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He was with another girl while we were on a break

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Question - (24 July 2007) 3 Answers - (Newest, 24 July 2007)
A female Canada age 26-29, anonymous writes:

Im 16 years old my ex boyrfriend and I were together for 7.5 months. We did argue sometimes but never anything serious. There was always this girl that really bothered me that he used to hang out with, so while he went to go see his friends she text him and he invited her over to his friends house. He told me he didnt even talk to her or go near her but I was to upset to care. I then called a break and we were both in tears and really upset the next day our new staus is broken up. He told me that he talked to people and said that a break is breaking up. During that week we would talk about getting back together and doing things differently. A week later after being with his friends he told me he hooked up with some chick he worked with but didnt have sex with her. he said he really loved me and even though we werent together he was thinking about me the whole time. He didnt think I would take him back so thats why he did it He never wanted to tell me bcuz he knew he would lose me and now i have absolutley no clue what to do. I love him alot and i am very mad but at the same time dont know what to do take him back?,move on and totally forget him, or remain friends and take it from there? help!

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A male reader, blazee United Kingdom +, writes (24 July 2007):

blazee agony aunthi:) umm if he hasn't done anything before, hes probably made a mistake and feels very bad about it.

this site is very helpful and i can see you already have many answers to this question:)

so ill just say talk your feeling over with him.

tell him how you feel, wich is most important.

good luck xxx

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A male reader, Danielepew Mexico +, writes (24 July 2007):

Danielepew agony auntLauraE is right.

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A female reader, LauraE United Kingdom +, writes (24 July 2007):


If he hasn’t lied to you in the past, then I would take his word for it. He thought you were finished, his friends said you were and he believed them. Often a break does mean you are finished. Sometimes people say they want a break when they really want to break up, because they aren’t brave enough to say what they really mean, or they want to keep their options open.

So that’s what he thought, and although he wasn’t over you at all, he was tempted by an attractive girl. Attention from someone else that fancies you makes you feel a whole lot better after you have been rejected. A painful lesson that I learned at 18 was that even if a boy cares for you, if you finish with him, or ask for a break, he will go after other girls. Men are often different from us in this respect.

The lesson to take from this is don’t ask for a break unless you really mean it, because you might get more than you bargained for. If you both want to get back together, don’t agonise about it. Count yourselves lucky to have got through this, and start again.

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