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Why is he sleeping with me when he has a girlfriend?

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Question - (8 January 2009) 6 Answers - (Newest, 2 February 2009)
A male United Kingdom age 30-35, *ohnny01 writes:

Hay i need help!! Here is the Story. I am gay and this lad is straight, His name is Lloyd. I know him from school we used to hang out after school get drunk on a Friday night and stuff. Then one night he courts me and this over straight lad doing stuff. He wanted to join in by playing truth or dare! This is how it all started! Any way one thing led to another and we had a 3 some! This happen for about a year. But then me and Lloyd used to meet up and do stuff on our own. Until every one in school found out. I Was obsessed with Lloyd I love him so much back then. It took me so long to get over him But 4 years on nothing happened. Lloyd now has a girlfriend who he has been with for about 2 years, his girl friend is very sweet and we get on ok. Lloyd is now in the marines, we do still see each over but don’t really talk much to each. About a few months ago we ended up having a bit of fore play in my mates bed! But that was it. Now last Sat night Lloyd was out in town on the beer with his friends, I know his friends to so we were all sitting together just talking having a laugh getting drunk to. Any way don’t know how it happened but me and Lloyd ended up getting a taxi together, and yes it has all happened again we slept with each over in his car. Any way soon as it was over he said get off! Never said nothing about his girlfriend and said he better go he dropped me back off at mine, Now I have the same feeling in my heart about him, that I really want him, but it hurts. We had picture to taken on sat night I tagged him in it on facebook and yes he has now untagged the picture!!! I don’t know what to do I do regret sleeping with him, a little bit cause I cant stop thinking about it. Wot is he gay or straight!! I feel so sorry for his girlfriend. I now I feel like I want him more!! He is using me!! But can’t get over. I need some words of wisdom. But why is he sleeping with men when he has a girlfriend!! Any way??

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A male reader, xxSABBYxx Ireland +, writes (2 February 2009):

awk pet....listen be strong!!! your the man in this, why?? because your confidient and happy with who you are!!

lloyd obviously is in denial because he is gay...his girlfriend will realise this too!! and being in the marines?? the showers must be play time for him!! are you the only one he is doing this with?? i know a marine who is straight supposidly, and his stories are a bit mad!! they all do things with eachother and for some reason think its just due to being together for so long but once apart they are straight again!! its a confusing time for most, stick to your guns!! one day he will admitt who he is hopefully and by then you could be so happy, that ists him who will end up runing after you.. You sound like a really nice guy!! keep your chin up!!

let me know what happens!!

Sabby from Belfast


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A female reader, scorpian lady United Kingdom +, writes (11 January 2009):

I'm not sure I agree with the other replies. I think he is gay and is yet to admit it to himself. He seems to be trying to be a prove his manliness by joining the marines. Steer clear of him until he is secure enough in who he is to love you as you deserve to be loved.

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A female reader, Fairy_Lu United Kingdom +, writes (8 January 2009):

Fairy_Lu agony auntOh huni this guy is using you because he knows he can, dont put up with this any more you are only going to get hurt and you deserve some one so much better.

I think i feel sorry for his girlfriend if he messes around with you who else is he using. Some people are just like that they are never satisfied with what they already have i think it makes them feel superior knowing they hurt other people.

I would keep away from him you dont really know where he has been. And nobody deserves to be used for sex you deserve someone who will treat you with the love and respect you deserve.

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A male reader, Sisyphus Australia +, writes (8 January 2009):

Sisyphus agony auntThis guy is one of those people who will fuck anyone they can. Use it as a means to move on and increase your self-respect and self-worht beause you are much better than this! Not that there's anything wrong with casual sex (protected) but there are emotions involved here and he knows it and is using you anyway to work through his own personal issues and for sex.

Go do better, I believe in you.


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A male reader, Boonridge McPhalify United Kingdom +, writes (8 January 2009):

Boonridge McPhalify agony auntwhy is he sleeping with men when he has a girlfriend? because he can!

you deserve better than to be a piece on the side for his penis when he has had alcohol.

its demeaning to you-find a gay man to be with

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A reader, anonymous, writes (8 January 2009):

I think his using you… no no wait I can guarantee you that he is only using you, gosh guess gays and gals are so much alike, don’t allow this man to use you for his own sick reasons, you deserve better, and I am sure In your heart you know what hes doing and why so don’t settle for it, K

Good luck

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