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My hubby treats me like dirt, is his behaviour right, doesn't he love me anymore??

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Question - (25 January 2010) 3 Answers - (Newest, 4 February 2010)
A female United States age 30-35, anonymous writes:

Hello everybody. i ill apriciate it, if Men and Women answerd me please . im very confused well see my husband tells me im sick and tired of you i need my space i have no privacy i want to be single i can afford to live on my own. a couple of hears ago i started to loose interest in you he is 28 years old im 25 years old we are married 4 years and together 13 years yes since todlers. But he told me earlier to go for checkup because he want children but then he wants to g owith his friends away on weekends and if i would suggest rather to save the money or to buy stuff for home he would scream and shout and argue with me. I told him instead of him finding the wrong in me rather look at the better stuff you know he says NEVER i will not walk over he's head and pull the string i did not say that at all and i never wanna tell a man what to do . But is he's behaviour right?

i asked him dont you think family is sometimes more important than friends expences in a nice calm manner. He says your just a child you know F___ and i will do what ever i want when ever i want and i will be single before the end of this year enjoying myself im sick and tired of people and you , you B___h (im using nicer words!!) When i ask him am i still sexy for you He says stop asking childish stuff.. And if i feel he says something that aint right or unfair he will say Oh So You have something to say about everything!!!! ? Im Done TALKING TO YOU B___H .

i will say have a splendid day talk to you later . He will SAY I TolD YOU LEAVE ME THe F__K ALONE I Will nOT HEar what you have to say nor read it ....... ??? am i doing something wrong here?? please help me if i am yes i do respect him i do everything he asks me to do.Even if he treats me like a piece of dirt i still cook,clean, make love, and talk nicely to him.

HE SAYS IM LIKE A SPY i dont leave him alone at all? that is not true at all. i have a shy, and soft at heart if someone will scream at me i will cry i know that is childish but im a very soft lady. how ever he treats me like a buddy or a dont know but not a ladylet me give a nother excample if there will be a lady in the room he will get het a chair from another room if its was me he wont do it ill have to go get it myself or will tell me if we are t h isfriends place there is a chair in that other room go get it stop standing around u are working on my nerves!!! also i do care for him and i am inlove with him he means alot to me .

But lately its like i dont exist in his live or like im not his other half or wife he says what ever is going on in my life has nothing to do with YOU you little anoying child go get something else to play with . He will like be early for work lets say 10-15minutes before his shift starts be there and tells me im fu___ng late again...... but then he is not late for work at all. he is even sometimes 1hour before the time there then he will still go out of his way to argue with me or let me feel crappy. Sometimes i cannot go on anymore but then i think about our vows in good and bad times. So i guess this is the bad times ??? He will rather talk private or work stuff with his mom,friens , other women. i wish he will be like that to me just now and then . Makes me sad when he is like this towards me . How can he not feel guilty or feel bad when he is so rude towards me .

i love children but now i dont know if i want children i feel negleted.

He is a good man, and have a good heart but he's behaving started about 2years ago since he had a female single friend also but now doesnt work with anymore.... He were usually open with me told me whom he's buddies were on a chatting room now if ill ask something stupid he will make a big issue out of it and say i will talk to whom ever i want when ever . i do not ask you that?? Am i doing something wrong?? i so please help me right

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A male reader, anonymous, writes (4 February 2010):

ok, I read what you have written. I see you have a lot of feelings and love for him. But, here is the thing god gave us one life to live and enjoy. How can you truly be happy if you don't get a chance to live your life. He is taking you for granted and using you and you put up with it. I recommend you seek help because you need help on overcoming this issue. I can not see any good come from your relationship with him. If you have children with him your children will pay the price twice as hard as you are now. I would have to say if he is going away on the weekends with friends then he isn't being faithful to you either. Which could lead into aids or other s.t.d.s. It is a hard road but you need to make that step or get marriage help but I feel it is beyond that. You sound like a good person don't let this ruin you and make you distrust men. Were not all bad just the one's who see an easy target and have no sole. Good Luck

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A male reader, CaringGuy United Kingdom +, writes (25 January 2010):

The fact of the matter is this man hasn't grown up and what he's really saying is he doesn't want kids. Or, maybe he's having an affair or something with this other woman. To be honest, you're just going to waste your life if you continue with this man. He wants his freedom, not children. You mustn't sit there and take all this from him. You're wasting time on him.

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A reader, anonymous, writes (25 January 2010):

If your husband is cussing you next will come violence. You are in an abusive relationship I suggest you get out now. Don't drag a child into an abusive home. If you feel like you are watching what you have to say and can't really be yourself it's time to move on. You may love him but he has issues. If you want to try to work it out try a marriage counselor.

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