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Does anyone know any websites regarding sex education or masturbation?

Q.   I need help. I'm 20 live in the UK and have had virtually no sex education. It was poorly talked about in class, and I'm too embarrassed to talk to my parents about it. Can anyone give any websites about sex ed, masturbating etc....

A.   24 January 2007: Cos your dont want people looking on your computer history finding all these sites. go on a helpful serch engine : -thats the best. and later delete your history by going : -history. -right click the link you went ... (read in full...)

My gf has been very graphic about her past, now the images are stuck in my head and it's too much for me. Should I end the relationship?

Q.   Hi I've been seeing a girl for around 6 months now. We met at a works do and after a few drinks we got closer and we got very close to sleeping together. I'd never slept with someone in a situation like that so backed off - even though she made ...

A.   24 January 2007: She is open to you, that obviously means she likes you..and doesnt look at you as a one night stand. yes having sex on a beech may come to you as a upset but think about it.. she basically said 'im a diferent women, forget about the past' w... (read in full...)

My boyfriend's mom doesn't like me. She makes me feel so unwelcome. What can I do?

Q.   my boyfriend and i are very much in love but his mum keeps interferring, she wont even let him come round mine anymore, i know his mum doesnt like me and makes me feel very unwelcomed but my boyfriend is old enough to make his own decisions and she ...

A.   23 January 2007: And? Not being rude but it doesnt matter. tell youre boyfriend and he would hopefully say to his mum 'lighter up on her' type thing. anyway your not going out with her so just carry and your bf likes each other? good! good luck ... (read in full...)

I think my girlfreind is going to dump me after valentines day! What should I do?

Q.   It all started when my girlfriend started texting my mate telling him that she's dumped me and fancies him. And she asked him if he would go out with her. Now I think she fancies him and her mates told me that she's going to dump me after ...

A.   23 January 2007: ask her if its true. or just dump her before..and tell her that shes not good anough embarris her like she did to you!!! ... (read in full...)

Do you think it's ok for an 18 year old guy to date a 16 year old girl?

Q.   Hi everyone. I've been talking to a girl online for about 2 years now and we get on really well. I was thinking of asking her to be my valentine this year. The age thing gets to me though for some reason and I would really like to know your ...

A.   23 January 2007: YES! it dont matter how old u are, my cousin is 16 and shes going out with a 26 yr old, she doesnt care and neither does her parents as long as shes happy and 'in love' theres nothing to be ashamed of. btw i think a date on valatines is BRILL its ... (read in full...)

He's taken to watching porn, but says its my fault as I cant have sex at the moment!!!

Q.   now it is worse! I have gone broadband after my bloke convincing me it would be faster for me on ebay etc, I did this on the 12th jan. all good, but on 18th i go out for my daughters 11th birthday to find he has been using it for big boobs porn and ...

A.   23 January 2007: Prehaps you should make him sit down and say what your feeling, tell him that he was the one tht made you cant have it. why can he enjoy the pleasures of that stuff when you cannot. dont worry if you tell him straight he would understand. ... (read in full...)

Three girls in school I like but I'm not able to take it to the next level..any advice?

Q.   Hi, so I've been kinda having this problem for a long time now. This year is my last year in high school and there are three girls that I flirt with in different classes. Now, I'm 100% that they like me by the way they act and talk, but I've never ...

A.   21 January 2007: If you 100% sure, all you can do it try. say 'want to do anything afta skl' and if they say no you've got 2other trys. At least one of them is going to like you! ... (read in full...)

Dating etiquette! When a guys asks you for a date, do you reply immediately or wait?

Q.   hey i was just wondering..if a guy you like, like asks you to get together on a date should you say directly yes or wait till next day and say yes? i don't want to sound desperate when this happens in the future. And if he asks one of his friends to ...

A.   21 January 2007: Dont say yes straight away, becuse you may feel desperate, do a sexy line like 'ill think about it' or just text him a day later, he would just dig you even more, and wouldnt be able to wait to see you. (if that makes sense)... (read in full...)

Am I just his back-up girlfriend?

Q.   Well i like this guy and everyone at school told me that he liked me to and he even asked me to the movies but i found out that he has a girlfriend in a city that is three hours away he told my friend that he liked me but basically using me as a ...

A.   21 January 2007: Girl, you aint worth this. find someone better go out with them and if he says ' i thought you were my girlfriend' just say 'your my back up plan...' and really Embarrass him in frount of his mates, and dont feel bad because thats what he has been ... (read in full...)

Bf is concerned that if I get braces-I will look ugly and not be able to give him blowjobs! Any advice for me?

Q.   Can I still give a blowjob if I get braces? I'm thinking of getting one, but my bf wouldn't want me to because he says it will make me look ugly and I might not be able to give him blowjobs because it might hurt the both of us. I wonder if I would ...

A.   21 January 2007: Are you postive you need one, they hurt like mad. seriously i had one! but personally you WILL NOT look ugly, your just the same and in fact ive known people that look prettier with them on, especailly it you get a colour. anyway i think that you... (read in full...)

I have fallen for my friend, should I take the risk and tell her?

Q.   I'm a teenage male who has a lot of mates who just use me. I finally found someone who actually cares about me and I feel strongly about her as well. I have feelings for her and we always joke about things (sexual or otherwise) so i dont know if she ...

A.   21 January 2007: I say tell her. if does reject you dont worry because she lives far away and you wont get embarrsed so much. but she might reject you because you are relly close, and known each other for a long period of time. you could try and give her hints 'd... (read in full...)

Can a girl get pregnant on her period?

Q.   Well me and my girl have been together for 18 months and last week on friday 3 days before her period was over i had decided to have unprotected sex with her and wanted to know if you can get preganant while on your period?...

A.   21 January 2007: This May come to you as an troblem but im affraid to say yes, when a girl is on her period (at ny age) she can become pregnant, if the 'sperm reaches the egg'. next time think before to do it. other wise dont worry! ... (read in full...)

My child seems spoiled. She needs to be picked up all the time. Help?

Q.   my child is a spoiled brat, i cant do anything without her crying to be picked up all the time. help....

A.   20 January 2007: Your Child isnt acutally spoilt, its just young but these times are the worst if you keep giving in you will eventually end up with a brat. tell him/her no and if she/he doesnt understand put him on the naughty step he/she can think about what ... (read in full...)

Can't handle my 2-year old anymore!

Q.   my 2 year old son is really naughty and does'nt listen to anything we say he hits me and bites me when things don't go his way.meal times are a joke and always end up with his half eaten food on the floor what can i do as i can't handle him anymore....

A.   20 January 2007: Im No one that has any kids of my own, just yet. but i have watched lots of the supernanny/ nanny 911, there a great help. anyway a popular technique would be the 'naughty step' you place your child on there and make him stay for 1-3mins (how... (read in full...)

I told her I wanted marriage-she went cool and broke off with me! I want her back...advice please?

Q.   How can I win her back? I've been going out with this girl for almost 7 years, then out of the blue she broke up with me. She stated that she loves me, she can’t marry me and that I should find someone better then her. I stated that I’m old enough t...

A.   20 January 2007: Some poeple get cold feet and scared when people pop that question and you cannot blame her -the question does mean 'will you spend your days with me forever'.otherwise i would just leave her a bit. phoning or emialing might make her nervous. become ... (read in full...)

What would you make of a disappearing condom?

Q.   If you counted condoms one time at your b/f's place AND was pretty damn sure you counted right and said 9 to yourself and then another time count them and you are pretty damn sure one was missing..would you automatically assume your b.f was ...

A.   20 January 2007: You dont need to bother getting yourself wound up cos in the end you'll find his brother or mate borrowed one. anyway you might be making your self think there was 9 but acutally there was 8. dont stress! ... (read in full...)

My girlfriend is going away can i trust her ?

Q.   I've been with my girlfriend around 9 months now and we are totally in love. However she has recently decided that she wants to go and work abroad for the summer for around 6 months (shes only 18 so wants to live her life a little which I ...

A.   20 January 2007: You Obviously cnnot trust her. she going away to work, i understand why you might think this but i personally think you should ask to have a break. you cannot have a long distance relationship for 6mnths. and since your girl is 19yrold she need... (read in full...)

Why is the kissing and getting intimate not making me hot?

Q.   Alright so this girl and i have been going out for a few weeks (ive actually known her since we were like 8 or 9) --but we just starting going out. Ive always liked her and i like being around her... But today i went to her house and we hung out ...

A.   19 January 2007: Seeing as u have known her for ages, i understand why you dont get the same feelings. maybe it IZ because you known her for years. prehaps you should just tell. if youve known her for ages she should be able to understand and move on back to ... (read in full...)

I'm crazy about her but she's married! She says she feels 'something' but is commited to her marrige. What can I do?

Q.   I'm a single guy in my thirties. Last year i met this great woman at a place i don't go to very often. I asked her out as i thought she was lovely and amazing. She refused as she's married. A couple of months ago, i met with her again at the s...

A.   19 January 2007: If shes willing to be your friend you must except that she even knows you. you cannot force a girl to cheat. i think that you should walk away from your feelings. if you love her the best way is to forget her, dont stay in touch before you get hurt... (read in full...)

Why are my friends trying to screw me over?!

Q.   Ok here the deal, Its kind of complicated but one of my best friends (Rach) went crazy at me today because she thinks i'm talking about her behind her back. Obiously I haven't, but no matter what I said I couldn't make her see that. So eventually I ...

A.   19 January 2007: ive read your comment, lots of people are in the same postition. that happend to me once, and what i think is that maybe just maybe their not your true friends,especially if rach doesnt listen to you. (this letter isnt very good, its my fir... (read in full...)

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