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Will this have affected me long term ?

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Question - (27 September 2006) 4 Answers - (Newest, 2 October 2006)
A female , anonymous writes:

A few week ago i got close with this boy and he fingered me, ater a while it started to hurt when he was trying to put more fingers up. And it stil hurts abit now, im still a virgin and could this have had any affect on me or could i have lost my virginity if so will it hurt stil when it comes to have my first time?

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A female reader, anonymous, writes (2 October 2006):

If this is any comfort i found that when my guy tries to put two fingers it hurt more than his penis (which is fairly thick)-because of his knuckles. And it will hurt the first few times but not to badly. Wait for the right fella tho.

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A female reader, kat14 United Kingdom +, writes (27 September 2006):

kat14 agony auntSame happened to me. Apparently there is somethign which is normally broken when you first have sex but can be broken from doing this kinda thing too. Its ok it shouldnt hurt for too long. Yes you are still a virgin.

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A female reader, Donnah +, writes (27 September 2006):

Donnah agony auntPerhaps there was not enough lubrication. Usually there is spotting when you lose your virginity thus your "cherry". Unless you're a gymnast.

Getting hot and heavy....hmmmm, plan to lose your virginity? I don't recommend it. The man who takes that away should be one who deserves it. Treasure it, don't give it away to easily. It is a one time gift.

Send me a message if you need more answers. I'd like to know how you're doing.

Be safe and carry a condemn, I meant condom just in case that day does come. Oh, you can get pregnant if sperm happens to linger along the lining/entry area of your vaginal canal. Don't take chances.

Take care!


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A female reader, Toria +, writes (27 September 2006):

Toria agony auntIf you wasn't relaxed enough you will find that you will feel discomfort from this especially if he was trying to use more fingers than your body would allow.

Hope this helped :o)

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