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I need advice about sex...How to be safe, and satisfying

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Question - (31 July 2010) 2 Answers - (Newest, 31 July 2010)
A male Pakistan age 26-29, anonymous writes:

i want to make a safe sex with my girl friend. We are realy sincere with each other therefore we want to make sexual relation between us. . ! Please give me tips by which we make our sex long at night and i don't want her pregnant. Help me s0on. . ! Our meeting is fixed on tuesday night help me soon plz.

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A female reader, VenaCava Indonesia +, writes (31 July 2010):

VenaCava agony auntChirigirl nailed it all with her advice, her advice is very excellent, read her advice carefully and follow it.

Please do not do something that can get both or any of you in trouble.

The best is to wait, since if you guys love each other, both of you will end up as a husband and wife in the future anyway.

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A female reader, chigirl Norway + , writes (31 July 2010):

chigirl agony auntYou need to use condoms. But are you sure about this? Even with condoms there is always a risk of pregnancy. I don't mean to sound discriminating or ignorant, but I have also read questions from girls from Pakistan on here that are worried because they are not virgins and worried their husbands will find out. They worry so much about this that they are willing to do anything to hide that they are not virgins, even having surgery.

Therefor, I ask you, are you sure about this? Is having sex with this woman what is in HER best interest? If you love her, think about what is best for her. And if you are sincere, perhaps you should be married before having sex. I don't say this because I am religious, but I am worried that your girlfriend will end up in trouble later in her life if she has sex with you.

But if you really think that this is ok, and the two of you should have sex, you need to use condoms. Do not have sex if you do not have condoms. You also need to read how to use the condoms and put it on safely. Often the instructions come with the condoms when you buy them.

To have sex long at night... you just need practice. I can't tell you much about how to have good sex because it really just takes practice and reading up about sex in books or online helps as well. But I will tell you this: not all women bleed their first time.

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