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I'm in love with my teacher! Help!

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Question - (21 June 2007) 27 Answers - (Newest, 6 December 2008)
A age 26-29, anonymous writes:

i'm fifteen and i'm in love with my teacher and it so hard to see him at school knowing that i cant have him. i feel that he treats me differently as when we went on a school trip to germany he was so incredibly nice to me when i was ill and he would ask everyday whether i was alright and smile at me with his stunning smile and he was willing to go to the chemist shop and get some medicine for me. when he looks at me it feels as if he is looking deep into my eyes and not just at the surface. also he asked me about my family and life. people have told me to get over him but i cant because i love him. i just want to know how he feels about me but i cant say how i feel because im a pupil and hes my teacher. in lessons i feel really depressed as i cant have him and i cant tell him how i feel. ive been feeling really depressed for a really long time now and i dont know how to tell anyone about it as im not sure they will understand as i dont completely understand myself, also i dont know how to tell them as i feel embarassed to tell someone other than one of my close friends about it. do you have any advice for me about how to tell someone? also i've started to hurt myself because i cant deal with the pain in my head and heart, i know its not the answer but it feels better to do it than to keep the feelings locked up inside me. i want to know how he feels about me and i want to get out of this depression that im in. do you think he likes me and do you have any advice for me?

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A reader, anonymous, writes (6 December 2008):

Don't hurt yourself! Build a friendship with him first. When he is not your teacher anymore, ask him how he feels.

I know it is hard because he is your teacher. However if you really want to know, you have to be courageous.

Then if he is available in a few years and is interested in you, go for it. I have a similar story below that I would like for you to read.

I have to say that I can relate to your feelings of desperation and desire and sometimes, agony. I am 37 now, and I fell in love with my teacher when I was 16. I tried to resist my feelings, but I was unable to. I first noticed him because he appeared to be so angry and shut off from people all of the time. He seemed to be a lot like me. With me being the person that I am, I wanted to know more about him. In the beginning, it was general conversation about casual things ,and then over time, it became more personal about each other. When I realized that this was something that did not need to happen because of my age I tried to pull away from him, but he just would not let me. There were things about my life that he only knew. He became my greatest support and motivator. He protected me from all things that were bad and supported me when I had no one else. He taught me to believe in myself and love. The feelings were so strong that I could not keep them inside. I told one or two people and before I knew it, he knew how I felt. When he found out and I knew it, I was so scared about his response. He approached me and in an innocent and flirting manner asked me about what he had heard. At first, I stammered over my nervousness but then I admitted to him that I had very strong feelings for him. It was when I looked into his eyes that day and saw his reaction to me that I knew he felt the same way about me. Because of the student- teacher relationship, he could not say it openly, but in his actions he left no doubt in my mind. He would call me out in the hall during class just to ask me how my day was and flirt. He would put his arm on the wall over my shoulder and lean into me when he was talking as if he was going to kiss me. When I would pass him in the halls of the school, he would find me out of crowd to smile at and keep looking as he walked further away. One day when I was at my locker, he walked up behind me and put his hands on my shoulder and talked quietly in my ear about my day and the letter that I had wrote to him that day. As the years went by the connection between us became so strong and so passionate between us that my heart ached on the inside each time I had to leave him. While I was a minor,we both knew that we could not let in go any further than talking and flirting. While propositions were made, nothing sexual ever happened. After 7 years and after I grew older,I knew every day that I was away from him and could not be with him that he was the one. Unfortunately, it ended abruptly

and badly one day and I wouldn't see him or talk to him for 15 years. Since that day, my life has never been the same. I can truely say now that I am older that I have never loved anyone the way that I loved him. Recently, I began thinking of him again. So, I dediced to try and contact him for closure as to why things fell apart. While I expected, no response from him, he responded very promptly to my letter. He was eager and wanted to know everything about me. What I didn't expect to happen was to have the same feelings for him as before. So, now I don't know what to do because I am in a relationship. I know that if we meet in person that this whole thing will begin again. My heart and my body want to experience the feelings openly that I never got a chance to before. But my heart aches as well because I don't want to hurt anyone.

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A female reader, fluffybubble18 Australia +, writes (17 November 2008):

Look, I know you have all this advice, but let me give you a little bit more..

I am 19. When I was 17 I fell in love with my accounting teacher.. like deeply in love. Then I left for uni and it wasnt long before I fell for my gay criminal law lecturer. Now I'm in my second year and I just fell for another lecturer. It's just hormones... you probably like the idea of being with an older guy. I know the pain is excruciating and that's how I feel every day but you cannot risk telling him and getting even more hurt. Learn from my mistakes, you will get over him when you leave school, as hard as it is until then.

Please stop hurting yourself, I did that when I was 15 and it's not healthy for your self esteem and in general...

If I could help more I would...

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A female reader, diva_101 United States +, writes (2 November 2008):

I'am so relieved to know that I'am not the ONLY girl in a position like this. Last yr in 9th grade I had an English teacher and OMG I just fell in LOVE with him. He would always catch me checking him out and we would constantly flirt. So, I kinda decided to make the first move...not literally lol but for Valentines Day I got him a dancing devil-heart bear and it plays Rod Stewart's "If you want my body" lol. He loved the gift and paid alot more attention to me.

WELL, that was last year...NOW this year (I'm a sophmore) he wont even LOOK at me! Ugh I have somewhat hatred feeling towards him. He flirts so much with this other teacher I can't say her name but just to give you an idea of what I think of her...@#$%$@#@@@#@*****. But it's all good cuz I got back at him the other day. I walked my guy friend to class and who was right there flirting with that one teacher I hate so much??? Anyways, I gave my friend a big hug, he kissed my cheek and I smacked his ass RIGHT IN FRONT of my old teacher. The look on his face was PRICELESS! He gave me the dirtiest look, but I don't care. I gave him a taste of his own medicine! My feelings have really changed towards him. I used to be OBSESSED with him omg it was crazy. I still like him, and in my heart I always will, but it's just not the same.

Good luck hun, but please don't hurt yourself anymore. I used to cry myself to sleep because of him, but now I realized that he's just not worth it...and yet, I still get butterflys when I see him :( I think this is just a big game, I want to know how he truly feels but how does someone tell a teacher they're in love with them?? You don't.

Hope I have helped, much love.

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A female reader, anonymous, writes (16 April 2008):

Look I have the same problem with my teacher so after the lesson I stayed with him and told him how I feel about him then he told me that he feels the same way too so he kissed me and took me to his house and we made out and now every break he asks me if I need anything and when we are having a swimming lesson and I am wearing my swimming suit he keeps telling me that I am hot !!! So all u have to do is go tell him that u feel a strange feeling about him and hold his hands and then cry he is gonna hug u and tell u the same ! Trust me. Good luck!!! Oh this is my email if u need any help chat with me [moderator removed personal email address]

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A female reader, anonymous, writes (10 March 2008):

love is depressing, especially whn its unreqited - i'm 15, in love with my amazing teacher, and took this test in a magazine and i got the highest score possible; severely depressed, and i don't have anyone to talk to about it and its just getting worse, and i feel sick and go all shakey and my throat and chest feels tight whenever i'm around him and before each of his lessons i spend like 20 mins in the toilets because i so want to look pretty in his lesson so he'll notice me, and i dream about him and everything (although not nearly enough - i'd love to dream about him every night) and there are times after ive seen him when i just want to run away and burst into tears and then there are times when i feel euphoric, although i'm not sure why. recently, i've just felt depressed. i so wish he'd love me back, i understand completely what you're going thruogh, but i don't self harm, i guess ive never really thought about it. i often wonder about telling him how unhappy i am, like you were going to, becuase even if it would just create pity, at least you'd be getting closer to him, because then he'd be all "hey, how are you feeling today?" when you saw him, and you could become sort of friends, but im really shy, and the last time i stayed behind to ask him about homework it was... well, it was wonderful. i practically floated home, i was so happy, and i just felt like i could tell him anything. i didn't, but i really wish i had someome to talk to about all this, which is probably why im blurting out all my rpoblems instead of answering yours. sorry. good luck with your situation. x. you're not really alone in how you feel.

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A female reader, anonymous, writes (10 December 2007):

Gosh, this is weird!!

I really didn't think this happened to so many poeple but oh well...?

I really really like a teacher at my much it actually hurts me sometimes...

But i guess i just wanted to let everyone know this story of mine, and i know its long but blahh read it if you want..

It got really bad a week or so ago, this whole love thing. I started to write it down (i love writing ysee) without mentioning his name, so if anyone read it by mistake they wouldnt know it was me or him. I wrote a solid A4 page just on what i was feeling. I was so sad that night, i dont know why, but i told my best friend about it. She said the same as everyone would have "Just forget him, and it'll all get better". I can't forget him though; i don't think i ever will...and i'm not that much of a dreamer, i know what is possible and i know what will happen if life stays as it is. But life never does that, does it? Life likes to bite back just when things are going right.

SO i went into school the next day, and i started to cheer up with friends. I saw him around once or twice. His car was in the car park when i came in, so i knew he was there. Lo and behold, i had him for a free later that day. I swear to God, i could not control myself. I started shaking and my heart went in double time. I had to sit right in front of him too, as i was late. I had an important test later on, which i got books to study for but could not concentrate as he sat just a foot or so away from me. I noticed so many things about him then...his fingers are crooked, and he wears a miraculous medal around his neck...he was writing out tactics for a S match later and he drifts off a little bit. But i knew after that class it was impossible for him. I knew he noticed me (maybe because of my mad hair, and loud friends...but likely not) cause he kept looking at me at lunch. I knew then how i felt.

I had him then last week for a hockey match. We were out for about 2 hours before the other team turned up and it was raining. i had forgotten my hoodie and trousers, so i was just wearing my aertex and (helpfully) short skirt. I was th e only one warming up for the time with my friend and he kept looking at me. It was great that day. COld and wet, but great. He kept looking at me still when we got back. Glancing and holding my gaze then.

But then today i knew for sure he picks me out. He was wearing fairly smart clothes at lunch and i was just waiting around for my friend to come out and we just kept glancing at each other...i felt that familiar feeling in my chest when he looked at me, that familiar pang.

I know its unlikely well ever get together, but i cant let myself go through this time without knowing him at least. I just want to be friends with him I just want to know him.


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A female reader, estc girl Jordan +, writes (17 November 2007):

ok seriously, try to understand how he feels. im the same situation as you.but think.... he propbably loves you for all we know but hes not gonna come out with it though right? so ur best move is to befriend him then when u guys r close enough ask if u can tell him something personal then tell him. even ask if he has any ideas on how to get over him. haaaa! youll have told him and hell be involved in it to so you guys can deal with it together. good luck dude!

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A female reader, Love_is_all_youu_need United Kingdom +, writes (2 October 2007):

Love_is_all_youu_need agony auntHiya hunni!

I know its sooo hard, i've got a massive crush on my teacher too...Well, Actually i fink its more than a crush!

Erm, telling your teacher your depressed may seem the answer - but all you'll get is pity and gain more concern from him and other teachers. I think personally, it would be a bad move! I can understand where this is coming from though - I get these sort of ideas too, but then i think twice! And worry what he'd think of me, if i did! Life sucks lol.

Anyway, I'm leaving school next year for college. And leaving him will be the worst possible thing ever! Cos i really love seeing him. I think what i'm gonna do is talk to him before i do leave, tell him how i feel and apologise for my behaviour towards him! You could maybe do that too!

Just as long as you...

1. Tell him briefly how you feel

2. Apologise for any awkwardness you may have given him

3. Praise him for being such a great teacher, and mention that you respect him for what he is. (this isn't too necessary but will make him see what a mature and sweet girl you are]

4. If you know of any special event in his life such as; marriage, baby on the way etc. Then congratulate him. If not then end your speech with a positive note such as "Have a nice weekend".

People may not agree wiv what i'm saying but can you imagine leaving school, without him knowing how you feel! I know its unrequited and nothin can ever happen but still, you just gotta say something it should help you cope better and he may admire you for talking to him about it - But do it the day you leave cos if you do it before, things may come a little tense between the pair of you whilst being at school. If you decide to go along with my suggestion then great! So please message me and we can talk about it. xx

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A reader, anonymous, writes (1 October 2007):

This is verified as being by the original poster of the question

i recently found out that he is 40 though he doesnt look it. also in class i catch him looking at me and we look into each others eyes for a really long time. it has happened in every lesson and usually more than 2 or 3 times in the lesson. at lunch he randomly asked me if i was ok whilst smiling at me and looking into my eyes. do you think he likes me or just concerned? i want to tell him how i feel but know i cant but i also want to tell him about my depression as i think it will help me get over it a bit as i feel i can talk to him and he is always concerned about me. should i tell him about my depression and if yes how?

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A female reader, Pinkbees09 United States +, writes (30 September 2007):

Pinkbees09 agony auntFirst off, don't hurt yourself over anyone. Especially a teacher. He's your teacher, he may like you but as many people have already said, it can't and shouldn't go anywhere. And don't tell anyone. I told a friend of mine a teacher I liked and she told pretty much everyone. Extremely embarassing so don't tell a soul. I know how hard that is though.

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A female reader, warrior princess United States +, writes (24 September 2007):

well i have the same problem but i think that its not worth getting upset about. i just pretend that everything is going my way.

i get depressed about other things, and i know its not so easy to cheer up. this problem is pretty common.

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A female reader, anonymous, writes (13 September 2007):


the pain your going threw rely is undiscribable i should know i was/am in the same position 16 and i reli do love my teacher who is 36!trust me telling some one reli does help but not the teacher your in love with big mistake!i found it hard to concentrate in lessons and focus alot too it was like heaven thinking about him.i just wanted to satnd up and shout to the whole school i loved got that much i ended up telling my friend who as it went she alredy knew(she said it was obious she saw me checking him out)but i felt so much better after she knew i could talk to her about it and shed got to the point i used to right about him everyday in a diary and my friends would take picks of him secretly tying to make sure he didnt see.(mmm ive still got the photos now hes so fit)anyway back to the point we used to call him 007 coz he wore a suite eventuly some other people found out and i used to see in the back of some books my name n his i crossed it out and when people would ask me id deniy it but secretly deep down i loved

the fact that they asked me and rote us together.and my teacher just like yours was sweet to me too he would ask how i were and i went to him for anything.talking to him brightened my day up and made me realise how much i rely wanted him.they do say true love makes you blind dont they.

we used to eat in the cafateria with my mates n hed be with the other teachers somewhere in the room i couldnt take my eyes off him now and again id see him looking over at our table and once i was daydreeming and stairing at him but i noticed he was looking at me back we looked at each other for a while (sempt like a lifetime)thats when i began to think he liked me too.however not only was he my teacher he was married and had a child too.

eventually prom came and i saw him he looked so fit i went to go in the lift and he came in side too that moment i just wanted to tell him how i felt kiss him but i had to focus and think about his wife.i had a friend who's mum was mates with this teacher i fancied and when we was getting told off by him shed say right in front of him i love him i wanna kiss him which again i loved so he defantly knew and at prom i took some picks with him and my friend came over drunk saying i wanna fuck him i rely didnt care i just smiled at him.i never have told him but i know he alredy knows so i dont want to tell him and get rejected BECAUSE YOU WILL GET REJECTED !!hes your teacher he knows hes in a important position and doing anything with you would loose his job over and loose his trust with colleges and if he is married and she found out his family too.

there are loads of people who fancy there teacher me and you included i find the reason for this is:

your teacher gets respect and is trusted,your teacher is older so more mature hes in a powerfull position and we think dead sexy!geting respect and being mature makes us drawn to them.ok you say hes sewwt and makes you feel special he looked after you when you were ill trust me id like to say to you yep he loves you but the sad reality is he has to its his job ur in his care and he would be like that with any other pupil.if what ive written doesnt help then these next three points should,

1:if you love somebody you should let them go aspecilly when its unrequited like this is!just tink about when he goes home and cuddles his wife and children(if hes got any)or when hes makeing love to her NOT YOU think how much he loves her and they do even little stoph together like making tea.think how they argue but it doesnt matter because there in love and forgive eachother.

2:ok supose he does like you or he does for even a bit you kiss you sleep together he will only hate you for it!he wont stay with you so youll lose his career for him and hell have no job if his partner does find out hell lose her,his marrige or family hell only balme you for telling him rely worth it i dont think so thats why i havent i would rather not have him than him hatein me!

3:hell always go back to her hell always be thinking of her,someone else NOT YOU.HE LOVES SOMEONEELSE!he makes love to someoneelse!

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A female reader, anonymous, writes (8 September 2007):

I am in the exact same situation, and I told my friend the other day, and it turns out she's in a similar situation, too. We just haven't gone to the point of hurting ourselves.

I'm 15, almost 16, and I am madly in love with my Italian teacher from last year. I got really depressed at the end of the year because I wouldn't see him every day anymore, but this year, he still pops up in my Italian class because he's best friends with my teacher now. I also know that I'll have him senior year, too.

It's funny how many people are in the same situation. It makes me feel better. Hopefully all these responses have helped you, too.

(As a result of this situation, I've found myself listening to the song "Teacher I Need You" by Elton John over and over. It makes me happy.)

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A female reader, anonymous, writes (25 August 2007):

I am seriously in the same situation. Wow. Except that my teacher is 50 and I think he might be gay. Ugh, life just really sucks sometimes.

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A female reader, anonymous, writes (24 August 2007):

I am a really down to earth sort of person, and I am in the same situation as you, which kinda surprises me, cos I didn't think I was like that. With me, it has been about 6 teachers in total, but the more recent one means the most. The rest were just crushes I guess, this one, I really tried to let him know. I didn't go to school much, so when he was explaining my coursework to me, I really tried to look into his eyes and try and tell him with my eyes! I think he noticed, or may have just thought I looked confused? Either way it felt good to try something phsyical instead of dreaming! I have finished school now but I plan to go in and ask him to sign my drivers license thingy and give in some textbooks. I hope then I can somehow get it across to him. He must be like, 40, if not older, but we have the same sense of humour and I want to watch cowboy films with him. I can't figure out his accent, I think he's a Brummie?

I love just typing about him. Oh yeah and I have a boyfriend. So how does this work?

*big sigh*


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A female reader, anonymous, writes (12 August 2007):

goshness! you have a similar situation as mine... i'm 14 and i love this teacher... his 26 and i think turning 27...He looks like a teenager and sometimes acts like one... but he isn't my teacher... he teaches in the elementary...[Many highschool students fell head over heels for him when he first started working at our school, but I didn't fell for that] He knows me since back then, I always go to the office of another teacher[my distant relative] where he also stays... He'd be there to make jokes and also talk to me sometimes... At first I was irritated with him because he was such an egotistic..[He plays soccer, can't help but say he's really good at it] Worst thing though, I started having feelings for him and that's where he started ignoring me when we sometimes meet at the corridors... He was such a PROVOKER!

I wanted to know what's going on in his mind! He makes things complicated...

My classmates would tease me before that maybe he has a crush on me because of the attention he was giving me...

I make it a point to hide my feelings from them and I always deny that I like him if they would start interrogating me... And what confused me most is that, at the time he still talks to me freely, he broke up suddenly with his 3year long relationship girlfriend and after which he also started ignoring me...

Now, I tell yah, teachers may just sometimes be caring to his students since it's still their responsibility to take care of them inside the school campus or even during a field trip if anything happens to them... Don't make the first move to tell him your feelings, it might have just been a misunderstanding since you are overwhelmed by the attention he is giving you... Clear out your thoughts first... Don't put yourself in a risky situation...

hit me back! [email address blocked] :P

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A female reader, Mystic Moo United Kingdom +, writes (21 July 2007):

Mystic Moo agony auntWell don't do what I did and make a complete prat out of yourself by telling him. Believe me the pain and humiliation will just add to your depression.

You see, I fell in love with my teacher a while back and told him because I thought it would help me get over him (I don't know why)which didn't work. And he told my form tutor which was very embarrassing. But I soooo want to tell him again.

It's a shame that you have started hurting yourself. I did that once and it didn't help at all, and when my best friend saw it she made me promise not to do it again, not that I was planning on. It's not going to do you any good though, please stop, unrequited love can be a killer.

He sounds really nice, your teacher. Like he cares about you.

I'm sure he doesn't want you to be depressed.

Why don't you just make the most of your time with him and maybe one day when you leave school something could happen. Hopefully.

I don't really know what to say other than that.

Good Luck.


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A female reader, JustAGirl.x United Kingdom +, writes (14 July 2007):

JustAGirl.x agony auntI'm in the same situation.. and hurting yourself is daft!!! I have done that in the past and I so regret it.. I never have hurt myself over a teacher tho.. theres plenty more lads.. I'm in love with a teacher at my school but yeah I go out with mates and find lads.. it takes my mind of it

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A female reader, DIE-romantic. United Kingdom +, writes (2 July 2007):

DIE-romantic. agony auntI know exactly how you feel. Im in the same situation, and i havent told a SINGLE person about it. And with me and my big gob, im seriously surprised. :)

But i know what your going through and i know how hard it is, the teacher i like is in his 30's. No one has the right to say its a crush, because it may have been for them, but it might not be in your case. So im not going to say it is a crush, because i know it doesnt seem like it, if you have resorted to harming yourself. Ive also done that before, no its not the answer but it seems like it helps. I cant tell my family, because they would tell me to get over him and move on, when its as hard as hell, they dont understand and they certainly dont help matters.

It is really helpful to get things off your chest though, because when things build on top of you like that, it may come to some stupid alternative and people do silly things.

I often get depressed too, and i dont hardly ever participate in talking to other people in lessons, especially my friends, i just sit silently, because hes the only person on my mind, so i really DO understand.

Dont let anybody tell you its just a crush, because you know its not. Stay strong, dont do anything to stupid. Time is a great healer though, and if it is meant to work out it will. Just give it time. Message me and we can talk if you like yeah? :)


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A female reader, anonymous, writes (24 June 2007):

im in the same situation but the teacher i like is the same sex as me but i get the same type of signals. the best thing to do is just go out with friends and try not to spend time alone with nothing to do. i find that as long as im doing somthing fun i dont think about them at all it is only when im doing nothing i think about them.

hope this might help

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A female reader, anonymous, writes (21 June 2007):

look im 14 && iv hade a crush on my teacher !!

The reason y u think he likes because u want him to do this !!

trust me my friends made me see the world a bit difrent !!

and if u look around look at all the thigs thats going on with childern these day ... people like holly & jessica wells were kidnapped by some hellper at there school ... they make u trust them even thoit mite sem at tho u belve hes nice !! .. they bild ur trust with the .. u dwnt now wht will happen bbe x


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A female reader, Love_is_all_youu_need United Kingdom +, writes (21 June 2007):

Love_is_all_youu_need agony auntAwwwh hun you're not alone! I'm in the situation as you and i'm also 15, fancying a 30 year old teacher lol! The only difference is, the teacher i really really love shows no signs of liking me, unfortunately! But I fink he does know tho, coz evrytime i stare at him he looks uncomfortable n often i notice him staring at me suspiciously in the distance...i fink i've been totally freaking him out! but these things just can't be helped!

I've posted on here bout my situation, and all i get is ppl telling me to forget him - Omg they just don't get it do they? It's not dat easy...I honestly know what you mean bout depression aswel, one of my mates is really concerned bout me and tells me to go see a phyciatrist lol not gunna appen! I tell her all the thoughts dat go thru my head and in lessons, i'm alwayz like writing his name over and over agen all over my book den i rub it out n do it agen and agen. Fink i'm a bit looney! Den wen i fink of him i sumtimes start crying out of the blew coz i kno dat he's married n i'll neva have a chance to b wiv him - And on top of all dat i often start shaking cos i just can't bare this pain any longer!

Teachers can never be understood, you never knows what goes thru their heads so really in your situation, it's quite impossible to tell if he lyks you or not! Course you gotta look at the aspect of his status. Is he married or single? If he married den not very likely, If single den mayb he is after you - but one thing to remember is dat it is illegal, i's dreadful! And if anyfin ever did happen it wud put his job at risk :S so if he evr admitted liking you, just wait til you leave school nd graduate den perhaps if you feel the same way bwt him n he does too den ders not stopping yer!

Lol with me, i'm just hopin sir will divorce his wife - i know hu she is n dat she also teaches at my school! I might come up with a plot to split em up Heheh - Yeah, like i'd get away with that pfff!

Just stay strong hunnie, my heart is with youu! Don't let despression get the better of you, think positively and you never know what the future holds...

xox [hope i've helped a bit] xox

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A reader, anonymous, writes (21 June 2007):

I think it's just a teenage crush. It may not seem like it now but you will get over him. I think you think that he looks at you differently because this is what you want him to do.

I think you need to talk to someone about your depression a close friend would be a start. My boyfriends got depression and talking to a countler really helps him. They can explain to you how you're feeling and why I think it would be a really goood idea. If he/she suggests pills i suggest you don't take it because most people think it's better without them and you can get addicted.

About the hurting yourself. I know how you're feeling because i did it to myself the other day. I know it seems like a good way of relesing anger and stress but in the end it doesn't help it just makes you feel worse about yourself. Also seeing the marks all the time reminds you of all the bad feelings you were feeling when you did them.

I really urge you to talk to a countsler i promise you it will help.

Good luck. I hope you feel better.

P.s the more you leave depression the worse it will egt and the harder it will be to treat.

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A female reader, Crayons United States +, writes (21 June 2007):

Well, he's a teacher, you realize it just can't work, that'd be all bad and stuff. but you need someone your age like him. Impossibly to come by, ne? Well, he's likely just really likes you and is being teacherly.. try to see him as a mentor, a guider, you know? Just try, won't be easy. But he can be your lifelong friend.

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A female reader, sexy jade United Kingdom +, writes (21 June 2007):

i think you should move on he is your teacher and probley twice as old as u i had a crush on 1 of my teachers wen he first came 2 the school but then i met his wife and kids and saw how happy they was and now we are closs friends and not just teacher and pupil

gud luck wat ever u decide


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A reader, anonymous, writes (21 June 2007):

Babygirl! Wow, first of all let me ask...How is your relationship with your parents? I ask this because I know whenever I have deep concerns that I feel I can't tell anyone or that no one would understand I always talk to my mom or my favorite aunt about it. It may seem like an embarrasing thing to discuss with your family members, but they are the ones who will give you the best advice. They truly love you and are there to make your life better not to see you hurt. Really, hun, try talking to your mom or another close family member and pray on it, that ALWAYS works. It really will help.

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A female reader, love-him United Kingdom +, writes (21 June 2007):

love-him agony auntrite babe first off mail me about the hurting youself kai.. you need to get over him like your friends are saying.. this teacher id expect is being nice, doing nice things and your adding them up in your head and its making you think more.. and you may be over reacting.. mail me pls x x x x

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