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I'm 30, will my penis grow anymore?

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Question - (8 October 2010) 3 Answers - (Newest, 8 October 2010)
A male India age 36-40, *ale 30 writes:

Q I am male age 30 yrs:

Q-I am a 30 year old male with a 4 and half inch penis. Will my penis grow anymore? It is correct for sex, If not then what to do ignore me english grammer.

What the correct size of women vagina and male Penis pls help and guide.

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A female reader, DenimandLace44 United States +, writes (8 October 2010):

DenimandLace44 agony auntNo it will not grow. It is on the smallish side, but plenty big enough for great sex. The important thing is that you learn to use it, as well as your fingers and tongue.

You have all it takes to make a woman happy. And her size will fit you. :)

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A female reader, Elydiese United Kingdom +, writes (8 October 2010):

No sorry it wont

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A female reader, followtheblackrabbit Cayman Islands +, writes (8 October 2010):

followtheblackrabbit agony auntNo, it will not grow in length anymore. But, I have read studies where scientists claim that width is what's important, not length. Width stimulates the vagina more as it stretches it while too much length can be a bit uncomfortable for women as it can hit their cervix which can be very uncomfortable and painful. There is no "right" size. Everybody's different. Some women prefer smaller, some bigger. It depends. So no worries, your penis is fine.

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