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Should I have my facial birthmark removed or could I learn to live with it?

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Question - (26 July 2008) 3 Answers - (Newest, 26 July 2008)
A female United Kingdom age 26-29, anonymous writes:

i have a problem with my self image i have a birthmark on my face and it does get me down sometimes when people will stare.

i have the choice to get it removed by laser which i would want to do but at the same time i dont want to turn my back on myself and be some one that im not to please other people.

im scared of being alone because of it.

i need help to decide what to do.

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A female reader, lexilou United Kingdom +, writes (26 July 2008):

lexilou agony auntYou could try counselling to come to terms with it BUT if it is controlling your life then I think you could at least look into the laser surgery.

My daughter was born with one eye closed due to the muscles in one eyelid being too long. She had it corrected at around 5. When the doctor came round the next day he told me he had put in an eyelid crease as she didnt have one. Umm she did and didnt need a new one so know her eye looks odd. I dont actually notice it anymore but when she looks in the mirror it the reverse to the image we see and it is ten times worse. She has learned to live with it (16) but I have told her I will pay for cosmetic surgery if she wanted it, but I dont think you will.

Weigh up you options carefully and talk to your family if you can. x

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A female reader, -Red- Ireland +, writes (26 July 2008):

-Red- agony auntMy cousin was in the exact same position as you are now and she was thinking the exact same thing(about weither she wanted to leave that part of her behind, weither it would change who she was or not.)

I remember she was always self conscious of her birthmark as hers too was on her face and sometimes it went a dark red in colour. I never used to notice it, but maybe that's because i was around her so often.

She did end up getting surgery, but she still has her birthmark. It's just not as noticable. It will always be apart of you weither people can see it or not.

:D Good luck, whatever your decision chick!


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A male reader, DoubleM United States +, writes (26 July 2008):

DoubleM agony auntEveryone, well at least most everyone, has something about their appearance that they feel is lacking. For instance, I'm rather short for a man at about 5 foot, 6 inches. But there is practically nothing that I can do about that. I've never worn elevator shoes, which might help a little - but there are plenty of females shorter than myself and I've even married women taller.

If there was a practical solution to becoming a few inches taller, however, I'd probably consider it. It sounds like you have a workable solution to something you consider embarrassing. If it bothers you, and you can afford to solve the issue for the rest of your life, then why not? On the other hand, the most important thing is "you" as a woman - and you will not be "alone" because some good man will love you as you are.

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