I am in love or just great friends with a new partner. Does love have to be that you would die if you did not see the person or can it just be that you enjoy their company but ...

A.   27 September 2006: Love is not a feeling. The dynamics of a relationship is simple. Attraction is first, courting is next, dating and so forth. Take your time! I was single for a few years before I remarried. To NEED someone and to WANT someone are two ... (read in full...)

33 and torn between two men, past and present!

Q.   Hi All I've posted questions about this "lurve" problem before, but I still need some help... I fell madly in love with a neighbour - we knew each other as friends for 3 months, and then got together. We were both totally smitten with each other....

A.   27 September 2006: Everything was fine until that call. Curiously, why did you call to begin with? Sounds like there was no "closure" to that. Plus that relationship is taboo...not accepted by his family. That only increases the desire to be with him. We want ... (read in full...)

Is she having second thoughts about us ? Cant understand why all of a sudden she is so distant ??

Q.   My girl is giving me the cold shoulder, why? We have been dating for three months, and things have progressed very fast. We both agreed that the way it was going was fine. I'll be honest, I fell in love with her and we have already been talking ...

A.   27 September 2006: Communication is key in any relationship. Tell her that you feel like you've suffocated her and that if that is so you'll give her the space and time she needs. Sometimes if you give them space without telling them, they'll think you've lost ... (read in full...)

I have a vaginal odour despite cleansing, anything I can take to reduce this ?

Q.   i have recently found that i have vaginal odour problems and when i have sex it comes up more. I wash all the time but how can i get rid of the problem ? Are there any tablets i can take for this ?...

A.   27 September 2006: Odor only? Typically cottage cheese discharge and/or itching is a sign of a yeast infection. Foul odor though, I would definitely see a doctor. There may be something else brewing up. Believe it or not, men's sperm have ordors too. Some are... (read in full...)

How can I stop my mum being so controlling and stopping me from living with my brother ?

Q.   Hi everyone, i have a serious and important question that i need advise. Im 20 and i been together with my bf for 3mo but been best friends since 8th grade. Recently back in june my mom and me got into a huge fight and she kicked me out but i was ...

A.   27 September 2006: Legally you're of age to be on your own. Curious what you and your Mother argue about as you mentioned it is "all the time". Well, there may be some underlying issues that perhaps your Mom has. Everyone has a "trigger". She must have many tri... (read in full...)

Will this have affected me long term ?

Q.   A few week ago i got close with this boy and he fingered me, ater a while it started to hurt when he was trying to put more fingers up. And it stil hurts abit now, im still a virgin and could this have had any affect on me or could i have lost my ...

A.   27 September 2006: Perhaps there was not enough lubrication. Usually there is spotting when you lose your virginity thus your "cherry". Unless you're a gymnast. Getting hot and heavy....hmmmm, plan to lose your virginity? I don't recommend it. The man who take... (read in full...)

After having "Goodbye Sex", we are considering making it casual. Is this a good idea?

Q.   My boyfriend and i recently broke up. We dated seriously for a year and a half. when i went over to get my stuff from his house we ended up having "goodbye sex". This led to the decision that we should keep in contact with eachother whenever we ...

A.   26 September 2006: I have to agree with Lo. Don't do it! It's convenient, etc....but you'll also miss out on meeting someone else. Prep yourself for someone else and go through the healing process of this separation. You need some time alone before you could mo... (read in full...)

Missed a pill and had sex the next day. Could I be pregnant?

Q.   hi, i take the pill evey day but missed one then had sex the next day so could i fall pregnant after thet. ...

A.   26 September 2006: Yup! Oh heck, you could get pregnant even if you took it. Nothing is 100% but we try to do our best. My mother had a tubaligation and still got pregnant! Take 2 and pray! At least it's only one day. Most times your on the safe side but... (read in full...)

Husband is registered on various online dating agencies. Should I confront him?

Q.   I have been married to my husband for 2 years. I know I shouldnt but I read his e-mails, I have found out that he has registered for various online dating agencies and is chatting to several different women! Should I confront him?...

A.   26 September 2006: You are both married, you should both be open books. I take it this was not established early on. Trust is broken and I am sorry you had to find it this way. You'd be surprised how many spouses pick up and leave for someone in another country ... (read in full...)

Why is my boyfriend acting in this way? I am not used to being alone. What should I do?

Q.   my boyfriend broke up with me 9 days ago. he lived with me and my son, he was at the hospital when he wa born and from then on lived with me and my son calls him daddy. he has always been there then he just got up and left saying he dosent want ...

A.   26 September 2006: Why is he acting this way? You both sound young. He seems to be searching. Most people don't find themselves in high school and some not even college. Taking on a family is a big responsibility. Is there something in the relatio... (read in full...)

I swallowed, can I get pregnant?

Q.   hi rite i have been with my boyfriend ages n recently i sucked him off but i swallowed it can i get pregnant ?...

A.   26 September 2006: I don't know your age but if you don't know the answer to that probably shouldn't be doing anything! Sex Education is taught in some places beginning at 6th grade. Read a book at your local library or buy one. Knowledge is ... (read in full...)

It was a no strings sex encounter, the fact I slept with someone doesnt make me a cheat right ??

Q.   Before my boyfriend and I actually got together,we basically started with screwing each other.We both barely knew each other and so forth. From what i had assumed we were just messing. I slept with him and slept over his place 2 nights in a row ...

A.   26 September 2006: Firstly, No, obviously in your eyes you did not cheat on him "TECHNICALLY". But to a man's eyes...well you did. That's why men go through the who did you date, sleep with list in the beginning of a relationship. Secondly, I hope you are usin... (read in full...)

Im married and work over seas, Ive fallen for someone else and am thinking of divorce, but feel pity for my child, what should I do ?

Q.   I am a married guy working overseas away from my wife and kid. I met a girl who at first was my best friend but we eventually became lovers despite the fact I am already committed (she knows). I am suddenly thinking of divorce but I feel pity to my ...

A.   26 September 2006: This is typical where I am from. Number one, you will never trust the person you are with EVER especially if "she knows". A question of integrity will always be in the back of your head. Being away from a spouse is very difficult. You are disc... (read in full...)

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