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I need help - I feel like a fool

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Question - (28 December 2014) 2 Answers - (Newest, 29 December 2014)
A female India age 26-29, anonymous writes:

Hi. Need help! I really liked this friend of mine and he knew about it. We met a couple of times but he started behaving strangely later on. Stopped responding to my texts and every time it was me initiating a conversation and ending up feeling like a fool. I let this happen so many times only cause I thought I'm overthinking and he is a friend! I don't know why I ended up texting him despite all this. I am certainly not letting a guy treat me like I'm a girl desperate for his attention. But that's what I've done and compromised on my self respect for his sht. I don't even know my fault! I wasn't even flirting cause I assumed he might be seeing someone cause of his sudden behaviour change. I feel really hurt and mad at myself for repeating the same mistake of texting him. I feel so terrible and like a loser now.

PS- He was in my city and didn't bother to tell me. I saw it on FB and that's why texted him.. and he lied he is with his I am gonna ask him to meet! And then texted coldly and stopped replying abruptly, like always!

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A female reader, Ginger fish Canada +, writes (29 December 2014):

Ginger fish agony auntDrop all contact with him. You are NOT the loser hun, he is! And you really don't need some one who is that spineless in your life and most if all you don't need any one who makes you feel this terrible in your life! I know that we have ALL (all of us!) Done silly things for love, when our heart wants something it has the ability to turn our brain off from time to time but you just have to learn to control it and you will. Take some time off from this worrying and go out with you're girls have a laugh!, get your mind off of him and HIS nonsense ( I put emphasis on his because its him withthe pproblem not you, and its him acting like a child NOT you) Go out and do something to boost you up a bit! :) and take him off of your Facebook and anything else, ignore him and give yourself time to get over him and once you do that go out and find a gentleman who will treat you well and notplay games nor majemake you feel like a fool. I hope this helps! :)

Best of luck :)

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A female reader, anonymous, writes (29 December 2014):

How annoying! I'd stop texting him altogether and see what happens... Good luck!

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