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I'm 16 and in love! But he doesn't feel the same. Should I just forget him then?

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Question - (19 January 2007) 4 Answers - (Newest, 23 January 2007)
A female United Kingdom age 26-29, anonymous writes:

i am 16 and in love! The problem is the guy i love doesn't like me like that! he flirts all the time with me but tells me he doesnt like me!

He has told me a few times that he likes me but if i confront him about it he acts like he was joking.

He is completely different to what i normally go for. He was the biggest geek in school and i was as they say popular!

I recently had a bf and he was jealous. It's like he doesnt want me but doesn't want any1 else to. He flirts constanly even weather i have someone or not!

Should i get over him or hang in there?

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A female reader, SweetSixteen United Kingdom +, writes (23 January 2007):

SweetSixteen agony auntsounds like this guy likes you he's just too afraid to admit it cos you were 'popular' at school. maybe if you relaxed more around him he might get the picture that you don't care what he was like at school and that you now like him.

as for your ex he sounds like he's jealous cos you could be happier with this guy than you were with him. just move on with your life and try your hardest to get the guy you like.

remember moving foward never takes you backwards

hope i helped SweetSixteen!

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A female reader, xx-miss-cupid-xx United Kingdom +, writes (19 January 2007):

xx-miss-cupid-xx agony auntHey x

This boy sounds like he likes you, but possibly likes the fact more that he could have you if he wanted! Don't wait around for him to make his mind up. You could make the first move, but you COULD just flirt with all the guys. After all you're only 16 once!!

However, if he IS just shy, then you could give him time to think about what he really wants. But don't make yourself available all the time, let him know that he has to try harder if he wants you!

Good luck with this boy...or any others you meet on the way!

Cara -x-

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A female reader, Millyella Ireland +, writes (19 January 2007):

Millyella agony auntI think this guy possibly likes you, but for whatever reason isn't going to make a move. So, at the wonderful age of 16, are you going to hang around waiting for him to make up his mind????

I hope not. Go out, have fun with your friends, flirt with every boy you meet. If he decides he wants to be with you later, then decide how you feel at that time. At this point, he hasn't given you anything concrete to go on and so it isn't worth waiting for him. Get on with your life; forgetting him won't be easy at first, but soon you'll be so busy having fun that it won't hurt so much.

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A male reader, Dazzerg United Kingdom +, writes (19 January 2007):

Dazzerg agony auntI think there are basically two explantions for his activity; either he is really shy and scared of feeling anything for you, which is possible given that he may think he is beneath you, given the different social circles you are in. Either that or he just likes the attention but isnt willing to commit, in which case he isnt worth your time.

If, however, he is merely shy and scared then you will just have to reassure him that he is the one you want. You leaving him alone will just confirm him in his low self-esteem. The fact that when confronted he is defensive, acts like its a joke, rather suggests that this is the case. He likes you but he has low self-confidence and is too scared to admit his true feelings. Hope that helps. Take care.

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