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Why block someone and not delete them?

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Question - (12 September 2018) 7 Answers - (Newest, 17 September 2018)
A female United Kingdom age 41-50, anonymous writes:

My ex and i split up 8 months ago i never thought id see or speak to him again.

A couple of month back we slept together ( both wanted it ) but before we did we were talking about how we could try again. We started to talk a little more over the next couple of week ( google hangouts message service) it was going really well but then he blocked me.

I tried to reach out but nothing. Im not giving him another chance. I am going to delete him. Why would someone block and not delete ? what goes on in a mans head ?

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A female reader, aunt honesty Ireland +, writes (17 September 2018):

aunt honesty agony auntI think you are over analyzing this. He probably thought blocking you would also delete you, I doubt he is playing games! You are reading to much in to it. You have done the right thing deleting him, not try and remember it is always a bad idea to sleep with an ex. It is obvious he decided afterwards it wasn't going to work and instead off being honest he took the cowardly way out and blocked you.

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A female reader, anonymous, writes (14 September 2018):

I am the op. We talked before sleeping together and yes we both wanted it. What im trying to ask is if he doesnt want to contact me ever again then why only block why not delete . From reading peoples answers im realising he wants full control wether to be able to contact me on his terms. Im not into playing games i have deleted him social media and phone he wont be able to contact me ever again.

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A male reader, N91 United Kingdom + , writes (14 September 2018):

N91 agony auntBecause he doesn’t want to hear from you.

It’s over. He is an ex so keep him in the past, trying to rekindle old relationships is usually a terrible idea. This is for the best.

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A female reader, CindyCares Italy + , writes (14 September 2018):

CindyCares agony aunt Blocking is to make sure that they do not contact you.

Deleting is to make sure you do not contact them.

Apparently your ex does nor feel that he is at muck risk of being tempted to reconnect.

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A male reader, WiseOwlE United States + , writes (14 September 2018):

It was post-breakup sex. Blocking on social media comes next; and then no further contact. No response to calls or text messages.

When under the influence of the euphoria after sex; there's often talk of a reconciliation. Heads clear, but there is always one of the couple who holds-on to false-hope. That's you!

Now expunge all his messages, block him on every account, and close your Facebook and Instagram accounts for one month; so you won't be tempted to stalk. You are now under repair. If you need a friend, call them! Stay off social media. You're in no state to deal with social media. You'll only search for him.

Take a deep breath. Shed no tears. Write this on your bathroom mirror in lipstick: "I'm over him!"

Leave it there until you are, sweetheart!

We're in your corner!

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A female reader, Youcannotbeserious United Kingdom + , writes (14 September 2018):

Youcannotbeserious agony auntYour ex slept with you, chatted for a while then disappeared again and your biggest worry is why he blocked you but didn't delete you?

I would suggest a far more pertinent question is, why were you so eager to jump into bed with someone without first establishing that a relationship really was on the cards, as that was what you wanted?

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A female reader, Honeypie United States + , writes (13 September 2018):

Honeypie agony auntBlocking is really sufficient.

Deleting is more a safeguard to NOT get tempted to contact them again, my guess is he is done and thus blocked you. So... block and delete HIM and move on. Going back to an ex for sex and comfort is what holds you back from moving on and finding someone who IS suited for you... Stop wasting your time on this guy and stop caring why he is doing what he is doing...

Tell yourself WHO CARES!?

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