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I want to send my boyfriend naked pics of myself

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Question - (30 June 2007) 11 Answers - (Newest, 14 January 2011)
A female United States age 30-35, anonymous writes:

My boyfried of two years is now long distance and I miss our sex life. Would it be stupid to e-mail him some nude pictures of myself? I am no model and a little bit round around the waist. Will he be shocked? How do I pose?

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A female reader, ssaarraahh United States +, writes (14 January 2011):

ssaarraahh agony auntits a really good idea. but u never know who can hack ur or ur bf acount.the best way to take a shot is to first wear a shirt and tight and then take a shot and send it then wear a bra and take a shot then finally take off everything and send the pic good luck

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A male reader, anonymous, writes (13 July 2007):

Use a polaroid - it's a little bit safer, but you'll need someone else to actually take the pics. The best thing would be to get your fella to take the pics next time you are together. he can tell you how he'd like you to pose then!

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A male reader, anonymous, writes (13 July 2007):

well ...a normal woman posing naked for photos is not considered as a crime these days ( Thankfully ).

There are so many women who pose naked , and erotically too , with so many professional photographers doing good artistic work.

What I want to say is it is nearly a "normal" thing now.

I would encorage you to go ahead and do it now. When you are 60 you may not have the body to flaunt!

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A male reader, Marcellas United States +, writes (12 July 2007):

remember one thing, always. Once a pic is out there, it's forever, and will surface here and there. If it doesnt, it's still out there, forever. 20+ yrs from now, whatever pixxx you upload, anywhere, will be available. I have always masked my wife's face any time any were shown. Hard policy - never any ID marks or face. Mask your face well with a photo editor if you EVER upload even a g rated where strangers could see it. even G rated can be linked to ideas and statements you dont want id'd to your pic.

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A male reader, Andy00 United Kingdom +, writes (10 July 2007):

Andy00 agony auntIf your boyfriend has been with you for two years, I'm sure sending naked pictures to him completely out of the blue will delight him. He must like what you look like, after all, he's with you and he has been for 2 years!

One night, my ex (girlfriend at the time) sent me a picture message of her lying on her bed, her hair spread out all over the place, pulling a sexy expression with her top off. And, what can I say? I more or less fell out of my trousers! Surprise can play a real element in it. If he doesn't expect a thing, the more surprised he'll be.

I'd say go for it! Go into an environment you're comfortable with, take off all your clothes, sit around for a little bit, relax, and then try taking a few pictures. It's important that you feel comfortable what you look like when you do it, if you feel good, chances are you will look good as well.

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A female reader, anonymous, writes (1 July 2007):

Hey there

My boyfriend is long distance (he works on the other side of the country for 6-8 weeks at a time). I email him pics - I am no model either and am 'obese' but I send him some pretty sexy pics!

First of all, you gotta trust him.

First time around, send some more tame pics - nice face ones, clothing on, maybe a bra shot or something. Make the most of your best assets when taking pics - if you have good boobs, flaunt them. The thing with pics is that you can highlight what you want to show and not show bits you dont like.

For instance, I hate my tummy but recently took a heap of shots with me wearing a corset - the perfect crime! So play around with it, and have fun.

Trust me, he will appreciate the pics!

Good luck.

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A female reader, happytochat Australia +, writes (30 June 2007):

What is making you question whether or not you should do it or not? Do you fear someone else might end up seeing them? Or do you think he may just not like it?

You asked if he will be shocked? Do you mean shocked as in to see you naked or in that you took a photo and sent it? Well I assume he has seen you naked before so I doubt he would be shocked to see you that way. But some people might be shocked you would take a photo and send it via email.

Like everyone else has mentioned, think twice about sending them, because anyone can hack into your computer/account and get them. And you have to consider what happens if you have a fight or break up? Can you trust he wont let his anger take over him and not do something bad with them?

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A male reader, Frank B Kermit Canada +, writes (30 June 2007):

Frank B Kermit agony auntI have an about you send me those nude photos first, and I can give you my opinion? Does that sound less appealing for someone that barely knows you to get his grubby mits on those pics of yours? I am assuming that you would not like that.

Well, that is what is bound to happen if you start emailing photos of yourself in the nude. You never know who will get a hold of your bf's email account, or his computer if he saves them on his hard drive.

This is all assuming that your bf is honorable and will keep those pics private anyways.

I have always taken nude photos of all my past lovers, and to this day I cherish those photos and guard them carefully, BUT my past lovers also know that I do not pass the photos electronically in any way that would hurt their repuations. Can you trust him to do the same, even if you break up with him, or if the two of you get into a fight?

I can understand a woman's desire to feel like a starlet, and I love living out her fantasies like that, BUT be very choosy with who you share it with, and be comfortable with the idea that one day in the future he might do something less honorable with those pics than you would like...again, depending on the type of man he is.

-Frank B Kermit

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A male reader, pantelis0383 United States +, writes (30 June 2007):

sexy lingerie, and don't send them..

chat in msn for istance,

let him see you with a camera.

just that, and not a lot of things.:)

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A female reader, flower girl United Kingdom +, writes (30 June 2007):

flower girl agony auntHave to agree with eddie it's a no go on sending pictures of yourself, as if things should go pear shaped between you two they could end up on the web avaiablr for all to see, well thats one possibility .

I personally would not take the risk but it's up to you.

Take care.xx.

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A male reader, eddie Canada +, writes (30 June 2007):

eddie agony auntI wouldn't do it. You're young and have a long life ahead of you. My point is, you don't know where those pictures will end up.

Be careful.

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