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My best friend claims my boyfriend tried it on with her but my boyfriend says she's lying. Who do I believe?

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Question - (19 July 2009) 3 Answers - (Newest, 20 July 2009)
A female United Kingdom age 22-25, *olly123 writes:

Okay, heres the thing,

My old best friend claimed that my boyfriend tried it on with her, she had been a really pants friend and been getting around a hell of a lot! i didnt know what to do, he denied it but said he might have said things to her on msn that she could have taken the wrong way, i read these things and didnt seem too shocked by them because we was all such good friends, he had called her gorgeous when she was calling herself ugly and said they should like do something without me knowing but he always replied with "nah you know im only messing" or "just joking you know i wouldnt really do that" but still she has tried her hardest to get me to believe her, i dont though, i believe my boyfriend, am i being naive?

None of my friends believe her, they all believe my boyfriend because he really loves me. Ever since it happened he has been telling her how much he hates her for accusing him of it but she just replies with "you know what you meant". Before this all came out he used to complain to me for being friends with her because she was using us all for other friends. its been about 2 months and i still cant get over this! please help me !!

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A female reader, holly123 United Kingdom +, writes (20 July 2009):

holly123 is verified as being by the original poster of the question

hey thank you all for your answers but the thing is she likes him, she told me this herself about 3months before this all came out. im so confused i do really believe him i just want to understand why she said it

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A female reader, Lovely Sweet Laura Canada +, writes (20 July 2009):

Lovely Sweet Laura agony auntIf she has no reason to be jealous or upset you then I would trust her. Why else would she want to cause trouble unless she is just looking out for your best interest. Perhaps she did misinterpret something he said or did but all the same it seems shady...You need to decide for yourself whom you can trust and I'd say you don't completely trust your boyfriend otherwise you wouldn't be asking our opinions in the first place. Best of Luck

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A female reader, JGSM Sweden +, writes (19 July 2009):

JGSM agony auntHey!

Do you trust your friend?

Do you know your friend?

If you do, you should know the answer. I mean you should know her good enough to know if she is a person who does things out of jealousy or other reasons.

I only want the best for my friends, and I would never do anything at all to hurt them. So here's another question, do you know your boyfriend enough to trust him more than your best friend? Think about it, guys comes and goes and friends always stay.


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