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I'm caught in the middle of a family fight!!! Please, I need your help!!!

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Question - (30 December 2009) 2 Answers - (Newest, 30 December 2009)
A female United Kingdom age 22-25, *olli' writes:

I am stuck in the middle of three sisters one my Mums side of the family and a bad relationship with my mum and my Dad's sister. I try to be nice to everyone in My family because I hardly see them and when I do I like it to be a good, happy time, but that never happens. First of all, My mum has two sister, one has hated my mum for some reason since she was little, the other constantly lies to my mum, my mum seems immune to all this and is extreamly genorouse when it comes to birthdays and christmas, both the other sisters are so two-faced and use my mum so they'll get money off her and it makes me so angry. Then they hav the gutts to tell me when they were drunk that my mum it a 'female dog' and say that she hates her life but acts as if it's all good, but I know my mum better than they do, they use her and I'm with her everyday, the sisters are not as wealthy as my mum and could be jelouse but my mum dosn't see that, I do feel sorry for them because one is a single mum and it is proberbly hard for her and the other has recently got devorced. WHAT SHOULD I DO!!!

My dad's sister for some reason dosn't like my mum either, It sounds like my mum is horrible but she really isn't, she cares about everyone and works her socks off to get were she is. When I was at my Dads mum's house, my parents were there and so was a few of my dads siblings, mums attitude was really miserable, I think that is beacause everyone was a little tipsy, and they changes the taxi time, to 3:00 instead of 12, they all told me not to tell my mum, and My mum hadn't been well, and wanted to go to bed, then she thought the taxi hadn't showed up, my dad told her, and when my mum walked away from all of us, everone was saying, "Thats why you shoudn't tell her." I hate people talking about my mum behind her back. I'v had it with people saying nasty, spiteful things about her,Its not fair and it's me their all telling, I can't tell my mum the things they said it will upset her, but I want to stop her giving them presents, money and even cards, how should I tell her, any suggestions.

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A reader, anonymous, writes (30 December 2009):

tell your mum and dad how u feel about the situation then when the family comes tell them how u feel not being allowed to tell ur mum stuff and if they ingnore u just tell ur mum anyway

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A male reader, Fatherly Advice United States + , writes (30 December 2009):

Fatherly Advice agony auntThat is all a little too close to home for me. My Father and all of his siblings fight like cats and dogs. Fortunately for me I'm old enough that I don't have to go to family parties. So I don't. Just last week my aunt sent a rather snippy email out to her whole list. It upset me quite a bit that she thinks that beating up people verbally is the way to get them to help her with trivial things. So I didn't reply to her. I sent the stuff to the person who needed it. Your Mom is a grown up and how she deals with her sisters is pretty much up to her. On the other hand it is very wrong for her sisters to try to drive a wedge between you and your mother. The best way is to just walk away when thay start in to gossip. The thing to say is, I don't gossip, or, Mom is like a best friend to me. Of course they will talk about you behind your back, but you won't have to listen to it.

Now about changing the Taxi time, that was a very rotten trick that has been done to me. Last time someone tried to keep me where I didn't want to be I walked five miles home, before they even figured out I was gone.


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