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Possibly pregnant from a one night stand

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Question - (13 May 2018) 2 Answers - (Newest, 15 May 2018)
A female United Kingdom age 41-50, anonymous writes:

Im probably overthinking this at the moment , i had a date with a guy and we both got pretty drunk. We went back to his and slept together im now thinking if we had a little accident then i would be pregnant. its too late for the morning after pill. we havent spoken since. I know im old enough to know better and i didnt plan on sleeping with him but we really enjoyed each others company and we went with the flow of the night. i know i cant do a test yet as its too early . Im 43 and no children so this could be a last chance . im really not sure what to do if i am , i know he has a right to know if i am and choose to keep it . i am in a position to do this on my own but i didnt picture or plan it this way. Its a lot of explaining to do to people about how i got pregnant from a one night stand , ( if i am ) im just worried

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A female reader, femmenoir Australia +, writes (15 May 2018):

femmenoir agony auntYou may be pregnant, however, you actually may not be.

As you're in your 40s, pregnancy doesn't always occur quickly, although it can.

I would strongly encourage you, to arrange an appointment with your GP asap.

There is no time for delays here.

Not only is there the risk of this (potential) pregnancy, however, you may have contracted one of a range of STDs, so seeing your GP is crucial.

If you aren't pregnant and you haven't contracted any STDs from this guy, then you needn't worry about anything, however, if you are pregnant, then you need to sit down and have a serious think about what you want to do.

I would encourage you to tell this man the truth and allow him the option of involvement.

Regardless of what transpired between the two of you, if you were pregnant, i do believe telling him would be more so beneficial, rather than not so.

He may well want to be involved, both in your life and the life of your baby.

Who really knows??

The only way that you'll know what his exact views/feelings are, is by letting him know.

If you choose to have your baby and you are happy doing it alone or must do it alone, then that's perfectly fine too.

Many women have very successfully borne and raised their children alone and done a superb job.

Personally, i was pretty much forced to raise my son by myself (with the help of my parents).

My son is now 26, precious, beautiful, wonderful, doing very well.

My making the decision to have my son back then, was the very best thing i've ever done, with the exception of becoming a Nurse (whilst raising him).

Becoming a Mother is a truly wonderful thing, a "gift" and know, if you are pregnant and you choose to go ahead with becoming a Mother, then do know, this is what God has planned for you, so it was "meant to be".

If it wasn't meant to be, it would not have happened, regardless of the situation.

As you yourself mentioned, you're 43, you've no children, so this could well be your last chance.

There are reasons for everything and sometimes we're not supposed to know everything, however, when we're dealt our hand of cards, we all somehow deal with it, the best way we know how.

Try not to stress too much and know that, whatever your decisions, you will be ok, because they're YOUR DECISIONS and you know what's best for you.

If you feel very confused and even a bit overwhelmed, have a private chat with your GP about your thoughts/feelings.

I wish you all the very best! :-)

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A female reader, Aunty Susie Australia +, writes (14 May 2018):

Aunty Susie agony auntBetter get yourself off to the doctor and get tested. If you've had unprotected sex, pregnancy is not the only thing that may have occurred. And yes, you should know better at your age. No-one can make this decision for you, if you are in fact pregnant. Good for you if you decide to have the child on your own, and are in a position to do this. Personally, I would be giving the guy the option of involvement. As far as explaining yourself, if you go ahead with the pregnancy, should it be happening, can't you put it in a such a way, say that you'd made the decision to have a child, and found a willing donor. You don't necessarily have to share every detail. Big decisions to make, but health first and off to the doctor now.

Take care xx

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